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Which reason should trump get the death penalty when he loses?

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 3:28pm by Scarly666
Related Tags: truth

After all the stomping Il Douché has done on your constitution, and driving your country to financial ruin, selling you out to the Tailban - oooo I could go on and will - are you seriously going to let the biggest criminal since Pol Pot go live with his bf Poo-Putin? 


Lets face it when the Orangutang of hate finally encounters something he can’t pretend does not exist - the results he’s going to first deny he lost, then pretend its fake and finally run as fast as his fat draft dodging bone spur infested legs will carry him. I suggest you put disability ramps into the White House.


He and his family of corrupt fuck-goblins are going to be stealing the White House silver right now and packing everything they can knowing full well they are screwed when the hundreds of ‘Yes’um massa!” Republican’s get what they deserve in the elections. If I were in the Democrats I’d be pushing for burning to make a come back, maybe even some good ‘ol stoning to death for every spineless dick who let resident Twitface fuck your country like he fucked his daddy’s money.


So let’s get to the favourites!


Treason - Allowing - no encouraging - a hostile foreign power access to electoral systems - wow that’s fucked up!


Treason - Rigging the elections - twice - as above, different charge - pity you cant shoot him twice - though that would be fun he is fat enough so that even a blind soldier could hit him from 100 paces. 


Treason - Finding out that his lord and master Putin paid bounties on US soldiers - and doing nothing, what a cunt!


Treason - Promoting civil unrest for personal gain - I could site hundreds of examples here but I’m sure the lawyers will do a good job.


Treason - Using the government for his personal bank and family employment office, you know you’re not allowed to use your position for personal financial gain right President Fake Hair? Much less your ‘family’.


Treason - Encouraging the deaths of citizens by denying the extent of a national emergency for personal gain. The only nations that have fared worse than America in the C-19 epidemic are - hmm run by conservatives/dictators.  Actually I’m on a roll here and not sure if this is treasonous or just him preferring to let people die to make himself look good. 


I really could go on for days but can’t be arsed, there are hundreds of reasons to put this guy and his entire nest of rats - not to mention his party who stood by and let it all happen - in jail. Who would have guessed that the only big time Republican who stood up to him would be Romney! Wow the only man with any balls or a shred of decency and it turns out to be him! 


There is the Lincoln movement and the others but they only started coming around after Russian Agent Orange went full psycho.


There is the several times he disrespected your troops, your senior military, decorated, disabled and other military how dared to stand up for their nation. 


The fact that when he has the opportunity to come down on the far right, you know the ones that are waving your actual flag with the nazi flag and confederate flag combo? He doesn’t he shuts up and tries to change the topic. Then when the country explodes with peace protest he gives the cops encouragement to squash - what’s the word - um - freedom of speech, yes thats it. 


Children will copy that like say with this site after Angry old Ken (silent t) booted Oakey for objecting to Ken doing what Oakey got booted for last time - and not his mates Petalhead and MasturbNated. It’s like a little version of the swamp, do as I say not as I do. 


Not that I’m not averse to this kind of thing yanno - do unto others - as your hissy fit sees fit? 


Aaaaanyway - post your favourite arse fuckery that the President who took the cure for C-19 made out of aborted foetus liver cells and is still pretending to be pro-life committed!


You guys should televise the trial - it’ll be just like Nuremberg - only in English and colour, I can’t wait for the Grin on Nancy Pelosi’s face.


User Comments

I don't really support the death penalty, I would much rather see him in prison, trying to model the latest in orange jump suits for 5-10-20 years instead.

Then you'd have to spend money feeding him and his crim family!

Well, there is that.

Do it! Press the button! DO IT - or let me! 

Oh, and I love watching the Lincoln group trying to insert some decency and true American values back into the country...It makes me feel good to know at least some of the "grand ole party" has come to its senses.

I think there actually are a lot of nice conservatives out there - just not here - AMOD is decent - hey where is he btw? 

I don't know where Amod has been for the last week or so...he may have decided that politics is just too nasty right now in the run up to the election and he is sitting it out. That is just me guessing.

It's a shame my politics and his are on a similar wavelength. I like how he's critical of his own party and often plays devil's advocate. He's an interesting guy. Unlike the guy below this conversation who thinks big badly placed words makes him smart. 

There have been a couple of people here on blogster that seem to think that throwing a bunch of words together and just adding to the string is somehow a convincing argurment for whatever point they are trying to make.

I tend just to ignore the whole diatribe.

I'm pretty tolerant of stupid people (cough). 

Yes there are even more that paste whole articles from the 'marching and shouting' side of the press without even reading them or checking ot see if they are legit. Cordial - bellow or Tyrana-theasuarus as I ma going to call him is not far away from earning a ban. If he doesn't answer the question I put to him. It's weird I get this vision of a one eyed hunch back, dressed in a hooded robe, in his mum's basement typing with a pen in his nose, by candle light, I need to stop reading Uberto Ecco. 

I am not, the best I can do is ignore them.

I had a "friend"  meaning they worked in a bar I hung out in that liked to hate on what they called "liberal groups". Yes, they were a pro trump person.  There is an advocacy group called the ACLU that works to get those that need help the help they need, equal rights for minority members etc.

Well, this person hated the ACLU...buttttt they had no problem going to the ACLU to get help to get what they themselves called a "crazy check".  Now there is stupid and then there is stupid asinine.  That attitude fell into the second category, and I haven't really talked that much to them, even on facebook since.

Same thing goes on here, the pensioners all hate labour - the lefties - but they all love the pension and the free healthcare. All of them whine about the same things the MAGA cult - that woman - the one that hangs around MasturbNated is one of them, the old Aussie woman. 

I think the one you mentioned has backed off, or maybe it is just that she is ignoring the politics in her dealing with her fellow Aussie, Maria, who has no patience for trump pushers.

But, we had quit a laugh in this country, watching folks in government/medicare purchased mobility machines tooling around screaming that the government should not be "involved in health care".

