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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Schnitzer Its a conspiracy!!

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, January 13th 2021 at 5:25pm by Scarly666

One of the disappointing things in life I think is that ignorance is infectious and seldom curable, worse still the ignorant seem to grow horns of self righteousness that, a term that gets bandied around a lot is cognitive dissonance. Basically when a dumb arse tells you they are more intelligent than you when they are actually clinically stupid.

The thing is you know how in your head you are mostly right and all the voices not only agree they get pissy at people who dare tell you anything with the air of expertise.

Like when they tell you masks cause CO2 poisoning - unlike climate change - and that they are a plot by democrats to cause your penis to go from ‘aww cute’ to ‘where am I supposed to be looking’?

Not long after I got here - or back here - I came across this mental woman here who is into the whole package of loonie fringe conspiracy and was crapping on about frequency and vibrations like they do, and about the 5G thing. I politely (yeah I know unusual for me) pointed out that that kind of thing is my area of specialty within physics and she told me she’d been self studying for 30 years - the details escape me I was laughing so hard it was hard to read between the tears.

But yanno what, people believe that shit, and not only the 5G crap but all that hippy nonsense about harmonising your vibration with the universe. You can’t effect frequency with fucking patchouli oil or some chunk of quartz you paid a months’ pension on. There is so much bullshit trying to be palmed off as science these days it’s a wonder anyone bothers with the truth anymore.

You get these politicians screaming it’s their right to ‘question science’ and that when scientists hand a report in with huge, massive, well documented and clear results these pricks demand to question its validity. Why? Because they should be allowed - that’s the usual response then they start ranting about being silenced and the media bias and how it’s just shit you can’t ride your horse with your Klan uniform into a school yard and shoot kids anymore. Fucking Communism!

There are a whole set of arguments that have been legitimised by lobbies, the real fraud media - that’s long-hand for FOX btw, and legions of internet users who now feel confident that their opinion is the right one.

Notice I said opinion? No one calls it that anymore it’s what are referred to as facts - actually 40% option, 45% mysticism the rest I think is essential oils.
This is a big rift opening up between the right and left, the left who tend to be on the side of science back things like health care, science, the idea that we should be working towards a lifestyle that can be sustained rather than destroying our biosphere. The right, it seems to me are more concerned about losing their god given right to do the opposite of what is good for the future. Like yanno stopping the spread of disease, getting women back into the kitchen, defeating China by becoming a banana republic.

Facts! Facts are things that come from fringe lonnie podcasters and they are the only ones trying to save us from democracy! Democracy is the new communism dontcha know?  

Words are changing over there in ‘I saw it on a picture with words on it college’ - these fucktards jibber on about freedom then demand an autocratic government - how is it possible that anyone can’t see the 300% stupid in that idea?

I sometimes just go - oh well it has to be something like religion because when someone’s behaviour or reasoning really doesn’t make sense to me I assume that they’ve been brainwashed or they have some gene I lack  - see how you begin to question yourself - why don’t they?

More and more I think it’s that people feel disempowered, alienated and belonging to a mob makes them feel safe, and if they can be a leader in that mob so much the better. Everyone has to be a ‘thing’ as we young people say, the loser bacon-walrus who lives in his mum’s basement and plays fortnight - imagine what it’s like to be him.

In a world of flashy stars everywhere it must blow chunks to live in Bucktooth Arizona after your wife left you for another woman and you haven’t worked for almost as long as you haven’t seen your feet.

It’s a tough world and it’s hard to make a crust these days, the endless monotony of sleep, eat, internet, repeat all that is left to them, no wonder they latch onto this shit. Things are complicated, convoluted and mostly out of everyone’s control so you can see why they gravitate to people who tell them the answers are simple.

Get a gun, some MAGA merch and a bible, that’ll sort you out buddy.

I did have a crack at making peace with the conservatives, but like so many things in English it means sensible and boring here but in America it means mad, will bite and probably give you rabies. We don’t have rabies here, just like we don’t have mass shootings or the guns that don’t cause them.

I guess the reason they get pissy is after they settle into the soma of reality-lite© and someone criticises them or their - way of life - boom! It’s time to buy home defence sticks and kill people!

Y’ever see that happen? Someone get killed, or beaten so badly that you’re pretty sure the dude on the receiving end was dead 50 punches ago? It’s part of why I’m an atheist, sure that organism will feed the biosphere when it decomposes and he shouldn’t have tried to steel George’s coke, but he’s gone, never to return, a life is finished and it was taken not surrendered.

