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Can we call it yet?

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, November 6th 2020 at 2:49pm by Scarly666

While the stupid people debate how the guy who is famous for cheating was cheated out of cheating his way to dictatorship - (why do I always think of cock shaped potatoes when I think of that word?) the rest of everyone can relax now. 

It looks like the Orange Hitler wannabe has lost, and maybe also lost the senate, great job United Statesians! I have to admit I didn’t think he’d lose at this too, which is weird because he’s lost at everything else right, I mean what sort of moron loses money on a casino - multiple times!

I must say I am experiencing a rare and prolonged Schadenfreude, which is everything as much fun as a multiple orgasm. 

Schadenfreude is a german word for the feeling of joy you get when others fail, humiliate themselves - like we are seeing over in the Orange hate camp, like most 1,000 year reichs it’s failed 996 years early.

Oww, my face hurts - does anyone know how to sooth a manic grin and accompanying lady wood? This has been going on since last night when the Trump camp started saying 

‘Boo hoo they cheated’

If this keeps going I’m really am going to come. 



I think you should make today a public holiday in the future and generations will celebrate when the stupid/mental/delusional had to face reality. You could call it the great awakening? Dunno you have a crack I’m not good with slogans, all other the ones I can think of involve felatio.

Yes! God yes!

I really particularly love how they say this is unprecedented - sure - losing an election is unprecedented, since four years ago, what is unprecedented is how the right is cycling through even more horsehittier excuses than usual. This has never happened before! What is that some kind of tin-foil allergic reaction that makes people forget what happens every four years - someone loses - Trump - and someone wins - the other guy - tah-dah. 

Sooooo can’t wait for this to go to court - squeee!!! I might actually start watching TV again. 

Also I apologise if I implied that the wolves-in-walmart-clothing who blog here were anything but cunts, that wasn’t the intent of my last blog, obviously they are from the amount of disrespect they are showing to the death of a former blogger here. That’s low, I don’t agree with fake displays of sympathy but that kind of thing drops the bar so low on callous that it should earn a banning, sadly the police here are part of the problem. 

Had I won I’d have set up guillotines in the town squares and dealt with these kind of low lives. 

I’ll try translate this into red-neck - Ifen ya’ll got noffin good ter says shut yer dirty mowth.

Back to the awesomeness that is the fall of Orange Jesus…

Hey - if the dickheads that loved Trump give me your addresses I’ll send my supply of tissues to you, because you’ve got four years of crying ahead of you and we’ve had 8 straight days of no Corona virus, so we also have have spare masks but apparently you people don’t need them, you have hopes and prayers and tin foil.

Is it possible to have too much Schadenfreude?

Will it make me fat? 

Please take this to court - please - oOoOoOooooo pretty please keep flogging this dead horse! 

Here is the Ode to Joy or ‘Ode an die Freude’ as it was originally called by Bach who wrote it. Play it all day as you think about all the people in MAGA hats crying right now. This was filmed at the Sydney Opera house, a building commissioned and built by leftie commies. 

Awww poor mentals’ got the feels. Oops I got off again. 

By the way it’s the Anthem of Europe, you know the place that kicked out Americans for being religiously insane. When I hear this it makes me wanna march towards the East - weird right? What’s East? New Zealand - the fuck would I want to go there for? 

User Comments

While I would have hoped fervently for the Senate to be lost to the orange rage, I feel that might be unlikely at this point.  However, joy springs eternal on that, but even stronger than the orange menace himself might be gone.

After all, allowing 235,761 people to die because of his refusal to face facts, even after getting it himself, is not smiled upon by the more intelligent of our people...and we do have SOME intelligent people left.

I have to admit I'm not paying too much attention now, it's mostly that I want nothing to kill the joy of watching all of these sad old sheeple crying. Your press seems to be taking a conservative approach (cough) where ours - even News Ltd is giving Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania (sounds like a place vampire drawing devices live) to biden. 