Just hilarious.

It reminds me of people who are into sport or some religion they never see the bad in their side and never good in the other. 

You should call them Obama-mobiles see how fast they dump them - or paint them white maybe? 

Hi, Scarly!

It is clear that your knowledge of the U. S. Constitution is quite limited! 

What - specifically - action has POTUS Trump committed that is treasonous?

Nancy Pelosi (and the rest of Democrat Party), much of the Federal bureaucracy, many NeverTrumper Republicans and nearly all of the American Press would love you to provide them that information; they could use such information to successfully remove Trump via impeachment. The previous impeachment of Trump failed because there was not basis for the impeachment; as attorneys [prosecutors] are wont to say: ‘One may indict a ham sandwich.’ In a similar way, the U.S. House of Representatives may impeach for not liking Trump, or any other POTUS, but the Senate must conduct a trial predicated upon the facts; if innuendo is not supported by evidence they should dismiss (If Democrats controlled the Senate Trump would likely have been removed, but because they process is political… If the Press were objective they’d report the facts and that is what has historically restrained such raw use of power i.e., the American people would understand that the impeachment was an act in opposition to their collective will…). Although, impeachment is a political process, not a legal process, a conviction for not liking an individual – normally - would in the jury (i.e., the U.S. Senate) being visited by political reprisals in subsequent elections. Again, historically the Press has been responsible enough to call ‘balls-and-strikes’ (i.e., inform the American electorate of political skullduggery), and this – along with the erstwhile moral bearing of American politicians (we are in a dystopian age) – that impeachment was a sober endeavor… Pelosi’s impeachment was the indicting Trump for being unsettling to the social-political Left’s sensibilities…

Are you and Adam Schiff (Democrat Congressman from California) sharing notes regarding the same pile of corruption of which POTUS Trump is guilty? Schiff has maintained for over 3 years that he has evidence of Trump conspiring with Russians to subvert the American Government, but Schiff hasn’t yet provided anything other than his assertions; you may be kindred spirits?

Cordially, tjd

Dear Cordial,


It’s clear your knowledge of reality is limited, your facts come from untrustworthy sources.


Re-read this, slowly if you need to - better yet have a read of this, it’s by a reporter, writing is their thing. I have better things to do than pander to corruption…




The media works for your snake oil sales president that’s obvious - want me to prove that? I’m good at research because as a scientist I do it all the fucking time - as opposed to listen to fox and buy the wholesale hypocrisy your lot does. So save all your bullshit and respond to just this little thing…


Where are the howls of protests about him taking medication that is used an aborted foetus? 




That’s from the MIT review before you roll your eyes back and start speaking in halfwit about fake news. Your countries university, not a left wing media outlet, and want to know how you can verify this? 


The company that made the meds for your foetus chomping president is called REGENERON, the product is REGN-COV2, the production of which, the testing of which required them to use HEK 293T from a company called ATCC - here is the spec sheet for HEK 293T




Note the Organism - Homo sapiens, human


And the age - fetus 


This, this is called proof, it’s also called ‘the truth’, and it’s not from CNN or a Blog or from a pulpit or anything to do with the left, the information is presented by a technical review magazine, from an article the company who made the medicine from and linked to the product sheet. 


If you are not convinced about the homo sapiens bit click on the History tab - it says - “Deposited as: human.”


So I feel pretty justified in saying you and your orange fuckhead president are a bunch of hypocritical douchebags, based on of course, evidence. 


I rest my mother-fucking-case.


Now if you or any other of your holly rolly mates had a shred of credibility you’d denounce him, and expend all your energy deposing him - I’m waiting…




Then kindly fuck off with both your faces. 





Hi, Scarly!

It seems that you are not much a thinker!

Although what I posted was poorly written (I re-read what I wrote after it was posted and I guess I should have read it before I posted…) I asked specific questions; questions which would be easy to answer - for anyone that was doing something more that articulating animus for POTUS Trump. What do you know of American Government and the U.S. Constitution? What is the treasonous action of which Trump is guilty? No answer! Rather than intellectual engagement you direct me off – wasting my time – to read people who are sentimentally disposed like yourself. Make an argument – specific – regarding Trump’s treason. You cannot! Cite the U. S. Constitution provision, and/or statute, of which POTUS Trump has not faithfully obeyed. Again, you cannot! You are ostensibly a bright girl, make an argument!

Cordially, tjd

Hi again, Scarly!

Stick to the issue which instigated my comment (POTUS Trump’s treason and the U. S. Constitution since you assert: “After all the stomping Il Douché has done on your constitution”); I would think a 'scientist' could follow her own argument, rather than engaging in tertiary topics. I don't mind discussing nearly any topic, but I think it reasonable to deal with one at a time rather than a rats-nest of related issues. Although changing the subject is what my experience has been - here at blogster - with the sites self-proclaimed geniuses; they like you indicate their superior intelligence and then refuse intellectual engagement; rather they shift form topic to topic... So please explain -specifically - the nature Trump’s treason; Trump’s violations of the United States Constitution and what statutes he has violated…

Thank you, in advance for what edification you may provide!

Cordially, tjd

Aww put it back in your pants Cordial, no need to call me stupid because you're afraid to address that fact he's as massive hypocrite as all his followers.

Compared to our constitution I know bugger all, which is by the look of it the same quantity as you know :)

FYI I'll post a list treasonous fuckery from Herr Furor which I'm sure you'll go all fox news on me and deny. So it's a one off, I'm not particularly interested in arguing with someone who even with a fact shoved 3/4 of the way up his arse will pretend its a lie. 

BTW I love how you're all bitchy and snide then sign off with Cordially, it makes you look reasonable! That was sarcastic, I thought I'd pop that in in case you missed the joke. 

So quid pro quo? 


Dear I have a Tyrana-theasuarus..

1. Appointments Clause
Trumpet has over and over appointed principal offices of the USA without  confirmation of the senate. 

