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This week in the upside-down - a review

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, October 25th 2020 at 7:25pm by Scarly666

I am quite chuffed at how the last few blogs have gone, thanks to everyone for participating and putting your 2c’s worth in. As you’ll have noticed I have thoroughly enjoyed putting the wind up the insane old bigots who gather to nest here like it was a carpark for mobility scooters. 


There have been a few stand outs on the mad as a cut snake front from the usual suspects, so credit where credit is due…


Akunuanrunamoonaboona or whatever’s statement that the mainstream media is against Trump and somehow that excludes Fox - News Corp - the biggest of the global media empires, citing such respected sources as WIIPEDIA (I think that’s supposed to be Wikipedia) and www.leadeer-call.com which is another typo for www.leader-call.com I assume, I had a look, seems legit, well done and the site has a few articles critical of the Orange Mussolini so Kudos. I’d also like to remind people I could do with spell checking and proofing my own blogs, gah they are (mine) awful. 


Still, the idea that everyone is against Trump is comedic genius I have to pay that, she should do stand up. 


Apparently I’m to be avoided to the extent of becomming a topic - I love when logic has a head on collision with stuipd…


Speaking of which our resident Man-child, Scotty McPetal’s entire blog dedicated to me and to the letter “I” 




Check it out, really go read it, I highly recommend! He starts off with - I’m not part of the clique but I agree with everything they say and to make it less obvious I try and shit everyone - no really he actually wrote that…


“Points of agreement do not imply ideological conformity with any Blogster (s), as I have several points of contention with everyone.” Hahaha boom-tish! 


I actually cried laughing - thank you so much Scott - comic gold. Then he spends dunno maybe 800 words telling - his buddies who he isn’t buddies with - how little he cares about what I think - and provides pics, gifs and quotes to prove it. 


And all this about a music review. Yeah I did a post about a band I liked and the concept behind them, which turns out, as Scott sees it the fall of western civilisation. A fucking music review. 


He thinks this blog is for him too…


“Hey, one last thing...

Nice bait attempt with the Zeal & Ardor post.

Time for some real talk? OK”


Uhuh sure…


Apparently listening to this kind of music leads to - wait for it - “…this time it won't be Churches in Norway burning...  It'll be America burning...”


Fuck yes Scott - fuck yes, metal is evil, so there you have it, Mr Non-conformity is actually just one of those ‘rock music is the devils music’ types. If you think about it - it's Meta-Metal-mental! To be fair Zeal and Ardor is a fusion of Black Metal and Negro slave music. Funny thing is I noticed a few metal bands on his background including some norse ones, I’m going to presume they are either irony or Christian metal to yanno - balance out the hypocritical elements of everything he says ever? 


According to archaeologists god’s police said the same about Elvis and Meat Loaf. 


I love how he shit his pants over a music review, he must go through a lot of nappies, I get it tho, he says he’s the cool young guy of the site right? Dude you’re old deal with it, but thanks for the laughs - seriously this is - um - metal - I took some screenshots so if I’m ever down I can look at this and feel better. It says to me - remember there is always someone worse off than you!


Keep up the good work, you and your buddy Tyrana-thesaurus encourage me to keep up mine, lovely working w you! 


I’ve been expecting TJD - Tyrana-thesaurus to do a blog on me, because I don’t actually buy his 5 page replies to anything he asks. He accused me of not having any substance to my pointing at illegality in Trump’s Reich so I found some and he basically replied - he (the Orange crocth grabber) can do whatever he likes - though that took 500 mind-numbingly boring words. Yep, watertight argument. 


Apparently tho I'm worth a blog, and if want to experience mental or you have insomnia I can recomend this:




I fell asleep reading the titlle - so be warned - or convinced, go have a look!  

In other news Oakey is still missing for doing what everybody else does, I guess some people think there is a Zen to that bit of shitfuckery (cough). I’m struggling with what the reason was, something to do with sock puppets - and who here doesn’t have those? 


