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1st days testimony against the trump cabal

Added: Wednesday, November 13th 2019 at 6:24pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: russia, corruption, trump, politics

The results of the first day’s testimony were that two career diplomats working in a non-partisan way for the people of the United States both confirmed previously heard statements that trump campaigned for an investigation of Biden as a prelude to releasing military and other aid to Ukraine in their fight against the abuse from Putin and the Russians.

Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat from us to the Ukraine, and George Kent, deputy assistance secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, testified before the House Intelligence Committee for more than five hours. They both pointed out that they are bipartisan diplomats that have worked for both parties and have long stood for what is good for the United States and our allies.

Giuliani, apparently, at the behest of trump, has placed our foreign policy in jeopardy with their insistence on personal political help for trump. Anybody that has studied the matter knows that trump has association with Russians. Not just a verbal “love affair” with Putin himself, but also business interests in common with what can only be called the Russian Mob. The Russian Mob is headed by none other than Putin himself. As a result our national security, as well as our allies, can be no other than in danger-unless of course, one is foolish enough to think that Putin is a friend.

In case someone wants to call this hearsay, testimony indicated that a staffer named David Holmes was the one that was privy to many of these inquiries from trump too Sondland, in particular, about holding aid to the Ukraine up till they investigated the Biden family as a way of personally helping trump is his desire to hang on to power. David Holmes will be interviewed Friday behind closed doors, as Marie Yovanovitch is interviewed in public hearings.

For those “friends” that are right winged and support trump and his chumming up to Putin, remember Putin is no more our friend than the Soviets were. A dictatorship is a dictatorship. I have for years observed that I don’t like dictatorships. If I had to live under one, I would just as soon it be a communist one as a military or one like Russia now, which is a dictatorship of personality and mobster-ism.

trump, is, in my opinion trying to import the same sort of mob mentally into our United States government, as exists in Russia. That is why he is so palsy with autocratic dictatorships and so nasty to our democratic allies around the world. Certainly he has done nothing to help me as a member of the middle class-with my taxes actually going up substantially in a year that was supposed to be the best year of all times. Heaven knows what the future under him holds. 

To accuse me of being war like because I anti-Russian is a fallacy. I am anti-dictatorship, and anti-corruption. Not the same as war like at all. I just want us to be free of influence from Russia as well as those who are in Putin’s pocket which I believe very strongly trump is. But then maybe not. Maybe I am wrong about him being pro-Russia…maybe he is just pro-trump and will screw over anybody and everybody in order to raise himself up and keep power in hs hands.


User Comments

Testimony day 1 in the fight against the corruption in the trump white house.

Watching the proceedings can get stupefying when you get idiots like Jim Jordan and Devin Nunez spouting blatant lies and Adam Schiff has to continually remind people the truth!!!

Well, fortunately, Schiff is there to keep things on track. Jim Jordan and Devin Nunez are part of the corruption we are dealing with...part of the problem, for sure.

All Republicans have to do is remind themselves what they would do if the POTUS was Obama or a democrat, doing exactly the same things that orange maggot has been doing from day 1!!!!

Yeah, they refuse to see that...hypocrisy reigns supreme.

I would like just one of them to deny they would think it was wrong if it was Obama!!!....just one!!!

Oh and you have probably heard the "we didn't act this way when Obama was elected"....yeah, like have they NO memory.  They ranted about tan suits, allowed trump to get away with 4 years of "he ain't American" and applauded that crap, attacked Michelle for wearing a short sleever blouse etc.

But trump has been treated worse than any other person in the white house....bulll crap!!!!!!

selective memory or pure hypocrisy!!

....or both.

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