It’s fine to hate if that’s your bag, but i think most people don’t have the stones to outright kill another person, which is how it should be, you wanna off the person you should made do it with your hands. Having said that untold millions of women and children die every year at the hands of their family - maybe not huh.

Sometimes I wonder if people are all inherently sociopathic, this need to say good is blue - evil is red, nature is nothing if not the essence of impurity, despite us being made of essentially the same thing we are never good or evil, evil is actually bullshit, they say snakes are evil, they are just snakes. It’s often used in the same sentence - pure evil - two bullshits don’t make a truth, be ware of people who make this claim.

Anyhoo getting into nihilism here where I was trying to point out that most people who tell you they are experts or authorities on a subject are just sad puppets of media and it seems laughably even worse for people who use the words ‘fake news’.

Everything is a fucking conspiracy now, the more ludicrous the more people seem to believe you, put 3% pseudo science into it and tell people you’ve ’studied’ it unlike those brainwashed naive snowflakes who go to college (that’s what you call uni right?).

I was thinking the other day about how people are in an uproar about the twitter censorship thing and I remember the dude who got dumped from it on many occasions censoring the WHO, the CDC, the FBI, the senate, the house - fucking everyone and every thing, and people are incensed he’s been booted off Twitface?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel at all comfortable with censorship, but you guys over there - do you know what the concept is?

The thing that is funny though is FB, Twitter, Youtube and all that are private companies, and they do have ULA’s pretty sure that encouraging armed insurrection over a fraudulent claim about vote rigging isn’t ok. That’s a whole other kettle of honey badgers tho.

Fuck it, I am going to get bent then go the the beach and listen to Mongolian Metal

Hail Tengri shamen -and sha-ladies!


User Comments

"I came across this mental woman here who is into the whole package of loonie fringe conspiracy " she doesn't like me--even blocked me!!! By the way she 'knows higher up people'. LOL

Enjoy the sun and the beach!

She blocked me pretty much right after I blinded here with science {#wink.gif} boom! Yeah I bet everyone she knows is high.

It was lovely at the beach I think I might go down there again today!

What I can't and never have been able to figure out is how some of these "brainiacs" seem to see themselves as the expert on every issue.  If you talk physics, they know more than anybody else, same with any other subject you can name.  And yet, there is never any real science evidence that they can point to for any of it.  Any evidence they have is some conspiracy theorist spouting stuff, obviously in a very emotional way (aren't liberal the ones that are supposed to be emotion based rather than rational??? per them anyway).

I don't have a problem with someone saying that 5g makes them nervous because they are affraid of mind control...ok, irrational but they are owning their fear.  But when they claim that SCIENCE proves it, they earn my ire.  Especially when it comes to things like global warming/pollution.  I have said, "forget global warming", I want a decent effort to save the environment because I wanna be able to breath and drink the water.

And never believe a Republican calling themselves the "economically responsible party."   They only seem to object to spending more money if it has something to do with helping the environment or human beings in the working/middle class.  They don't mind giving huge sums calling them "tax breaks" to the super-rich and corporations, running up the deficit and then messing with the safety net for the ordinary citizen's medicare, and Social Security under the misguided impression that somehow the super-rich are going to voluntarily, out of the kindness of their hearts, release more of their abundance to "the little guy".  (which 1. they don't seem to ever do, and 2. watch what automation and AI technology does to the employee base.

It's like their whole losing the election thing, it was so obvious that everyone had had enough of his shit - this is why he lost by so much - but oh no - it's a conspiracy to defraud freedom - soooo the answer is autocracy? Yeah that makes so much sense!

No really even the 5G = mind control because there is zero chance - and let me tell you if the military could they would but if it's possible it would requite tech that is literally thousands of years more advanced than anything we have, I know this because I work in the field and the military is bonkers hard for the gear we developed at the array.

Yeah its the same here, the 'Liberal Party' who are our conservatives pretty much every time they are in power the economy tanks and then the 'Labour party' our liberals come in and we have a boom for 10 years.

The differences are big tho, our liberal party isn't quite as hostile to thinking, living, healthcare, education or old people and they even admitted that C-19 required a hard and total lock down.

They hate social security but interestingly they back pensions due to most of the country being pensioners - hmmm.

Scarly....are you okay????{#basic-laugh.gif}

We call this a 'hissy fit' you know when cats see themselves in the mirror...

Yeah I just want to scream sometimes - it hurts to see people be so utterly stupid.

Okay....just checking!{#high_five.gif}

I saw the post you mentioned, where she was claiming masks will cause you to gas yourself, haha.  I explained QUITE POLITELY why this was incorrect, I mean...surgeons wear 'em all day long, right?  But the real science has to do with particle size, you know that and I know that but she apparently needed to know that so for her edification, I told her.

