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Been Roped In To Inadvertently Help Gangstalk a Target?

Added: Friday, July 11th 2008 at 1:16pm by satancanthaveme

Have you been approached by someone who has... Asked you to not associate with a certain individual whom they quietly pointed out to you?
Warned you about an alleged criminal past or deviant activity and predisposition of the individual?
Brought other 'reliable' witnesses with them to back up their claims about the individuals character?
Told you to spread the word and tell others to be on the lookout for and not associate with the individual, as they are 'under investigation'?
Requested you harass the individual in some small way because they deserve such treatment?
Told you to harass the deserving individual for one hour, one day, or on an ongoing basis?
Told you when going about your good work straightening out the unwelcome individual, to be subtle around other people, but overt when they are alone?
Told you you're helping the community or the crime rate when you are encouraged to treat the individual disfavorably?
Asked you  to regularly observe the individual and then report back anything no matter how small regarding the individuals' behavior or reactions?
Asked you to make the individual feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious through staring at them relentlessly or standing close and blocking their way?
Demonstrated themselves to be in a highly respectable position or as a person holding a trustworthy image in society?
Offered no proof of their allegations or shown you fake police badges or fabricated files about the individual?
Asked you to join a group and attend meetings mainly centered on the apparently undesirable target, and where you learn to signal to each other using your hands?
Given you the impression that you are to ask no questions and blindly follow whatever they want you to carry out?

Depending on your answers to the scenarios above, you might well be a gangstalker, or as is highly possible, you could in fact be inadvertently assisting a gangstalking group in their illegal, and inevitably destructive, campaign of terrorizing another citizen like you through the use of a myriad of tactics in undertaking covert, systemic gangstalking, also known as organized stalking, cause-stalking, community stalking, or group stalking.

You have also likely been made a target recipient of the dangerously mis-used psychological practice of a 'mind control' program, similar perhaps to brain-washing or hypnotism, in conjunction with the widely used and abused practice of 'community-based-policing', which is often used as a cover for their real motivation. If so, you are being intentionally taken advantage of by a psychopathic group of individuals to help meet their gangstalking ends, which is an assault on one innocent individual's wellbeing.

Gangstalkers often have secret criminal backgrounds and work undercover in every normal job conceivable. Yet perpetrators target innocents, people who are no more guilty than you or I. While no one should be psychologically tortured and electronically harassed to an early demise, gangstalking is criminal activity in itself.

In many cases targeting of the innocent is often used under the guise of community watch-dog groups - with less noble intentions than genuine neighborhood watch groups, anti-terrorism defense strategies, and pre-empting of crime, yet gangstalking is probably used to hide criminal threats at work. In effect while the perpetrators target anyone they 'suspect has a criminal record', gangstalking could be used as a distraction from a real criminal element.

Gangstalking is used to paint the target in a criminal light through the spreading of vicious rumors, with common fake allegations being that the target is a child molester (this is a favorite used against women too and not only men), a prostitute, drug-user, sexually deviant, a racist, an imposter at their place of worship, is mentally unstable, acts weird, or is a thief.
Usually the actual false accusations perpetuated about the target are in fact the very activities or ideologies belonging to those same perpetrators, and they are just projecting them onto the target.

While nearly all are likely mind-control victims themselves, the majority of gangstalkers are knowing and intentional perpetrators of this calculating crime. The perpetrators, or the ring-leader bosses who instigated them into gangstalking, hold something against the target.

There are a raft of excuses used for the dishing out of this destructive treatment towards an individual, and most of them are irrational: revenge, jealously or insecurity, prejudice, using the target for practice or training, illegal experimentation, behavioral testing not unlike animal testing, a power trip, as entertainment, to 'bond' or help 'team-build' a group together, to disguise their own illicit activities, for cultish sacrificial purposes, to use the target as a scapegoat, to silence them from speaking out about something which opposes their system or beliefs, or as a dart board of blame for their angst.