Violation of the Appointments Clause, Article II, section 2, clause 2

2. Appropriations Clause, Revenue Clause
Funding his wall which he didn’t pass by the House.

Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 of the Constitution requires all revenue measures to originate in the House of Representatives.

Further, levelling tariffs, granting exemptions and quotas - to assist his supporters and punish his enemies - without approval of any branch of government - in violation of Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

3. Suppression of Free Speech
In illegal and non-contextual use of Espionage act to prosecute - example Wikileaks. 

Breach of 1st amendment.

4. Soliciting a Foreign Contribution for the 2020 Presidential Campaign and Bribery

Pressuring Ukraine president to produce dirt on Biden, or his son with threat of withholding aid and promise of recompense. 

Criminal campaign finance prohibition 52 U.S.C. 30121

Violation of 18 U.S.C. 201 due to the request being for his benefit not the nation. Don’t even dare argue the two are one in the same. 

And related-

5. Violating Citizen Privacy

Spying on citizens requires a warrant issued by ’neutral magistrate’ for probable cause if it is likely crime is being committed. 

Executive Order 12333 and aggressive interpretations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Violation 4th amendment - hello Bidens!

6. Contempt of Congress

“… I have Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” Trump

Without congressional approval he sent forces to war in foreign nations. 

Bruce Fein: “Without congressional authority, he has secretly deployed special forces abroad and employed secret guidelines for targeted killings, including American citizens, based on secret unsubstantiated information. He has unconstitutionally endeavored to block private persons or entities from responding to congressional requests or subpoenas for information, e.g., Deutsche Bank. He has refused to provide Congress information about nepotistic or other security clearances he granted in opposition to his own FBI security experts. He has refused to disclose his tax returns to the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee contrary to a 1924 law, 26 U.S.C. 6103 (f).”

7. Violating Citizen Privacy

Spying on citizens requires a warrant issued by ’neutral magistrate’ for probable cause if it is likely crime is being committed. 

Executive Order 12333 and aggressive interpretations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Violation 4th amendment.

I’m not interested in listening to you bullshit about false accusations all of these are out in the public sphere, be a man and own it. So I’ve done my due diligence here - I’d like to you to comment on what I posted about your beloved Trump and his abortion derived medicine - I thought that’d matter to you since you know so much about religion, law, politics, philosophy and - well everything it seems?

Nut up or shut up.

Hugs and Kisses


Hi, Scarly!


Cordially, tjd

Hello, Scarly!

Regard 1. Appointments: Trump has not made any appointments which have not met the Constitutional test! Congress has repeatedly frustrated Trump’s actions by – pettily (they know they can only delay, but not thwart his will when he stands upon his Article II prerogatives…) – every tick that they and all of their Law school buddies can muster to wear him down/frustrate his agenda… If Trump should violate the U. S. Constitution his own Party would have jumped on him (many Republicans want Trump GONE!), not to mention Charles Schumer, the Democrat Party (which is teaming with attorneys; they know the law!) and nearly every attorney and Law School in the USA. Most politicians are attorneys, and they know how to block Trump (slow him down by shopping their grievances to a friendly judge; this has necessitated POTUS Trump to work through appeal after repeal finally getting a ruling from SCOTUS e.g., limiting immigration from nations thought to be state-sponsors-of-terrorism...). As it is there are certain offices Trump may fill by recess appointment (such appointments are limited to 1 year), when the Senate is not in session... Previous Presidents e.g., Obama, Clinton, Bush et al have each had a number of recess appointments...

Regarding 2: Funding the Wall; see above! Everything he has done has been within his Article II authority!

Regarding 3: See above!

Regarding 4: This was dealt with during the impeachment and it was found to be without merit; a scientist would take acknowledge the facts and move along to a substantive issue.

Regarding 5: It is POTUS Trump that has been spied upon! Who has Trump spied upon? If he has, see above; Washington (and most of the educated – and moneyed - class in the USA) is arrayed against POTUS Trump just waiting for him to step-across-the-line… When – and if – he takes that step, they will end him…

Regarding 6: When Bruce Fein makes that baseless-charge/argument stick then you may have an argument; POTUS Trump has been accused of just about every vile thing that can be imagined, but there has been no corroborating evidence heretofore… Again, there are so many people – many in his own intelligence agencies, and law agencies - attempting to find dirt on the guy to take him out, but they haven’t done any more that level allegation after allegation against him, Trump’s criminality is a bit like phlogiston and/or ether…

Regarding 7: More spying? Whose 4th Amendment rights were violated? This again is a claim among thousands of claims leveled at Trump, but it begs the question as to why he has been allowed to get away with such blatant acts of despotism when he is ubiquitously disdained by most professional politicians, political pundits, University professors, lawyers et al. One would think that Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer & Co. would utilize the copious prima facie evidence to end the evil-orange-man autocratic reign? Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence to hold POTUS Trump to any legal redress whatsoever! He may lose the election and – if the Democrats own the Government, they may do with him as they desire – in spite of the law – because they are inveterately lawless!

If you desire to engage in a discussion regarding abortion, and medicines derived from the utilization of murdered infants; I’ll be happy to engage in such a discussion, but at the moment; I’m off to bed…

Take Care Scarly!

Cordially, tjd




See you're full of shit, all you've done is gone lalala all legal. There isn't a thing that he could do that any of you hypocrites would not forgive him for - including as I've demonstrated piss all over your Constitution.

Me 10/you nil. 

You actually didn't address any point at all you've done is gone - no - you've obviously had no schooling, there's a thing called proof, you need it for someone to be convinced. Everything I've listed is a matter of public record, the infringements are real and documented. If you reply in he same manner I'll take it as read that you have no come back. 

Hi again, Scarly!

