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Sometimes fuck off just isn’t enough

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 6:53pm by Scarly666
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The world is - well - this


More than this.


Mostly its because these


Listen to these


And it’s weird because we all know


But no one listens because this 


Influences these



And the alternative is


so I...



I feel like telling everyone to


But no one listens anymore, so - Listen to this ancient song from Gondwana land discovered when the lovely people from Exxon were digging holes in our barrier reef for freedom. It’s a band called Regurgitator (as per my last) my tween crush used to like, I miss her and wonder what ever happened to her, she once told me - 


“Kid, if everyone is doing it, it’s probably boring - get some tats, tell yer mum to fuck off and work shit out for yourself - wanna cigarette?”  


I often I wish I’d listened to her. 


User Comments

I could certainly use a cigarette right now ... or a joint.

Lets fuck first, they taste better after :)

Deal. :)

I often feel like telling everybody to Fuck off also..  :)  It seems like everybody these days wants to fight..often they are people that at least supposedly are on the same side, but no...the fists have to come out over the least thing.  **sigh**


Do it, it's a tradition here in the world's underpants, we don't have guns here so we rely on being mouthy and tough. 

Hey, that is safer for all concerned.

Mixing moral imperatives.


Shh no one has noticed the epidemic! 

Hmm. I have. Most peculiar symptomology I've ever experienced. I reckon my sister K. would say the same. Bizarro Indeedo. Thass Latin maybe.

You had it right? It's supposed to be super infectious - did you end up finding out the source of yours? 

Was back in Feb.

My sister. Maybe? Maybe me first? Dunno. Maybe someone we both passed casually out there in the Greater Metropolis of San Francisco?

None to blame. I'm fascinated by it [that's my inner scientist] she's distraught and overwrought [probably because she's one of those irritating things called humans]

Any permanent damage or effects?

Brr humans are gross, the things they do to each other - shocking! 

For me, no. For her, lung and throat shit. Getting better over time though.

I'm glad she's getting better I've read about permanent lung, heart and other organ damage. 

Yep. If I weren't beholden to that thing that many deem "morbid fascination" than I might not be secretly glad that folks have those seemingly unprecedented symptoms.

That was a wretched thing to say, I know.

Welcome back!!  I agree with what you're saying...it gets too much sometimes. Telling someone to fuck off can feel so liberating but there are those who will make you feel it's not enough.  Many live right here in this community and the way I deal with them is to dismiss them with the incredible impunity they deserve. Nothing could make me waste a single ounce of energy on them and it actually feels just soooo satisfying to ignore and dismiss them.

Thanks, I know you get it, you're one of us there's a lot less we'll put up with down here. Thing is - and the thing they don't get is we talk about America because we are concerned about them, like a drunk buddy with a gun. 

yes I care about America because I've always love the country and I have tons of relatives living there. I toured the country not so long ago and absolutely loved it. My dad had a choice of immigrating to the US or Australia and he chose the land down under.  We came from the Philippines which was a US "colony" for about 40 or 50 years so we are connected in a way.  The idea that I hate America is as stupid as anyone who would suggest it.

I'd love to go, I'm pretty sure most of them aren't mental - just the ones on TV and here :D

You've had such an interesting life, and your family as well, lucky thing. 

He's very fearful. That Metalheart. But he's male. Try teaching a male anything, even "1 plus 1 equals 2" and we resist nonstop. You understand.

Sure, but with him it's more he's frightened of looking less a 'man'. 

No. Fearful. Let's leave it at fearful. No need to antagonize him.

I find occasionally it's best to punch bullies in the dick. 

He's got a mate named Yvonne. One presumes that Yvonne is a woman. Anyhow, this Yvonne I'm guessing gives him dick-punching when he needs it. I think he's chock full of sorrow, I truly do. Don't like to patronise like that, but it has to be said.

University is white genocide? That's as rational as saying the wind gives you cancer. 

Just goes to show that people who never go to university in the first place (Republicans) know fuck all about it. 

But asuming they know better than everybody else seems to be their constant flaw.

The lowley cunts!

I never went to university, but I did go to onionversity.  All you learn there are various onion facts, though.

What where? Explain the white genocide?

To be fair the rich ones pay for uni's to give them qualifications, has something to do with bone spurs I think? 

Nothing wrong with Onion Facts!!

It's nice to be sandwiched by smart, even if it smells of onion. 


Short course? I can't imagine that there are too many facts to be gleaned about onions. I can think of three.

1 They are vegetables

2 They make you cry like a Mum at a wedding

3 They are very oniony.

My mind operates more rapidly than any mind ought. Not pining for sympathy; merely wish to justify my lateness in giving you your due for this cleverest post:

8 million infinities of stars. That enough?

You're sweet x

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