The perpetrators have bought into the lies and consequently harbor only ill will for the individual. There is a highly positive chance the individual you are helping to 'neutralize' is another innocent victim of gangstalking abuse, particularly if they fit into who I believe are highly targeted 'types' of people: single, female, compassionate-natured, live in an apartment or alone, neighborhood minorities, people of color, non-aryan classified, activists, artists, whistleblowers, eccentrics, intellectuals, outspoken personalities, or individuals going through divorce proceedings, custody proceedings, past or present employment disputes, and skirmishes with neighbors. There are similarities to situations involving the intimidation of witnesses and jurors.

It is risky making assumptions from pure speculation, but still, I strongly believe that such reasons for targeting any individual does bear remarkable resemblance to the lies used by the Nazi propaganda machine during the Second World War against various groups of people, such as towards the disabled and the ill, gypsies, and minorities. The ideologies behind gangstalking activity, despite whatever superficial reasons it appears to be carried out for including whether the goal is money or power, entail much deeper hatred, thus pointing strongly towards secret societies, anti-Christian groups, or supremacist extremist groups. The legitimate organizations are merely smoke-screens to hide their real alliances.

However anybody, from any background, can be targeted by gangstalkers, who can themselves be from any background, any continent, creed, or socio-economic status. Prime gangstalkers and informers can be positioned strategically in powerful positions of sound organizations, or they can even be outsourced to genuine organizations as covert gangstalkers for hire. There are even celebrities both living and dead, who have been or currently still are, included as targets of gangstalking, extortion, character assassination, debt creation, and paparazzi harassment. No one is immune.
Most targets are normal everyday people like you or I, and most don’t draw any attention to themselves whatsoever and don’t necessarily hold any high-status positions in society, yet they are still made to be targets of this unwarranted cruelty from gangstalking.

It is also interesting that other war-time combat tactics used against different populations, both civilians or non-civilians, during and since the Second World War, such as spiritual demoralization on all fronts so they are weakened to the point of not being effective enough to 'fight' back, dehumanizing the victims status to that of 'property', misappropriation of their fortune and property, concentrated dazzling 'blitz' attacks, isolated sniper assassinations, control or censorship of media, spying on communications, concentration camps, and treatment of prisoners' of war, also bear a resemblance to the psychological wearing down and mental entrapment of the gangstalking target.

Another point stemming from this significant time in recent history, is that both during and after the war many new technologies were being developed and weapons were being researched and tested, which in fact lead to other helpful inventions, such as the microwave oven and ultrasound technologies as we know them today. Those same useful powers which operate through these devices, however, have also been harnessed into directed energy weapons, for physical use against innocent civilians  today,  namely the many targets of  gangstalking.

Perpetrators of gangstalking recruit any number of other unsuspecting citizens like yourself, to assist them in targeting a lone, unsuspecting individual, in an overall ceaseless effort of directed psychological torture. If you have been asked to 'do good' for the community, realize instead that there is a high possibility you been deceived and sucked into a cult-like group from where only illegal activity affecting innocent people results. You have basically been lied to about the target and whatever atrocity they've been falsely accused of, such is the power of suggestion.

One way you can turn the targets situation around by bravely informing them about gangstalking if they are currently unaware of the phenomenon, and by resisting further assisting with your part in inflicting very real pain and distress upon them. Do attempt to believe their claims and research gangstalking for yourself on the internet. No matter how large or small the gangstalking operation appears for an individual and what tactics or scheme is employed, the results intended are all equally destructive, which is the ongoing psychological isolation and - often physical - suffering of the person.

The hypothetical scenarios I have offered above, suggesting likely perspectives from perpetrators and acquaintances of gangstalking activity, is based on my personal experiences as a targeted individual, as well as from a generalized overview of other targets' experiences as I reviewed on reputable websites that deal with gangstalking.

Gangstalking is a crime against humanity. Search on the internet for 'gangstalking' and inform your family and friends. This crime is pervading society at all levels all over the world.

