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The eagle has two broken wings

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, October 16th 2020 at 4:30pm by Scarly666
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The first time I actually liked a computer was my first mac - which was an iBook, I bought a mac because I was a teenager and I paid big coin for things that were cool, that’s what teens do. Other computers were beige or black the colours of old people. 


There was nothing really radical about it, other than the design and lack of legacy ports - but it was made for people like me who can need machines to squeeze oranges and dudes to change our tyres. Sure the old school howled how they were over priced, gay, the PC’s of the anti-christ and the usual shit that comes out of humans who live past their use-by date. 


Dick/pussy is evil, Pot leads to smack and everything else that makes me wet is bad. 


The thing is, like everything you buy with money you sell your souls for it was a scam, carrying a hip lappy was a thing then, and now everyone has a thin expensive silver laptop. The normal people sequestered hip, geeky cool and now we have incels and Q-anon. 


Now flocks of low brained but big mouthed twats crow about shit that doesn’t exist, co-opt words they don’t understand and just make cunts of themselves - because they can. 


For exampleful (My hobby at the moment is Frankenstein words - cute huh?) - ANTIFA are fascist, that one really tickles my giggle dick - it’s like saying I’m a mouth breathing primate and here is the proof. ANTIFA is made from two words Anti and Fascist - yet SpongeKnob the president’s worshipers seem to think it means the opposite. Like they can’t tell the difference between Nazi and Commie or Commie and Socialist, it’s probably the fact they can’t actually work out the difference between news and drinking the man’s cool-aid is. 


So what to do about it? Nothing. Really these dickheads are dumb, the people who run them are smart and rich and they run the show, if they can watch Trump or Fox without feeling their soul shrivel nothing you can come up with will help, so find something constructive to do, like protest. Or burn down the Fox offices. 


You can’t fix stupid, you look at these retards at the rallies and even though 200,000+ people needlessly died, the economy is tanking worse than the great depression and Hair Furore pisses on the graves of soldiers they think he’s some sort of saint because - well he’s not black. There I said it and it’s true. 


As far as these people are concerned there are no grey areas - if you aren’t part of the Trump death cult everyone who isn’t is a communist/socialist they don’t know the difference, everything left of extreme right is that. Do you remember when people were reasonable and we had a centre? When politician’s actually worked on things to make life better now that’s been pissed out the window on a wave of stupidity. 


I keep trying to think what it was exactly that the democrats did to warrant the destruction of democracy and an end to what was a republic. Basically a black dude tried to introduce universal healthcare, like other modern western capitalist nations. When I say other I mean actual civilised modern capitalist nations, and there are a bunch of us out here - looking at the shit hole America has become since the Tea Party decided batshit was the new ‘conservative’. 


I wanted to find a pic of the political spectrum but the Internet now is so soaked in propaganda that I couldn’t find anything which was actually accurate. Mostly images that come back have been made by the far right and have nazi and communist on the far left, on the far right anarchy and freedom.




Has no one been to school? Now I understand why the site angry-fuck-goblin was wearing the face of proto corporate rock. Anarchy, communism and hippie communes are on the far left - Ultra conservatism, fascism, theology are on the far right.


This stuff confuses me, here in the uncivilised world our schools still require an amount of truth to be told and if say the Murdoch media lies it’ll get hauled over the coals not become public ‘knowledge’ like over there. 


You guys seem to spend a lot of time changing the meaning of and even sometimes reversing the meaning of words. 


Out here we get your news, or what you think is news because when you have people rioting because your cops are killing the unarmed and your president says - this is what things will be like under the opposition everyone goes - gosh! Better keep America Great then!


This is why we don’t invite you to our barbecues anymore and we are taking Margot Robbie back, you can keep Nichole tho - and the kiwis - Russell especially. 



Fat Cop - Regurgitator 


User Comments

Put me in a singularity if you wish. To be truthfulestier. I'm feeling slighted. Slightly.

I'm much more right wing than that.

Death to juice, death to juice!

Its not meant to be, just all the lunatics here. 

Bahahaha death to juice! 

Took me a minute or 917. Yes, sick of juice, but don't you worry, bananakins, juice is sick of itself, seems like it always has been.

Beyond sick of Is Raw Hell tho. EarRon ought nooq it.

Sounds like you went down the rabbit hole with the rest of your generation. And if you think the Left is the way to go, you're too far gone to be saved.

Amala, I write this in earnestness, if it seems ignorant to you, so be it:

Please avoid always thinking in terms of "left", "right", "center"...forget it. I think you have fantastic notions, I really do, if you'll leave out those directional indicators [right, left, center, middle, etc.], and then do that thing you excel at, which is expressing your thoughts, you'll continue thriving. A long time. Whether or not you want really long longevity...


So many cliches so little - I went to school 

Teaching an old dogess new tricks is what I'm on about. Sometimes.

I'd not dare to ask you to prevent all others to avoid commenting before I get my Greediest Paws Ever on your content. As it is, I managed to restrain myself from faux pas'ing upon Oak. Not with Amala though. Alas.

Ja. Anyhoo. Coffee? Espresso? Battle Axe with flames spiraling out of it? All of the above?

Lovely, informative post, as per usual. That Nicole is too crafty for too crafty. Please tell Margot about choices in rhinoplasty. Sowwy but not really.

Oh, yeah, I want Toni Collette and Eric Bana. And I want Eric Bana more than Mohammed wants...what the fuck does Mohammed want? To talk ad infinitum like Jesus and Adam? Yes?

Anyhow I get Eric Bana. Resistance is worse than futile.

She's acually not nice IRL, he is apparently, I never met either but I know people...

Her being other-than-nice is the reason I want to meet her. Same with Suzanne Vega, don't think she's a fan of humans.

Nor I. Restraining myself has been the trickiest thing for me to master.

And him, if he's nice? that's marvelous, if he'll oblige me to give him one little genuinely affectionate smooch on his face, that's sufficient, it really is, looking like that the way he does.

Not familiar with Susan Vega...

Restraints are for bondo :)

Why does Eric look like that. WHY. Jehovah is fucking with me, that's why.

Neevr had an Apple computer--does my eating an apple a day for the past 60+ years make up for it?--nor have I ever owned/wanted a laptap---heck I don't take my phone with me 98% of the time when I go out why would I want a laptop???

As long as I can have Charlize you can have the rest!

Okay--that should be never--you know it but MisterCox will think it is something mysterious!!

I'd totally do her too! 

I actually do. I'll let it go. This time.

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