That was sarcasm by the way. 


MasturbNated is still calling everyone who isn’t encouraging domestic terrorism a terrorist and people who like the idea of democracy a communist - his bffs seem to agree which isn’t surprising seeing as two of them are Scott and (MRW’s) sock-puppet. Makes ya wonder…




Here's a musical tribute to - well you know who you are - 



So you say
It's not okay to be gay
Well, I think you're just evil
You're just some racist who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval




User Comments

Watched the 60 Minutes show Trump was ranting and raving about--as usual he was arrogant, trying to bully the interviewee and just plain rude never giving her a chance to finish her question and/or thought!

By the way---and someday I'll explain why though a couple will think they know why and tell you--I fell in love with you after reading this post--starting with 7 words among others!{#basic-cool.gif}

I found a site where it's tracking the votes and you can play with the amount of seats to work out who might get what, and I have to say I feel less 'the end is neigh' after that the addy is:


Check it out, it's lots of fun, tho last time Clinton was what 3mln votes ahead? So no chickens will be counted until they are grilled. 

Flattery will get you everywhere <3

I won't pay attention until November 4 and then see what happens--I have a vision of Trump surrounded by a Marine guard and having to be escorted out of the White House!! (But that may be wishful thinking!!)

That'd go stright into my 'spank bank'. 

Ok, and just so you are prepared, remember that there are people who don't want to change your mind...about anything.  But if you don't change your mind, or explain to THEIR satisfaction your logic in NOT agreeing with them, you are all manners of a rotten worthless human being.

And after ranting on about it for ...i don't know 800-1000 words, the rant is closed out with "I dont try to change anybodies mind".


He's totally changed my mind - so has the dictionary guy - everyone in fact I'm so mind changed I've come back to the same place I was, so didn't work :)

Yeah, often I can't even understand what they are trying to say to start with.

Mostly just 'I'm awesome' despite all the evidence, they don't like evidence 'round those parts. 


I thought I would throw on some blue laughies cuz there are some that hate them.  I am just kind enough to be willing to allow them to have something to bitch about in case they read it.

OoOo do they? I might have to use some then!!!


Careful. You're apparently on the FBI's list now. I see they're really scraping the barrel now to round up people from blog sites that are on the brink of collapsing.

I always wanted to be the boogieman, boogiewoman doesn't pay that much.



My thanks and the $20 I promised for the support x

Scarl. Looking over all this and reflecting on prior reflections...

ZenofKen wrote something recently that is amazingly similar to the writings of Oakie2012. A. fucking. mazingly. SIMILAR. look at the "n'est pas" in it. None besides myself and Oakie2012 [and maybe bobbyboxtop] use that particular bit of Frenchyness. I prefer "n'est ce-pas". SO DOES OAKIE2012. You think it's a mere coincidence that ZenofKen used it? Do you? Look, Scarl, I know you're merely 30....but COME ON.

Concerning Russell: A Note For the Paranoid

I thought about bobbyboxtop a few days ago, the 2nd anniversary of his passing and I still miss him. He was a character and although some of his posts were a little over the top, he was fun to read and a genuinely nice guy.

N'est pas is a saying tho right? 

I am a bit surprised and a lot amazed at the amount of accusations here - I'm apparently Oakey, that Dictionary guy and probably Pokey. The last time I was here the nut-bar club accused me of being Sabrina's sock and someone else kept commenting that I was someone else too but I can't remember who it was? 

I try not to read too much far right propoganda, I get a strange urge to march to Poland. 

I was Friends with Bobby too, he was a nice guy there's a big void here now his gone. Not so much actual social activity. 

Wait, am I Scarly?  Does that mean I have boobies?  Great!

But now I have to piss sitting down.  Woe!

Sure. Why not? Somewhere Slavic + reasonably unhindered internet + reasonably unhindered wifi + tennis to watch + beautiful males to ogle + other stuff...

