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What is beyond me?

Added: Wednesday, May 16th 2012 at 6:54pm by SAUSAGE-PANTS
Related Tags: poems, poetry

What is beyond me?

Little truths swim through the air

Like rainbow fish

in the blind deep, shimmering scales

like spectacles any color you like.

Kaleidoscope butterflies flutter

with thin wings

of diamond,  and


on the edge of chilly space

You stand alone, your eyes

like lighthouse beams

on a symphony of color beyond,

and don’t forget to ask yourself

if it’s all a white lie.


The eyes are cages, too,

not knowing the truth,

sight from the eyes of any other.

You peer

into what’s beyond--



No, it was a silly thought.

Yet stars light up

inside you

every time you light your eyes

on a little truth.

A truth reflects

you. Or do you reflect

the truth?


But I don’t know the truth

anymore. I only know,


I swim in my blind deep of dreams,

and my words are my mirror.

Light your eyes

on my shimmering stars

swimming through space.


Who do you see?

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very nice

I'm awesome

Good post but what is a Christian nilist. A christian that lives by the Nile?



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