Proof? Do you understand the meaning of the term? What is the reason, specifically, that POTUS Trump has not been prosecuted for the things which you allege? Documented accusations are just accusations! What ever has allowed POTUS Trump avoid prosecution? Bet you have nothing, but an inanely empty assertion e.g., (by the way e.g., means “for example”…) that A.G. Barr is protecting him. If so, you cover a bunch of inane allegations with an equally inane allegation; if not, please explain how such a lawless criminal has avoided justice… Such “documented claims” may be understood as proof by you, but of course – in a Court–of-Law – documented-claims are not a bit different from any other baseless allegations; if evidence of the claims is presented, and the evidence is established as valid the accused may also be established as guilty. Absent such conditions and process, your “documented-claims” are empty sentimental hopes-and-dreams! You allegations have as much legal validity as the claims made Christopher Steele and/or by those of the QAnon! Do you subscribe to those as well? I gave you – Scarly – much more extensive answers than your wistfully vapid assertions warranted. The law requires allegations to be substantiated (allegations are not proof!); is it your view that the presumption of innocence should be turned upon it head?? Should we presume guilt (as you have done) and require the accused to prove their innocence? That – by-the-way - was the standard employed by Democrat Party - and the American Press - vis-à-vis Christine Blasey Ford’s baseless allegations leveled against SCOTUS nominee Brent Kavanaugh? Sentimentality and justice are principally in diametric opposition. Now if you have evidentiary proof Scarly, then I suggest that you utilize the American Justice system [apprise the DNC and they will get with you in a heartbeat!] to remove POTUS Trump. I will take (i.e., understand) your dissembling diatribes as a concession that you have only baseless allegations – vis-à-vis POTUS Trump - supplemented by a viscerally misological mien, which you confuse with objective evidence [unlike the Steele ‘Trump-Russian’ document which Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors used as the predicate to harass Trump]. It is such evidence which the American system of Jurisprudence requires as the basis for a conviction in a Court-of-Law, or in the Court-of-Public-Opinion vis-à-vis impeachment and/or an election…

I await your derogation!

Cordially, tjd

Hi again, Scarly!

You could have claimed - rightly - that POTUS Trump was impeached (i.e., he suufered accusations), but those allegations were judged: "without merit" i.e., baseless sentimental charges... Impeachment is a fact, but wrong-doing is - heretofore - a myth.

Cordially, tjd 

Proof - information which is able to be corroborated and lead to a logical conclusion - like your god donny ignoring the rules set forth in your constitution limiting his powers. 


Which you also seem to be ignoring… conveniently. 


Documented, substantiated and in the case of his impeachment proved in a court of law, only the senate - in which republicans have a majority blocked the impeachment - for the simple reason that they can, despite the proof your fat arse dictator is guilty as sin. 


Thanks for being patronising, evasive and a classic example of a MAGA cultist. If you’re not going to bother nutting up and provide any substantiation well…


Please feel free to fuck off and circle jerk with your equally ignorant mates.


Why don't you do what you normally do and write a self-congratulatory blog - like you just did. {#yawn.gif}


Raspberry cordial



Hi, Scarly!

Republicans would have removed Trump is the Democrats had any real evidence! If they voted to remove him on the unsubstantiated claims supplied by the Democrats they wouldn't have survived office themselves. Anyone that knows American politics, know that Democrats stick together, and Republicans are generally counted upon to stand on principle; thus if someone has stepped a tad across the line Republicans divide and will not support the individual... It is where the pejorative RINO (Republican in name only) comes from! You simply are wrong and uninformed! Sentimentality seems to consume your mental faculties! 

Cordially, tjd

Hey you know that 2,000 page blog you wrote to me, I actually looked at it offline, more to see the crowds that gathered to drink at the boob of your wisdom and I was totally impressed by the Anon - "Crickets" - that to me is the comeback of the year here. And the best thing is it's a single word! That person is a gifted comedian/comedienne.

Hi, Scarly!

As is my wont, I'm not attempting to draw a crowd! Sorry, but I posted my responses to you so that any that may desire may see how weak are your arguments! And what paucity there is in your understanding... You may be a bright girl (and I mean no derogation by the term 'girl'; it is my understanding that you are quite young... Another blogster presented that piece of unsolicited information; he also indicate that you are a practicing scientist... So I mean no derogation...), but you are sentimental; sentimentality distorts/negates intellect... 

Republicans abandon their own if they violate public mores, Democrats stick together and denounce the mores, and those that draw attention to the violation. Impeachment of Trump was pure unadulterated baseless politics.

Cordially, tjd 

Thanks, I appreciate your validation and It will no doubt be useful to have your life tips handy. I'll write them on my Masters' so I don't forget.

You know he was convicted right? Convictions seldom happen without substantial evidence, in fact, naive and female as I am I seem to remember that in most court cases you need to prove guilt or at least motive before someone is found guilty or culpable as it pertains to the charge.

Which is why 'he's allowed' and his subordinates refused to prosecute isn't a very good argument for any of what I originally typed out. So so so many boredom's ago. 

Every single person who has dared question your orange god has been fired, harassed or taunted by Herr Furor - which - and I know this is a bizarre assumption - leads me to the conclusion that they are, to a man dick-less cowards. And whatever the feminine for that is. 

As for you, and all your sheet wearing fraternity you guys, who for decades have been trying to ban abortions because - even though the bible has instances of god sanctioned baby killing - you don't bat an eyelid when your new god chomps down pills with lil baby parts in them.

So look, do us both a favor, fuck off, save yourself lots of 10c a bag insults,  maybe hang out with Scott - you two can high five over how much smarter you are than grass or jelly beans and maybe even compare fairy voices?

Hi, Scarly!