User Comments

I have a Blog (24) GOSSIP IS CHARACTER ASSASINATION/  You need to disassociate yourself from such hateful relationships. You are a christian, so gather with christian groups. Satan is hard to fight, just run to Jesus.

Thanks feralpuppies I read your blog and I agree wholeheartedly! I will try to gather with more christian groups. We can't do things in our own strength; I'll learn to rely on Jesus more, and just lean on him.

I think a lot of gangstalking goes on on blogster.

Thanks for letting me know hon!

Thanks, Satan.  LOL, that doens't sound too good now doesn't it?

Now I'll be lambasted and baked for saying, "Thanks, Satan!"  Here it comes... {#angelgirl.gif}

Lol, sorry for the lame-o username. Its meant to illustrate 'satan can't have me'. Great to have you on board.  {#airborne.gif}

informative site, keep putting the word out

Well said.

I would like to add that Gangstalkers are empowered by the disconnect between actiions and consequences that their stealth technology provides. They watch you with thru-wall devices, monitor your brain patterns with a microwave beam passed through your head. By watching your physiological reactions to silent-sound and V2K suggestions, they develop effective harassment protocols to make your life hell.

But I am focusing on the DISCONNECT from consequences that gives them the nerve to pursue a daily life of criminal activity. If I could see them, I am positive theyed run like field mice. If I had a way to detect their weapon locations, I'd know exactly WHO is attacking (or allowing attacks) while I try to sleep or otherwise enjoy privacy and pursuit of happiness.

As I am tortured day and night in my home (USA-CT). I want to neutralize the disconnect that fuels these ghouls so I can spend my last years in peace.

I am shopping for THERMAL CAMERA devices good enough to see out my walls and detect the criminals stalking me from behind their walls! There are devices that can spot humans hundreds of feet away. I hope heat from their weapons may be detected as well.

Its  looking reasonable to spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars to get my life back.



Does anyone know a good support group for targeted individuals to discuss what is happening to them?

I like to know the answer to that myself

Why not just stop what they are doing to you? Handing out letters to strangers  explaining what they have done to you and the reason for it; also, speaking to church groups is very effective in stopping it cold.  But you have to be right on the money explaining the reason for it. The reason for it is experimenting with citizens as a prelude to building a police; like the one in Russia.

I have done all these things. In January 2010 I got a death threat from an alleged friend (who, by the way was a Mason). It didn't deter me because I gave out that information too with the correct spelling of the friend's name and address.

Everything stopped that had gone on and off for 20 years. As far as support groups go, I don't know of any. Perhaps you should start one; I will join it.

I bet if you stopped the problem, you are not in Los Angeles.  The people there are beyond help, and they LOVE to target slightly famous women.


Permission requested to reprint, hard copy, your article and distribute in defense of OGS victims.  It would be of immense assistance if you will.


Peter Landy


Hi its 'satancanthaveme' here, and its been a long time since I have been on this blog. I've finally gotten through my PTSD. It has been very difficult, I hit rock bottom. but I'm here. Anyway to Peter, my permission is granted. thanks for asking, you are welcome to use what ever you like. unfortunately lol, i have forgotten my password to my blog, so i would have edited and improved my posts here in a more ideal fashion, nonetheless, if you should feel the need to, you are welcome to edit ,or re-grammatize (is it a word lol?) , any necessary parts as you wish. sincerely. [SCHM].

Gangstalking is myth.  But its still happening.  You have to ask yourself how?  How does it work?  Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled?  Can't figure out what is going on?  Are you targeted and can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you?  Do your friends and family appear "in on it".  This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it.  Open your eyes.

first gangstalking is not a myth, second dataasylum how you know that is exactly how they do it, it seems you are well informed.

