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100 percent for Biden's mandate and should have been sooner to stop the killing

Added: Saturday, September 11th 2021 at 6:46pm by scenefromtheleft


I am not any longer mincing words to keep from offending right-wing snowflakes that might bunder onto this page.  Republican governors are not advocating for their voter's "rights" to run around carelessly, very often refusing to wear a mask and infect entire swaths of the American public.  So, they think their right to live in careless abandon means that the rest of us have to also.  Well, there is an old saying, "your rights remain until they smack me in the nose".  There is nothing that sums up the careless anti-vaxxer, and anti-maskers ever more than that...quite literally.

Covid is a deadly pandemic that has killed, conservatively, 650,000 Americans.  It is an air-borne disease which makes the nose comment above literally true.  So, Republican governors along with the idiot that was in the White House from 2016-2020 hated the idea of wearing masks or getting 2 little shots so they refused, or their followers did, at any rate, to do either one.  The result is that now the virus has mutated and is more easily spread than ever.  The hope is that Delta is still stoppable by the vaccine we were first given, although we are looking at a booster after the first eight months to make sure.  A booster I intend to get whenever it becomes available to me.

Meanwhile, the no-care people on the extreme right, given cover by the evils of right-wing politicians including especially Abbott in Texas, DeSantis in Florida, and Lee in Tennessee are STILL refusing to mandate any kind of safety measures at all, including protecting our young in school. In fact, they are resisting efforts on the part of others to help protect from the spread. There is a byword of the American public and has been for a huge number of years, that schools kids get everything going.  They are insisting that Covid be among those things that the Kids inevitably end up with by not mandating or even allowing the school system to mandate either vaccines or masks for the kids' protection.

The Republican governors are, in effect, condoning the death of more people, including children, by refusing to adhere to anything approaching a public health action.  They are also trying to stand in the way of Biden doing what needs to be done on the federal level. As this virus continues to mutate, it will eventually get to the point where the vaccine that we have gotten will no longer be effective.  That is what happens with almost every virus that comes down the pike UNLESS adequate vaccination is brought to bear.   Now is not too soon and might be even too late to save us.

So what does Biden's mandate do?  Federal Employees and employees companies that contract with the federal government would have to be vaccinated.  Also, any health care workers at places that receive funds from the Federal government would have to be vaccinated   That will go a long way to ensuring the health of the workers that, in many cases, are on the front line of the fight against this pandemic.

In addition, he has petitioned the Department of Labor to come up with a procedure required that any company with over 100 employees has to either make sure those employees are vaccinated or get weekly Covid tests.  I applaud this also.

In fact, I think it is time that Biden changed his mind and required vaccinations for those persons that he has control over as part of the Federal Government.  The continuing death of between a thousand and fifteen hundred people each and every day, and the logjam in many hospitals required extreme measures in order to solve this continued problem. Remember, this logjam often prevents other illnesses, like heart attacks, from being taken care of leading to additional death. Continuing to allow people to run around, infecting others carelessly and needlessly is bad public health policy and has always been, and why we let the Republican do-nothing party continue to have that is beyond me.

It is time to act...past time really.  And to all those out there screaming "my rights, my rights", is you think I buy that your rights to run around carelessly if not with malice without proper prevention methods to prevent additional death, you are DEAD WRONG.




User Comments

How do we stop the killing by virus?  This is, I believe, a very necessary step.

it's a pity he cant make it the law rather than just a simple mandate.  Like the law that you have to wear seatbelts, or the law that says you cant go around indiscriminately killing other people. The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers seem to be of the belief that the virus is a figment of people's imagination. I dont know what they think all the people clogging up ICUs in hospitals are in there for or what it really is that so many people are dying of if not for the virus. I went to a right-winger's facebook page to try and get a grasp of what it is they are thinking and all I see is their hatred for what Biden is doing, taking away their freedom!!  Nothing about how the virus is killing people, nothing about taking precautions or keeping their nearest and dearest safe.  It's as if the virus does not exist in their world.  And yet on the other hand they are buying horse worming paste or fish tank cleaner containing hydroxychloroquine and one wonders what for????  I think they are insane and beyond help.  These are the same people screaming blue murder about abortion and yet dont give a damn how many are currently dying from a very virulent pandemic.  How does one even begin to comprehend their mindset??????

I think I may have had this "freedom at all costs" attitude when i was a child, but in some areas I outgrew it a long time ago.  For example when there is a huge pandemic that has killed over 600,000 people with between 1000 and 1500 dying every day now with Delta variant, i would never consider it "taking my freedom" to be told to take two little needle jabs.

But the pro-lifers never seem to care about the actual life of those that they want to force to be brought into the world, over to extreme poverty and unwanted.  The sad thing is that an unwanted child has so few options.  Foster care here is ladden with abuse and other problems.  And our "welfare progam" is fought teeth and nail by the very ones that CLAIM to be pro-life, which tells me they don't care about life, just denying a woman her right to abort.

which only reinforces the fact that they are completely and utterly NUTS!!!!!

pretty much sums it up, I would say.

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