Conviction happens in the Senate! So NO! He was not convicted! The House of Representatives indicts i.e., they present 'charges'. The Senate examines those charges, and if they have merit and if the Senate has the votes they convict they remove the president (Article I Section 3 paragraph 6 & 7…). It is a political process. There were no impeachable charges brought against POTUS Trump by the Democratic controlled House so the Republican controlled Senate dismissed! With

POTUS Bill Clinton it was much different; there were 11 felony counts against him (these were not about sex; these were about lying Grand Jury – as the Chief Executor of the USA, tasked with ensuring the Laws of the USA are faithfully executed… Clinton’s crimes went directly to heart of is duties and oath as POTUS…), bought by the Independent Counsel and Grand Jury. Many Republicans Senators refused to view the evidence, and not a single Democrat Senator chose to view the evidence; during Christmas break (1998) majority leader Republican Trent Lott went with minority leader Democrat Tom Daschle to see Clinton to tell him the Republicans did not intend to put on a trial; they let Clinton off the hook! Lott was a RINO as far as most people on the Right are concerned (Clinton got great Press; just the opposite of Trump. And Americans 'loved' the image that was fashioned by the Press); Republicans - led by Lott - were poltroons and didn't want to suffer the consequences of removing a POTUS popular even with many Republicans... Republicans (I’m a Federalist, by the way!) voted to exonerate Clinton, but never allowed the evidence which would have convicted him - in the eyes of Americans citizenry – to be seen, or heard in a public forum… The difference is, there were actual Constitutional grounds for removing Clinton, but not so with Trump! If Democrats controlled the Senate they would have removed Trump because they possessed the power to remove him for his hair, his speech, the spelling-of-his-name. This may seem silly, or even contradictory, but such is the case because Americans are – generally – blissfully ignorant regarding those things which safeguard Constitutional Liberties…  This touches upon the blog – written by Oakie 2012 – about the relationship between ideology and education. My interest in responding to Oakie (and I did not write as thoroughly as I should have…), had/has to do with the inimicality of ideology vis-à-vis the unarticulated presuppositions of the United States Constitution… I’ve written more extensively – elsewhere – on those topics…

“As for you, and all your sheet wearing fraternity you guys, who for decades have been trying to ban abortions because - even though the bible has instances of god sanctioned baby killing - you don't bat an eyelid when your new god chomps down pills with lil baby parts in them.”

Homogenizing people is unjust! I stand with Martin Luther King Jr. on ‘content-of-character’… I am not in favor of banning abortion! I’m in favor of telling the truth! In the 1990’s Bill Clinton, the Democrats, the Medical Community and the Press went after tobacco companies; the misrepresented the facts so as to create a source of taxation (they could have banned tobacco products outright, but instead they intimated that there is a direct correlation between 2nd hand smoke and lung cancer… The campaign was not honest, but it worked quite well. I’d like to present the facts to Americans; every woman may choose abortion (it is the law-of-the-land); juxtaposed with another fact, viz: Abortion is the termination of an innocent human being, yes it is murder, but it is legal!” I’m for that Scarly; that allows people to make informed choices! And I oppose utilizing baby parts for medicinal purposes, but if the public is informed that “the legally murdered babies body parts are utilized to produce this medication, or that”, then, I’m for that! Again, the public will get unvarnished information… I’m not for restricting choices! I’m for truth and the restrictions which attend to its telling! Whaduya think Scarly; are you with me?

Cordially, tjd


Why you gotta bring up old shit?

Hi, Troll! 

Scarly is Australian; by explaining the impeachment of Clinton as contrast to Trump, I thought it may help explain to her what should be germane knowledge to Americans, but not so with people unfamiliar with our Government and culture... It is my view that information and truth changes minds (truth indicts the human soul to act…). Scarly – by her willingness to argue intellectually (yes, she uses a ample amount of derogation, but she actually makes an argument…) – is not (I think) adamant in her views; irrespective of what she herself my think… I did not mention Clinton’s abortion for gratuitous degradation of POTUS Clinton… Neither did I mention tobacco and related matters needlessly. I’m not a smoker, but I strongly objected to Government going after tobacco companies; I mentioned them for purposes of analogy…

Cordially, tjd

He'll be too busy in his China Hotel that he will be living in near the bank he has his money deposited in!!

No doubt you're right - I wonder if he'll run before or after the election?

I recommend that he avoid the rush and just goes on and runs now.  hehe.

I'd donate his fare. Actually he could come live here there are plenty of lonely whales that wouldn't mind his constant whining, they'd think it was echo location. 

Oh, I wouldn't want a whale to have to tolerate his tantrums.  

Don't worry the sharks clean up the slow, old and batshit mental ones pretty quickly. 

Oh then the poor whales wouldn't actually have to tolerate him for long..that's reassuring.

by the way, maybe we should be inserting a disclaimer of "we are not actually planning on taking trump and dumping him in ocean because we don't have the equipment"...otherwise some might read this and think it is actual plot.

No I love whales I wouldn't do that to them, sharks tho, the big ones give me the creeps. My Friend Krystal - she did marine bio - thinks I'm a pussy for it but Tiger sharks, Great whites and Bulls - no way I'm walking on water if I see them. 

Nah I'm fake news just ask Petal and Tyrana-thesaurus. Plus we are girls he's not afraid of girls too is he, the worst thing he'll do is try to crotch grab us. 

That reminds me of people who like snakes, which I am dreadfully afraid of. Fine with me if people love snakes, sleep with snakes, take them on family outings, as long as they don't bring them around me.  Then I edge slowly, or not so slowly away. I have been walking down the steet here in the New Orleans 2-3 times and somebody coming the opposite direction had a huge snake around their neck. I politely darted into the middle of the street..LOL

People say "that is a green snake, it can't hurt you"...my response "I aint taking the time to interview the darn snake to see if it is poisonous, I am going elsewhere NOW...

yeah, girls are frightening also...or at least worse when they disagree than boys....watch his twitter feed.

Haha I'm the same I hate bugs and snakes sure 5 or 6 snakes here are harmless the rest aren't! Bugs are worse I hate them worst thing about the outside of cities here the bugs are huge and everywhere. 