Her reply?  A pissy little remark along the lines of "Thanks, Miss Always Has to Be Right."   Hey, I make mistakes too, but when I'm right, I AM right.

Her bestest male buddy on the site had been seen laughing about taking his mask off in the stores and such when nobody was looking.   Har-har-har.

Last week he's all upset because a sister in law is now ill with COVID.

Wear your masks, assholes.  Watch what you touch.  WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN.

Simple hygiene, stuff we've known for decades.   It's really not that freaking hard.

Yeah but surgeons are probably those lizard Illuminati people like the Pope, the Queen and Bill Gates!

And also how dare you be right! Have you no shame woman! We should be in the kitchen making tin foil headgear for the rapture - I think I might be confusing my consiricay there.

My doctor's daughter is an immunologist, she was telling her dad - who told me - that this year's flu season had the smallest infection rate ever, mainly because people were practicing better hygiene and of course wearing masks.

Yeah thats great I thought but - eww the fuck have these grots been doing for years, why do people have to tell you to wash your hands!!

Having outlived Hospice, (who knew?) I now recieve Palliative care and a nurse practitioner (a title meaning 'almost an entire doctor!) visits my home monthly, stays for 2 hours, and only masks up when she has to get close enough to listen to my heart and lungs, take my blood pressure, etc.

BUT, she long ago trained herself not to touch her face with unwashed hands so she's confident she will not become infected.  So far, so good, she's remained healthy and will be here on Monday to see me.

Hopefully I can get my vaccine later this month.  I haven't had an intubation for a little over a year now, but the docs said last time that my esophagus may not survive another, it can only sustain so much damage and I already aspirate like mad.  Heh, I get to enjoy my coffee twice, once going down and again as about ten percent of it comes flying out of my lungs a few minutes later as coffee flavored phlegm.


Obviously, hydration is an issue.   So is getting drunk.

Ow - sheesh woman, you're made of iron! I think I would have topped myself over half of that. I'll never complain about gagging ever again.

So will you recover? I hope they give you some nice happy pills for that especially if you can't drink, hell even having a sense of humour after a year of having a tube in your mouth must take a lot of go. I really really hope you get a break from this, do you have anyone else that helps out?

First off, I wasn't intubated for the entire year, lol, it's just been a year since my *last* respiratory collapse requiring intubation, which happened on Dec 26th, 2019, when I was on life support (intubation) for 5 days, getting home by New Year's.

However, I have been intubated at least 5 times (i lose count) in the last six or seven years, plus I have multiple sclerosis (and a buncha other shiite) that doesn't help the COPD one bit.  Add gastroparesis and silent GERD to the mix, and you can see how the path my food and beverage has to nagivate in order to nourish me without causing harm.

They caught the very beginnings of a tumor on my right lung a couple of years ago during a routine chest xray and went ahead and removed the entire lobe, mostly to help with the emphysema but it got that fucking tumor out of me before it had time to metastasize or grow.

I will not recover, Scarly.  But I ain't ready to die, though for the longest time I thought I was.  Scroll back on my blog, page 2 or 3 in my archives, and read a post called 'The Sitter.'  It's about my last suicide attempt.

I still intend to choose the time of my demise, and have a tank of nitrogen for that very purpose.  That, and a regulator which will deliver 15 LPM, plus some tubing and a plastic bag will end it very quickly and painlessly, when the time comes.  As long as an accomplice removes those materials, no one will know it was suicide, either, as nitrogen, being an inert gas, is undetectable and everyone would just assume I'd had yet another hypercapnic respiratory collapse and didn't make it.

In regards to the MS, my scientific girlyfriend, it comes and goes, leaves me alone, mostly.   But the MRI of my brain shows it looking like swiss cheese, there are so many lesions, too many to count!   Big damage in the area known as the PONS, it's a wonder I can sit upright and speak at all.

Good thing God gave me extra brains, or I'd also be a drooling idiot by now.

Then again, some around here already think that of me, hahaha.


I actually read that but didn't have anything intelligent to say so I didn't, as much as I love living I've never begrudged people who have had enough, and I would do the same if the suffering outweighed the rewards.

Hang in there S, there are way too many vacant women - let alone men on this sad little planet. i'm sure if you lost 80% that'd make you 90% smarter than the heard.

I just wish that illness would pick people who don't need to be here, and haven't had to work at doing so.

Aaaand tbh fuck the people who don't like it, one of lifes great joys is pissing people off :)

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