Earlier tho Channel 7 - the most Murdoch of our 80% Murdoch media had our conservative PM congradulating Herr Trump, so they look stupid too! 

Good times. 

Above and beyond every bit of dickery that Trump did that one left the rest of us out here in the uncivilised communist hell holes of Earth speechless, to let so many people die - and repeatably do nothing about it - that  - they should hang him for that at least. 

I am trying not to pay too much attention...just checking periodially to see if more actual votes have determined that the nation as a whole has come out of its misbegotten belief in the dictator wannabee now polluting the highest office in America.

Well check away you've won :) 

I know...I posted a celebration.  {#basic-cool.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}

Ima sashay over then! 


I hope it goes to court for as long as it takes. We should make sure every vote has a proper registration, like mine.

The left says counting all the votes is paramount.

The right says counting all of the legal votes is paramount.

This should be an easy one to figure since the law is even clear enough for SceneFromTheLeft to comprehend.  (((DEMOCRACY))) n shit...

If that happens and Joe wins... so be it. Unfortunately for the subverted useful idiot left, all of the evidence emerging overwhelming pushes the scumbag needle in their direction.

If criminal Joe ends up POTUS, it signals the end of justice in the USA. The authoritarians and pencil neck pedophiles are taking over...

That would please you, yeah? I know you're not alone in this ghetto...

Sure due process, it’s part of the democratic process that we all love to pretend we respect. 

Sometimes you show a glimmer of intelligence then you go and heave chunks of Popularist bullshit. 

Like inferring that the right is all about truth and justice - soooo where exactly is that in either side? The cheat tells you he has been cheated and off you guys go howling at the moon. 

You know the one about - how you know a lair is lying? Never mind I don’t think that sort of thing comes in memes or t-shirt mind size. 

Leftist useful idiot - really? 

So you’re one of those Q-anon deadshits? Wow your mate Donny hangs out with Epstein, practically tells the whole world he’s doing his daughter and - no theres an underground left peodo network. Fine detective work there IQ80.

Please do come back to me with more cliches and conspiracies I’m in the mood for man-child boo-hooing. Or try doing what you always bang on about and try thinking for yourself, it’s addictive and rewarding - promise! 

Some yapping Blogster twat isn't fit to judge my intelligence.

Stopped reading after that second sentence. You're just another one dimensional midwit.

Aww buttercup did I hurt you widdle fewings?  

The election will be called later today, and then a few weeks of insanity till Trump can claim the GREATEST vote total to ever lose Pres. election.

Joe will play Pres. till he gets covid under control then find reason to pass the lead to Kamala to finish his term.

Next time you run, drop the banana, go for the prickly pear, sure win combo

If Biden actually does that...resigns...

...can we, and by we I mean all of us who live in America, can we all make at least SOME effort to focus our efforts on what she says she will do and compare it to what she actually does do?

All, can we all, puhleeze, finally come to a MASSIVE AND OVERDUE REALIZATION, that much which we act as-if a president does on her own, is actually done in fucking TANDEM with the legislature?

Can we finally conduct ourselves as if we understand things? Can we?

Exop. You are never rude or vulgar. I think it's high time that you personally [as the English say] take the piss out of fellow Americans for our staggering ignorance and credulity.

Do it in Blogster. Cantchoo? Please?

I know right - what a disaster - I got 200,000,000 votes but no one thought to deliver them to the voting people. 

The sad thing is nothing will fix the big rift between the left and right now. 

MrCox, response in blog, don't want to bring shit to Scarly's page.

Wow! Much obliged! I'm honored...thanks!

Seems like Blogsters Maria and shaunepawn [the woman in the avi, I think her name's Sandra?] are also Australians. Do your matriotic duty and get them both astonishingly, criminally pissed up.

Then burn effigies of Orange Cunt and Priggly Penceworth.

I know Maria, she is lovely - the other one is a national embarrassment. 

The Orange cunt is burning himself, Pence will do bugger all but at least he isn't a mad narcissist - we have our own, he needs dealing with as well. 

aww shucks....{#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers.gif}


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