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I’m sorry I’m not sorry

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, January 11th 2021 at 3:25pm by Scarly666
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I’m white, really white as a child I was almost an albino, sadly now my blonde comes from a bottle to save me from that most embarrassing of female afflictions - mousey hair. Along with this whiteness comes all the terrible things that SJW’s hurt over in their bedrooms, basements and covens the world over.

The need to absolve ones ancestors due to anything they might have participated in, willingly or otherwise.

Sure I’ve spent a full third of my life in the moral gutter - but other than that I’m what people on the far left probably have pinned to their ‘retro-must-have dartboards’. Sadly I’m not sad about this not a fucking bit, plainly put - ‘no one here gets out alive’ as some dead ol’ white guy once sang, there is always someone more fortunate and less fuck giving about you than you.

I get served first at the bar, if you’re a chubby old gal - I’m first, most of the time guys will defer to me for no other reason than looks, and this happens to me too, I get pissy but I accept I’m not Venus. Guys do buy me drinks and girls too, if I go to those kind of clubs.

When I get pulled over for speeding I cry and use my gender and white-appeal to get off, and so far it worked all but one time. I’m sleazy at stores and when I buy a car and I get discounts and on occasion I’ll go all the way if it’s going to benefit me.

I know that’s bad, I know it’s treacherous to my gender, I know it’s not fair and I know it’s morally reprehensible but it also works and got me where I am today.

When I have a problem with the system I go and complain in person and mostly I get my way, for the same reason even right after some Indian woman who was complaining about the same thing in front of me got told to suck it up - I don’t. I will argue, I will infer, I will sleaze, I will threaten and where I have to I will yell at people I can tell are unable to cope with a bully.

This seems really unfair and it is but I don’t especially care - you know why?

Because this is life, this is the order of things when you take the sheen of our over sensitive culture away from life.

Life isn’t fair, things will often not go your way, sometimes you’ll get beaten, raped and murdered often all three and this will never ever change, not even if you are young, rich and white.

If you’re not then sucks to be you kitten, someone is going to peel you eventually and make some lovely gloves outa ewe. Most of us live in rich western nations - imagine what it’s like for the rest of the world?

Am I this way  because I was raised in privilege, because I am white or because I made it through the gutter? Nope it’s simply that I have not become deluded by my time in the leafy safety of the South Eastern Melbourne suburbs.

My take on the woke culture is this, ya’ll have fooled yourselves into thinking everyone is as soft as you, it’s the same as the Evangelical nut bags thinking that their media - and the dude that preaches to them isn’t a money making machine and they are the cash crop.

I can tell you from experience that you are three showers or two meals away from barbarism, that’s one of those sayings that is bang on accurate. I can remember quite clearly screwing my dainty little nose up at the very things I had to do mere weeks later to survive.

Blame god, blame Darwin, blame your skin colour it doesn’t matter and no one will care if it comes down to you or them. Charity is great but most people shy when it comes to the bit where they have to hand out cash unless it grants them access to your underpants.

This is why I try but I can’t really support this whole revisionist thing going on in the world at the moment. I live in a country stolen from its original inhabitants, who are now painted as losers - much like America. That offends my morality and slowly things are improving for them but the act of throwing money and western morality at them isn’t working and won’t.

Where I was born conservative politics are different to those in the land of Hollywood, conservative here means moderate, not doing everything possible to piss people on the left off, usher in the apocalypse and murder democracy. Which makes me seem like a screaming lefty over there, but I can’t deal with the whole woke thing, history is done, trying to ‘heal’ or paint over it is stupid, divisive and well - a fucking waste of time.

All of us live in countries that did bad things we are trying to retroactively fix this - but none of us has a time machine, let me tell you as a physics it’s not going to happen and if we ever do get that tech it’s a bad idea anyway. We need to move on, do things we can manage and let the past be both the inspiration and warning it is.

This thing you want to do, rip down old statues - it’s happening here too, because we did what you did to get this country and I’m pretty sure every nation on earth did at one point unless your ancestors arrived at an empty place - it’s madness. Sure my relations what arrived here in Melbourne when it was called Batman ( I fucking kid you not) were arseholes. They basically fooled the locals out of singing a paper which they’d never seen before which granted them the right to own the place - an alien concept to the locals.

Boom - legal - now pack up your boomerangs and fuck off.

Same deal as your Mayflower dudes or hi Mr Gaul, My name is G. J. Caesar I’ll have your nice little valley - and your sons and daughters thanks, I’m not fussy. You know how you avoid this? You have to be strong, united and technologically advanced.

Weak, backwards and bankrupt isn’t a winning formula, no matter how nice you are or how great your god(ess)[s} think you are.

Look honestly the left is way better than the right, the right are a bunch of arseholes and you need look no further than the utter shit show the USA has been for the last 4 years and the fact that the idiots who voted Republican in both of the last elections sill deny they are stupid. You want to know who Qanon is? He’s the same guy who runs a modeling agency that imports 14 year olds, was a friend of that maxwell woman and paid a hooker $180,000 to shut up, he’s the guy who would fuck your kids not defend them.

Which is why being soft is a great way to get stepped on, used and thrown out. Why wasn’t ANTIFA waiting with guns to shoot those terrorist that stormed your Großamerikanisch Reichstag? Because you are too soft, so here have a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up as we say here in ‘Shtraya.