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Nike Air Max Lunarmx+ Womens Shoes    Inside the usa, this kind of experience will most likely be much more considerable. Together with almost 10 percent with each of the california's school  2009 Nike Air Max Nets yarn Kids Shoes    specific zones (Dayton Nearby community School built-in) strenuous school uniforms relating to a minimum of many enrollees, a number of children and furthermore father and mother usually possess some overall flexibility with  2010 Nike Air Max Full Leather Kids Running Shoes    regards to like the newest looks into his or her back-to-school wardrobes. This kind of appearance will be the time of the year  2010 Nike Air Max Leather Kids Running Shoes    relating to enrollees exhibiting his or her personality. This unconventional need also come across a refreshing approach for kids to be able to take pleasure in his or her exclusive sort. Showing off his or her system can merely  2011 Nike Air Max Wire Side Kids Running Shoes    current this personality and furthermore personality relating to enrollees, seems trouble-free but likely have creativeness. With all the  2012 Nike Air Max Wire Side Kids Running Shoes    current bettering earnings relating to low-cost Nike Shoes and boots, numerous enrollees pick Nike exhibiting his or her personality within the starting. Nike Air Max Force 1 Kids Shoes    Despite the truth that ballet shoes and boots continue to become well-known relating to preteen so that you can  Nike Air max 813 Gradient Kids Running Shoes    big school-aged females, rooftop shoes and boots furthermore to off-the-wall hued, 80s encouraged shoes or boots via agencies   Nike Air Max 95 Leather Kids Running Shoes    exactly like Nike and in addition Speak continually shine. With all of the existing sophisticated Nike shoes and boots, enrollees can simply an effortless job to become in a position to make-up in addition to denim jeans and likewise T-shirts. Nike Air Max Big Net Kids Beach Shoes    Hockey are going to be the desired game among enrollees, can just practically any school devoid of hockey game? The favorite  Nike Air Max Flywire Kids Running Shoes    relating to NBA game gives this attention relating to experiencing hockey. Kobe Manufacturer might be the primary make a distinction inside  Nike Air Max Force 1 High Upper Kids Shoes    the enrollees. Moreover this find relating to incredibly greatest hockey shoes and boots could possibly be the intent behind hockey supporters. Nike air max 90 assortment will probably be the antique notion relating to  Nike Air Max Leather Kids Running Shoes    youngers, with all of the present creating relating to nike jordan shoes or perhaps boot styles, showing off Nike shoes and boots create into any   Nike Air Max Lunar Kids Running Shoes    phenomenon among enrollees. Moreover this bettering relating to planting season and moreover risky press match the requirement  Nike Air Max New Kids Running Shoes    relating to adults, this terrific color relating to Nike jordan make enrollees this los angeles california king inside the school hockey employees   Nike Air Max Pillar Type Kids Shoes    Moreover the good durability relating to Nike shoes and boots uncover a way get into each location. With all of the present schooling relating to joggers, Nike running sneakers getting its pace structure reputation inside of functioning planet. nike  Nike Air Max Summer Wire Side Kids Running Shoes    shox shoes or maybe boot designs could possibly be the far much better running sneakers relating to enrollees. They could possibly be developed for this reasonably fairly neutral or merely underneath pronator which   2009 Nike Air Max 5 Lovers Shoes    commonly would like the top cushioning quite a few running sneakers can merely doable offer you you. Together with slight and additionally breathable good fine mesh uppers concerning most of these shoes or boots supplies an  2012 Nike Air Max II Lovers Shoes    incredible performance perception in spite of the fact that sustain your foot superb and additionally moisture no price. This stitchless overlays supply a cushty, protected fit throughout the midfoot. This Shox cushioning method   Nike Air Max 2010 Lovers Shoes    integrated inside of the majority of these shoes or boots offers most effective help, in particular in the your back heel. This versatile and moreover well-cushioned Phylon basketball with all the ft . has contributed virtually any clear reactive   Nike Air Max 90 Lovers Shoes    quest. They may well be an excellent number of shoes or boots to hold somebody away from pain and additionally accidents. Nike Air Max 90 VT Lovers Shoes    With all the present temperatures relating to Globe Weed, besides the principal subject areas golf clubs .