There was a pic doing the rounds here recently of a pyton eating a western red kangaroo - they grow to seven of your feet. Nah, no way you keep your slimy friends I'll have a cat or a dog. Same goes for people who keep spiders as pets brr yuck! 

Oh, and then there  is  possum, sometimes called Opossum.  I came home from work one day, saw one in the driveway and almost went to a motel for the night.  Apparently the thing is slow as molasses and will not attack unless you get too close and usually even then more so if it has babies in its pough.

Well, it has red eyes when the car lights hit it...and an ugly mouth that surely even its mother has trouble loving...and it makes me shiver all over whenever I see the thing. Even the babies look hideous to me. People can call it irrational and I will ever agree but that doesn't mean I will kindly upon them trying to make me be friends with one.

Sheesh, I have a horrible habit of using the wrong word, and leaving words out when I get in a hurry...but I think you can figure it out...ask questions if you can't... {#basic-blush.gif}

we have two varieties of those, same deal they are harmless unless you corner them but they also sound like some evil demon thing at might, they get into your roof and pee leaving big stains on the celling, eat all your plants. Otherwise they are harmless. 

yeeee...still not going be all up being friends with things, scared of 'em...LOL

Wow I pissed the wing nuts off - I might keep going! Yay! 

Oh my, heads may start spinning and pea soup start spewing out....you know like in the Exorcism (An old movie about a demon possessed girl)

Yeah seen that film, even tho I'm an atheist it scared the pants off me - lucky I hate wearing them. 

You naughty girl.....fortunately naughty people are the ones I have the most respect for.

We are the most fun sister ;)

Of course, even my mother who was as prudish as they come, enjoyed knowing the "bad girl down the street" who had been married about 8 times, and opperated what amounted to a brothel because she was colorful and funny.

People like a bit of spice, most prostitutes I've met have been actual people not demons or whatever else the are called by the mainstream, in fact I'd say most people who are suspected of anything un-natural or immoral are fun - within reason, I obviously don't mean violence or abuse. 

we have a very diffferent aproach here, sex isn't a tabo thing nor is it hidden to kids. My mum was alway open about it, education wise, if I ever had questions or whatnot.

I never got babies come from storks or that crap. Sex ed starts here at age 8 at school, contraception is widely available to those above the age of consent or with a parent's approval to 14. 

From what I understand we have vastly less teen pregnancy or STIs than you do, I'm going to guess it's the education and lack of stigma.

We also have family planing - free - but the availability of abortions is quite strictly policed, which maybe is a good thing. Having said that if you get raped or it's incest its a free pass. We also have RU486 - the morning after pill and it's easily available - which isn't to say you can rock up to family palnning and go - yep give it to me now! 

Sounds good, the reason I am so adamantly in favor of women's choice in terms of abortion has to do with the stigma that is still assoicated with children born out of wedlock (isn't that a horrible word by the way) in some fairly large circles, and the fact that the very ones that fight the hardest against the right of a woman to make that decision, also at the same time want to cut off any governments that help those people do well in life and be educated.

Sounds like Australia does it right, and sex is not this huge "speak about it in whispers and blush  if the word even comes up" attitude that a large large protion of the states has.

For such a surposely progressive and free country, we sure are inhibited and puritan and downright prudish about sex and other things as well.

I even believe that prostitution should be legalized and regularated so that there is not the legal stigma, and the health of the population can be cared for.  This "it doesn't happen here" when we know it really does is just counter-productive.

I think you'd like it here, we are way more chill about lots of things, sure we have our issues but everyone does. 

I just thought I'd throw up some stuff that'd put the wind up the Jnr Storm Troopers that seem to gather here. 

Sex isn't an issue here, and largely gender becuase we don't have people making it an issue, maybe it works like prohibition - the more you deny something the more people want it.

I am of the opinion that when it comes to many things, denying it, making it taboo, ends up making that particular thing more important that it would be if everybody was more laid back.

I remember a study once that talked about alcoholism.  It showed that of those people raised in "tea-totally" groups, that ended up drinking had more of a tendency to become alcholic as compared to those that treated, as the Jewish faith does, it as just a part of life...alcohol is often part of a meal even for the very young.  Those children had a very low rate of alcoholism as adults.

I have  noticed that there is no sexual harrasser more vehement and nasty than one raised with strick, binding codes that shame sexual expression.

My mum was not a drinker until my dad died then she hit it hard as you can, I am what they call a two pot screamer - a pot is a small glass of beer and if I have three of those I'll most likely fall asleep. 

Most of the monsters I've met, and I've met a few were made not born, I can confirm that too, anecdotally from my experience. 

Yeah, I would say most, if not all of the monsters, are made not born.

The only exceptions being bugs, snakes, people in red baseball caps...

Yeah, those red baseball caps are likely the most frightening to me. :)

Terrible when red heads wear them, no taste at all. 

Yeah, I can't help having a bit of redish in my hair (I am mostly grey), but I can not put on a red cap...simple solution to that particular lack of taste.

I thought about dying mine red once and one of my besties pointed out I'd have to sell most of my clothes. Dead cold hands back then. 

yeah, having to buy a whole new wardrobe might be might not be cost affective for the meager benefit the red hair would do ya.

It's fairly easy with blonde hair most things go, tho my hair colour comes from a bottle these days. 

I got that, ours have baby pouches as well.

Yeah, they belong in Australia, a lot of pouches exist on animals there.  I think the Possum might be the only one here...don't quote me on it, I could be wrong.

I know you don't like Trump but aren't you going overboard? They stopped storming the castle with pitchforks and executing people in the dark ages. 

Well I've been reading this stuff - from Ted, Metal and co and it's batshit mental so I thought I'd give them a serve of their own medicine. Seemed to work a treat, its fine for them to make over the top demands but they howl like children when it's served up to them. The infringements of the constitution are actually true, I looked those up and checked them against your constitution, but I've never and don't advocate execution, it's barbaric - like the far right. 

