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Poems and Quotes

Added: Tuesday, February 28th 2012 at 4:34pm by SAUSAGE-PANTS
Category: Advice Column
Related Tags: poems, quotes


Want to win a fight? Invite humble laughter into your mind so that your anger doesn't defeat your peace. Laughing with your enemy is the final victory.

Paper walls of custom, prestige, and presumption
crumble when a child laughs
and the proud are humbled by a child's laugh

How to resist the pressure to sell your soul to the devil: allow yourself to be vulnerable.

"Knowledge is power"- it can be used to oppress or to liberate.

Top of Form


On your death bed: as you look back will you see yourself dancing, or being led?

The law of diminishing returns doesn't apply when you invest in your mind

Pen in palm and bullets on the tongue, Poet spits spirit, revolution in a song

"Live it up" can either mean to wake up and get alive, or to distract yourself from the distanst realization that everyone and everything is going to die.

You don't need to have courage to be courageous. The idea of confronting fear is often more scary than the act of confronting fear.

If you don't question what you know, actively undermine your beliefs in order to deeper understand the nuances and subtleties, then your ideas enslave you into rehearsing what you think you know.

Ironically by letting go of the need to order and control you take a step towards reaching a stable balance.

The more I strive to embed myself in history as an immortal memory, the less my soul thrives in the present as I grow blind the blessed mystery in each second.

User Comments

Good post...  I know what you mean with some of these points...  I keep reminding people that freedom is supposed to be scary, like a rush...

very beautiful, as usual

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