 You can find only two, count them, two skilled basketball players inside the history in the NBA to possess a correct signature shoe legacy. That's to say, two players that have had much more of their signature nike air max shoes bought immediately after they've retired than once they were actually playing. The influence that these two players had on the shoe business at the same time because the basketball court put them in a truly elite class. About as elite as you could get. We all know who one of those legendary players was. Needless to say I speak in the man, the myth, the legend that's Michael Jordan. But do we all know who the second player was. For anyone who is a accurate sneakerhead you most absolutely do know.


 Penny Hardaway is certainly the second player I speak of. Hardaway's signature sneaker line was and still is one in the most epic signature sneaker lines that Nike Basketball has ever released. Second only for the Jordan signature line of shoes. You just may be familiar with that line. The Nike Air Max Penny was the initial signature sneaker that Penny laced up. Considering that then, a number of models have dropped beneath the Penny Hardaway signature sneaker line.


 The newest Penny signature sneaker that Nike will release is the Zoom Rookie LWP. This new shoe will utilize an epic shoe style materials that is certainly synonymous with Penny.




 The Nike air max 90 is one from the signature sneakers that Hardaway rocked in 1997. Foamposite technologies utilizes polyurethane which enables the foot to mold to an individual's foot for the duration of the heat of play. This Foamposite, like Penny's signature sneaker line, continues to leave a lasting imprint on the sneaker world.


 This new Penny signature shoe will use both a premium nubuck leather and Foamposite on it is upper to create a one of a sort appear. Furthermore, distinctive outsole pods balance the look of this upper. Foamposite is featured on the toe and heel panels whilst the nubuck fills within the upper. All this sits atop a translucent color tinted outsole. Penny's legendary 1Cent logo is used on the tongue though the Swoosh is placed on the toe box. Various colorways are slated for release with all the initially one dropping the second week of November.


 The new Nike Zoom Rookie LWP is headed for epic status. It's going to join a long list of Nike air max 2009 shoes for basketball that make up the legendary Penny Hardaway signature sneaker line. Penny himself is on a a lot shorter list. A list of two. And that is an particularly exclusive list.


 If you're searching for a light basketball shoe then the nike air max turnaround could just be the one you are in search of. With it weighing only 13 ounces it is one with the lightest basketball shoes inside the top rated from the range options. This can come heavily to your advance if you're on the lookout for the edge in pace, acceleration and jumping. Absolutely everyone knows that a fast player is one to be weary of. In this article the Nike Air Max Turnaround might be discussed.

 Looking at the design on the Nike Air Max Turnaround it's evident that lots of believed has went into it because it incorporated components of a operating shoe and a basketball shoe into one entire package. This really feel about it can also be acquitted to the way it lays. It lays pretty low meaning that its appearance is usually a lot smaller than the other shoes however it has the advantage of being lighter and having a thinner front.


 The top rated with the Nike Air Max Turnaround has synthetic leather on the front that is also one from the factors it's so light. Some leather is hard but this distinct leather is just right for sports put on as it is light, soft and durable which indicates that you'll be comfy but won't have to worry about any put on.


 Inside of this nike air max 90 sneaker is often a soft textile lining which offers it a great bouncy feel when fitted firmly on you feet. Because it has such a sporty design about it, many people have stated that you just can put on these basketball shoes anywhere and they'll really feel excellent.


 Overall performance wise the Nike Air Max Turnaround does properly, as only one step on the hardwood as well as your feet feel ready for rapidly paced aggressive action. You are able to transition well when moving from walking to operating or jumping as your feet really feel totally free and natural compared to more in the bulky basketball shoes. Despite the fact that these are lighter than the bulkier counterparts it nevertheless has some ankle protection on the base. This protection is important in any sneaker as injuries are so popular.


 Wearing the Nike Air Max Turnaround will make your movements really feel light and fluid whilst permitting you to run freely and get past players with ease. The foot feels natural whenever you wear them as they have a light, low and firm grip on the ground. The Nike Air Max Turnaround is wonderful to get a player who has a quick style of play and is trying to find a basketball nike air max 2009 shoe to help.