If you think the far right is "barbaric" you need to take a long, hard look at the far left. They're toppling statues, robbing stores, burning down police stations, shooting cops, attacking Federal buildings and Federal workers, and shooting counter-protesters. 

Amala I said the death penalty was barbaric not the right. 


From what I understand before, during and after the bulk of the violence was committed by the cops. Which you’ll never get straight from Fox because they are firmly pro right. 


As for looters, shooters and the left knocking down historical landmarks it’s not something I condone, if it happens here I’d be happy to see those people jailed. As I write recently that we had a Black Lives matter protest as well as several anti-mask, anti-lock-down protests and those people are in jail. 


I found reference to one of your guys being shot:




You remember that kid who took an automatic rifle to the protests and shot people - can you imagine the uproar that the media would have made of that, instead he’s become a hero of the right and Fox.


The problem is that despite the conservatives saying that the law is soft on the left it is the other way around and Trumpkin encourages that. There is one case I know of where a protester shot a counter protestor there are way more who have shot BLM protestors. 






I’d arrest all of them but luckily I’m not in charge of any country. 


The right isn’t barbaric per se they are more unreasonable, you’ve seen the video of Trayvon Martin being killed right? The guys who did it got off, they always get off no matter the kind of force they use, lethal or otherwise. 


I’m pretty sure that’s why you have these protests. A reasonable and intelligent leader would at least try to defuse the situation, maybe talk to the protestors and work something out - not Il Douché he just poured more and more fuel on the fire until we ended up here. 


Leadership is a management skill, it’s a pity Trump didn’t read the book he had someone else write for him.  You know - Art of the Deal that Tony Schwartz wrote…

It's dangerous rhetoric like this that has set the tone for all of the violence we're seing today. YOU are a terrorist.

Hahahaha omg! It's exactly what you do in every post! Two faced wanker! 

It's your MAGA death cult that are the terrorist, this is a quote from YOUR governement:

"White supremacists and other like-minded extremists conducted two-thirds of the terrorist plots and attacks in the United States in 2020, according to new CSIS data. Anarchists, anti-fascists, and other like-minded extremists orchestrated 20 percent of the plots and attacks, though the number of incidents grew from previous years as these extremists targeted law enforcement, military, and government facilities and personnel. Despite these findings, however, the number of fatalities from domestic terrorism is relatively low compared to previous years. "

By the way you know your mate Metal - or Petal as I call him - He's been seen with Anarchist imagry - maybe you should report him? 

Kindly fuck off and write more of your shitty mental drivel. :)

Here's the thing Scarly, there are more Americans who absolutely agree with you about all this then there are who dont.  That orange bag of turds does not have the majority of the country rooting for him. In fact the majority of Americans absolutely loathe the scumbag.  His delusional sycophantic arse lickers who believe he is their king lord and master seriously think he will get a second term. They believe as he does that if he loses it will be because of the election being rigged or the Democrats cheating. If he loses, the next two months following the election will be a very dangerous time for Americans I feel, his ego will not accept defeat especially as he will be losing to none other than OBAMA's Vice President.  That is gonna sting him sooooo badly, he wont be able to stomach it.  He will more than like wreak incredible havoc the likes of which will never have been seen before (as he always likes to say) and heaven help anyone who gets in his way.  It will be a very interesting time between Nov 3 and January 20.   

I'm pretty sure they do, it's just we have a intestation of mental people here and it skews the view of generally a nice bunch of people. I thought I'd take a leaf out of their book tho - doesn't look like they are happy huh? 

It'd be funny if it wasn't so insane that as Trumpet rigs the election he acuses the Dems of it. 

OMG you prople all listen to the MSM who is in bed with the Communists that are trying to distroy our country..................TRY living your own lives and stop your judgement of  what you know nothing about as FOREIGNERS .....Leave American politics to the AMERICANS who can read and search truth they Actually Live With Daliy beyond the media that is in with the Elitist but 6 media owners...

Wow you are really mental aren't you?

For starters we don't actually get MSM or MSN which I think you mean? The only one we get is Fox, and you'd have to be part retard part mental to believe that.

Secondly that ranty crap you mentally ill do about communists being anyone who isn't 100p behind you is bog ignorant. There's nothing extreme about most people's political ideals that you slather with that term. I come from a proudly capitalist country which is doing quite nicely in the free markets. We have a healthy, vibrant centre right party in charge and several moderate labour - you call that liberal - state governments. I do realise that you are particularly ignorant of the way economics both internal and globally work, as demonstrated by your lunatic fringe blogs, beliefs and assertions. 

No off you fuck and get back to pretending eating mushrooms is 'physics'.

Wrote what I meant MSM  MAIN STREAM MEDIA  and this explains your ignorance

Fox is the mainstream you ignorant zombie. 

Your Post is in regard to the USA.. .which is Untied States of America .......  in 2011= 90% of the United States's media was controlled by six media conglomerates: GE/Comcast (NBC, Universal), News Corp (Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post) Disney (ABC, ESPN, Pixar), Viacom (MTV, BET, Paramount Pictures), Time Warner (CNN, HBO, Warner Bros.) and CBS (Showtime, NFL.com).::::::WIIPEDIA
Mar 20, 2020 — Unfortunately, our mainstream media is no longer free or independent. At outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, .........

ignorance must be so blissful for you akuna. You REALLY SERIOUSLY believe just because we are "foreigners" we have no clue  about America or American politics? You really believe just because we dont live your "American dream" that we have no idea what it's like?  I will borrow money and bet Scarly and I would know a heck of a lot more than many many Americans who dont have a clue about your own constitution, have no idea where most states are on the map or what the capitals are of each of those 50 states.  Many dont know what is beyond your own shores, ask them to point to the map where they think Korea or Japan or even Australia is, I've seen videos of reporters going to your University campuses or out on the streets asking ADULT Americans simple questions about their country and more than 50% of them cant answer. 