User Comments

While I am definitely to "the left" compared to the conservatives here, and even possibliy you in terms of my belief system, believing that we actually do have the responsibility to work to bring everybody to the table, the truth is that when the rubber hits the road, I am not adverse to allowing my whiteness to allow me to escape a traffic ticket or a beating like George Floyd received which resulted in his death, none do I volunteer to go live in the slums or in a hut beside the road.  I want an apartment with a computer and books, and a place to sleep comfortably.  But then when it comes to civil rights and poverty, I was born in adject poverty and then realized that I was Gay so that is two strikes against me per the right wing....so you can see why I would take some of more pointed positions for "the underdog" that I do. {#basic-laugh.gif}

So there are limits to everybodies devotion to fairness and equality.  My left wing(ness) has its limitations.  While I may be seen as theorical by some, at least I am not party to those that want to take more rights away from those that have less while hanging to my western lifestyle..  Of course I don't think I have that much, but as you point out compared to the entire world, I am still well-off....just not Murdock well off but comfortable.  

I wrote this 3 times because I kept making really dumb errors on grammar and spelling, for some reason today, writting this, I became obessed with it.  

Yeah you get it, I'm not going to take a broken nose to stand my ground let the dude with the big shoulders do that, I'll make him some yummy cakes and the best rack of lamb he ever tasted.

Don't worry about the grammar or typos, when the alt-shift-mental (right) used to visit me they could barely go 3 words without a typo. I saved a few for my profile :)

No, actually I don't think I've seen anything radical in your leftiness, I don't think you're extreme.

A smart person uses what they have and you are a smart person!

I got to admit boobs are handly when brains run out :)


Better weapons win.

Bang on summary

About wokers...I'm thinking of walking down the main street while bearing a placard that says "Any minute now I'm about to start screaming about my rights and wrongs"

Is it that these people demand it be handed to them that makes it so offensive you think? I just think of screaming spoilt kids - brrrr.

They demand to never feel opposed.

I want to leave this world every time they rant about freedom and then demand authoritarianism. TBH I'd leave for little to no reason given the chance though.

Reese's Not Sorry Campaign - WNW

Ooo yummie!

I can't buy these I have no immunity to them if they are in the house I'll eat them no matter how many of them. What's in them candied lust?

A full third of your life in the moral gutter? You referred elsewhere to working as an escort. That sounds like challenging work. But I'm not sure you were in as bad a moral gutter as Republican politics has become. Now there's a bunch of Trump *****s. Are you happy to be out of such work? The pay must be pretty reasonable. But I can't imagine the working conditions being too nice.

Its a Godawful small affair. To the girl with the mousey hair. I always liked that lyric. My blonde isn't as pure as it used to be either. Maybe that's a German thing for both of us.

I think you are right about not being soft. Sensitive, caring. Those are good things. But I think we have to draw our own lines in the sand that others should never cross. I won't go into detail, but I had an ex who crossed the line and he ended up in hospital as a result. And I have a hang gun in the apartment which I fully intend to use if anyone tries to break in. I'd prefer to concentrate on the nicer aspects of life, but there are some real scumoids out there, as I'm sure you know only too well as a former escort. And I think we should provide deterrents to them where we can. That includes the political extremists. Send the army in, plastic bullits and water cannons. Mop them up and throw their asses in jail.

Antifa? Are they even a real thing? Seems to me they are just another paranoid fantasy of the Far Right. Sure, there are several different groups who are anti- far right, but its not like they all cordinate under one banner every time.

Police kill blacks. Black Lives Matter do not kill police. Right wingers kill police.

It's more framing my past in their context. I regret some things but I doubt I'll ever feel apologetic or guilty over it. When I was young it was fairly horrible but after I could work legally things changed dramatically and there was a time I was happy and it had lots of benefits. A lot of people's dislike of prostitution comes from Judo/Christian morality and what is the worst thing - an independent woman who will is not one man's property.

Haha Bowie - nice work, yeah my hair went mousey just before puberty the traitor! Most people I know have had a similar experience, I know two women who stayed bright blonde one was Finnish I think and the other was english - yeah maybe it is a German thing?

I think in the west becuase of what happened in WW2 - we've become overly soft on people's bleifs - and cultures sometimes - we allow opprissive people thier speech and it's dangerous, but so is denying freedom of expression.

The answer is of course reason, if something is reasonable it should be allowed - how do we police that in any meaningful way without becoming 'them?'

Yanno I don't actually think I've seen anyone from ANTIFA? They have big round heads, grey skin and huge eyes right? Or was that Aliens?

The right's hysterical reaction to BLM is only made more ridiculous by the huge amount of nothing made of armed fanatics trying to overthrow the government. Lucky they are all so unhealthy from inbreeding, meth and bacon that they ran out of steam and had to sit down.


Good piece here, Scarly, and I agree with much of it, taking issue with a few points though.  Too tired to write anymore tonight, and probably won't be around much tomorrow, it's my mom's birthday and at her age she ain't gonna have many more.

I may use this as inspiration for rebuttal, point by point, on Thursday, when I should have more time.


Don't worry it's a ramble I seem to do a lot of that lately, I hope you get some decent rest.

Wow, yeah hang on to your mum you're lucky to have one give her a big cuddle for me x

Sure go nuts, play with my butt as much as you want it's been a while!

It must be jelly cus jam don't shake!


Haha that's great x

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