Peeing sitting down improves your aim and don't worry it is possible to be so pissed you miss even if you do sit down. 

I rang him when I was in London, we were gonna meet for lunch but he wasnt feeling well that day.  We had a nice long chat on the phone though, it was nice to hear his voice, he actually spoke with a very "plum in the mouth" accent...lol.  I was expecting him to be more "cockney" but he sure sounded very poshy...lol.

That's a shame. I think Oakey said the same that he has a lovely refined accent, it's weird how sometimes the English are hardest to understand. You'd think it would be us but comparatively we sound quite good. 

I'll have the lot of you --THAT'S EVERY PERSON WHO MAY READ THIS VERY COMMENT-- know that it genuinely seems to me that Blogster Jayyyohhh has been doing his utter best to aide Metalheart. Somebody has to! Sheesh.

PetalHeart should have grown into a man by now, enabling his tantrums and shitfuckery isn't doing him any good. 

Scarly, I attest I've been pretty much equally frustrating to interact with as Metalheart is.

Besides, I'm ever-active in the mind. I must have things to do. It relates to my wanting very much to figure out how to improve my ability to thrive. [Insert condescending old fucking man lecture here].

He's a man child, all about attention and being 'right' which is why he deletes his blogs. 

Having posts written about you can be flattering but it depends on who is posting them.  There are those who post about you because they are desperate for your attention and what they write is always derogatory, condescending or just plain nasty. Dismissing them and their posts is the most satisfying way of dealing with them, it is something they truly hate because it defeats the purpose of wanting you to react.  Of course it is also a way of garnering attention from others in this community, the rubber-neckers who need to see what's going on, will read those posts.  It breaks up the monotony and boredom of this site from time to time. For those of us who have been here a long time, most of the blogsters already know us so those nasty posts are nothing more than mere distractions, or click baits to get you to visit their page, a way to stay relevant I guess but they dont change anyone's minds.  People here either like you or hate you, it's just a fact of life....{#basic-laugh.gif}

I think with these two - maybe 12 people they can't stand being pulled up, and to be fair I don't tend to pull crazy people up in real life because I'd get slapped. I think these people might be the same and that's why they are so vicious, they are feeble IRL. 

Both metal and that TJ guy tell everyone how smart they are but really? It takes no effort to make them go from 'You're stupid and irrelevant' to getting them so frustrate they write blogs to try and gather support for your - I dunno actually - what - ban me? Wow that's harsh punishment!

It's funny tho, you look at the people who talk to each other here as opposed to preach, they actually do stuff outside Blogster and Politics - they have lives ;) 

Who is TJ?

Oh. Donegan. Isn't that one of Oakie's doppelgangers? Think of Oakie being deliberately too clever by too many halves.

And isn't ZenofKen afterall Oakie as well?

No it's not him, I don't think Oakey is the type to do irony. 

haha ok sorry I'm a bit slow, I get it now. We are all Oakey! 

Je suis Oakey? 

Keep looking into liquid fluoride thorium reactors. Even if it literally is your death, fake or otherwise.

It's a bit of a waste of time, cold fusion is the way to go and give that 5 years or less and it's much more power with much less fuel/pollutants.

Oh. Yeah. Ok. I concede. Hadn't thought of that.

How's..."life"...today? You're in 28 October and I'm in 27 October....so fucking lame.

The future is great here, we are out of lock down after +140 days, no new infections - I think Sydney may have 2? I can go out and eat at a restaurant so I'm going to go to one every night for the next 140+ days to support local business and of course to Avoid Emma who I love but am utterly sick of the sight, sound and that $%#ing thing she does with her foot tapping! 

How about you? 

Well, I'm a genius. So: how am I?: genuisy and unrelenting. I'm reminded of that Vanka Black I still luv it and I still want it brought to 100% there is fuckery afoot on that for sure who is or are responsible I dunno.

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