So dont you tell us to "Leave American politics to Americans..."  We can put in our two cents worth on what we think and there's nothing you can do to stop us and you DONT get to tell us that we cant!!!!   You dont like what we say on our blogs?  Then do what Scarly say and fuck off!!!


Oh dear.

Sorry, butting in again, I was thinking: hasn't the need for death long since passed? I'm not being cheeky, by the way.

Akuna, dunno if you've noticed but now 15 billonaires own your media - is that diversity? 

Forbes article

I chose the Forbes article so it wouldn't send you into hysterics over Liberal media. I think you might be confused by the word 'free'. Which is ok, the words science and physics seem to be just as confusing to you. Why don't you write a blog about - oh right you did. 

It's weird how words have the opposite meaning over there - I still can't get my head around how health-care is evil and guns are good. 

it's had me bamboozled for years too Scarly, and I'm not even dumb!!....lol.

Imagine how difficult it is for me - I was born blonde - I'm like - wha - what the - guns ok - war ok - medicine - evil? Ow ow ow - hurty!

Scarly. Oakie2012 = tjdonegan. I'm about 99.99999999999% certain of that. You understand me. If I'm incorrect about that, so be it. I can cope with just desserts.

If I'm ever to my satisfaction proven incorrect on that? Well, then, EACH ONE OF 'EM comes off far-too-remarkably like the other. 

Wy would I argue anaingst myself then, wow that's bizzare. 

An alternative is to argue with me but's that's futile I tend not to relent.

I have a similar thing, being little and female. I do tend to get bored after a while tho especially when there opposition isn't skilled. 

Wow!!  This seems to have been a lively conversation for a few days!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Scarly, just a quick side note....Treason is the only crime identified within the US Constitution.  Trump and his supporters on the right will often misuse the term to identify crimes that do not fit the definition...ie spying on his campaign.  By definition that is not "Treason" in the US.

It is understandable that you might lead to misuse the definition also....under the circumstances you misuse would be understandable! {#basic-laugh.gif}

On the issue of the Medications he received....that should concern all those Pro-Lifers who have voiced opposition to Stem Cell Research, but unfortuately the Media has not picked up on that story!

We are a bit disjointed over here right now.....we should be much better in 10 Days! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Shhh I'm hunting wabbits!

I thought I'd try an experiment and do unto them as they do unto others -huge success I think, I'm feeling very humble today obviously (cough).

The charges are, as I understanad them valid, but as you say are they treason - some maybe - my thinking behind it was this - imagine if that wells spoken, nice, sane former president had done this?

It's lovely to see you back by the way, I thought you might have been banned for not being mental or become disillusioned by the crazy people. 

The stem cell thing - when it first came up I went hunting for details and only came up with a positioning statement from the Pharma co's owner, this time the nice people at MIT were kind enough to link to a product page which leads to the supplier's SDS/Product Spec sheet - oh dear it really really really does come from an aborted foetus. 

No....I was just trying to wait for the election before I made further comments....but some things have happened in the last several days to make me want to write.....working on a Post concerning these various treaties with Israel!!{#basic-cool.gif}

By the way.....if I am not mistaken, some of those things would be considered Treason in the UK!!

Yeah...the Stem Cell thing was really deep....but again, for some reason you can hear a mouse fart when that subject is brought up!{#airborne.gif}

Sorry a bit of explaining - I've taken one of Oakey's sock puppet accounts - I'm actually the original Scarly - I couldn't make a new account so he gave me this one- he's been given a 6 month ban for doint what Metal and that Nate guy do. 

Back to the story - 

Haha your staunchest ally - I just wrote about that to you elsewhere...

Pretty much most of that stuff would be treason here in Australia too, there is an amount of extra powers the state and government here have assumed during the C-19 'state of emercency', it amounts to what you'd call martial law. For example wearing masks in my  home state is mandatory and back ed by a $5000 spot fine for your first offence and multiple breaches is $22k!!! PLUS jail time. 

There are travel and business limitations as well, distance, gatherings and whatnot. Two days ago anti-maskers protested and the cops areasted a bunch of them and fined more, most of us think that's awesome.

Mind you yesterday we had ONE new infection. Small price to pay. 

The reason for the silence on the Stem cells front is that because the MAGA folks have already been saying he was sent from god - now they have to admit a few very uncomfortable truths they have ignored.

Kind of messes up the whole inflability thing. 

Wow!!  $5000 fine!!!

Old World Countries do have those extra power clauses...which were purposely left out of the US Constitution!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Often people do not realize that when discussing certain things on an International Platform....they everyone is not going to come from the same place on certain things!

That is a shame about Oakie.....he does let them get him too excited.  I had to learn from him...they used to get me fired up like that also!{#basic-laugh.gif}

We were settled mainly in the 1800's, lots of convicts then free settlers - the difference here is the English left slowly, our constitution is new, it was only written just over a hundred years ago but some of our laws still rely on English ones for the simple fact that there is no precedent and therefore the Federal court uses those for framing outcomes. 

Australia and indeedly the world's economy is closely tied to the US's - that plus we are bombarded by US politics via News Ltd - the origin company of and arm of Fox. Despite this we as a nation are cynical and don't much like being told what to think, so we are resistant to the right and the left as well as faith based arguments.

We also don't mess around when it comes to serious issues even if we generally aren't a serious bunch - hence the fines. We don't have guns here so we crowd control by reason or a fist fight, you might notice we swear a lot too :)

Yeah he's a bit excitable that one, prolly because he's a mental leftie, he wants something to do with peas and rainbows - dunno I wasn't really paying attention. 

Sowwy, but not really, I'm butting in, again:

"or a fist fight"

Someday I may have to provoke someone toward wanting to sock me. So I can sock him back. And then get socked again. Ad nauseum. Isn't there a way to do it without losing teeth or eyes or fingers or hands or feet or organs?

I need to learn how to exert controlled violence.

That's more to do with the lack of gun violence here. 

Of course.

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