You have got shoes that happen to be alright and then you have got shoes which can be "cool." The nike air max Skyline falls in to the latter category. It can be one astounding shoe and people all more than can agree that it's quite


 Style -The initially point that you simply notice about this sneaker could be the fact that it really is particularly trendy and fashionable. The Nike Air Max Skyline is obtainable inside a wide range of colors and they may be mixed and matched to develop a really funky shoe. The Air Max bubble that may be discovered inside the rear with the shoe, offers it an edge that people like. The general appear in the shoe is pretty fantastic plus the designers did an excellent job in this department.


 Comfort - properly apart from getting a really fashionable sneaker, the Nike air max 90 is also comfy. Since it is a casual shoe, it was developed for daily put on. You are able to wear the sneaker just about everywhere and you do not need to worry about your feet hurting you. The Skyline is in a position to accomplish this with all the Air Max cushioning method also as the PU midsole that allows the shoe to be comfy. You cannot go incorrect in regards to comfort when it comes to this sneaker.


 Price - One other wonderful promoting point of those shoes that makes them so cool would be the truth that they may be reasonably priced. For shoes that look so excellent, you can normally get them at low prices. This can function with even better for those who had been in a position to acquire the shoes on special or discounts.


 All in all the Nike air max 2009 is usually a quite cool shoe. You may have footwear that is certainly exceptionally stylish, supplies comfort and may also be had at an excellent cost. You cannot go wrong with a sneaker like this. I know I did not and I am very happy with my acquire.

September is often very a instant relating to enrollees returning to shool, having said that, with all of the present refreshing meteorology relating to refreshing look, it truly is rather needed for father and mother to organize for a couple refreshing household items to his or her kids. Via satistic you could obtain, it is actually essentially present the specific bettering relating to refreshing clothing, nike air max shoes and boots and likewise divisions largely through enrollees.


Inside the usa, this kind of experience will most likely be much more considerable. Together with almost 10 percent with each of the california's school specific zones (Dayton Nearby community School built-in) strenuous school uniforms relating to a minimum of many enrollees, a number of children and furthermore father and mother usually possess some overall flexibility with regards to like the newest looks into his or her back-to-school wardrobes. This kind of appearance will be the time of the year relating to enrollees exhibiting his or her personality. This unconventional need also come across a refreshing approach for kids to be able to take pleasure in his or her exclusive sort. Showing off his or her system can merely current this personality and furthermore personality relating to enrollees, seems trouble-free but likely have creativeness. With all the current bettering earnings relating to low-cost Nike Shoes and boots, numerous enrollees pick Nike exhibiting his or her personality within the starting.


Despite the truth that ballet shoes and boots continue to become well-known relating to preteen so that you can big school-aged females, rooftop shoes and boots furthermore to off-the-wall hued, 80s encouraged shoes or boots via agencies exactly like Nike and in addition Speak continually shine. With all of the existing sophisticated Nike shoes and boots, enrollees can simply an effortless job to become in a position to make-up in addition to denim jeans and likewise T-shirts.


Hockey are going to be the desired game among enrollees, can just practically any school devoid of hockey game? The favorite relating to NBA game gives this attention relating to experiencing hockey. Kobe Manufacturer might be the primary make a distinction inside the enrollees. Moreover this find relating to incredibly greatest hockey shoes and boots could possibly be the intent behind hockey supporters. Nike air max 90 assortment will probably be the antique notion relating to youngers, with all of the present creating relating to nike jordan shoes or perhaps boot styles, showing off Nike shoes and boots create into any phenomenon among enrollees. Moreover this bettering relating to planting season and moreover risky press match the requirement relating to adults, this terrific color relating to Nike jordan make enrollees this los angeles california king inside the school hockey employees.


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Stay Strong. Be in control. You are not Judas, though Judas(s) participating in your stalking can be saved, even if they are coerced to hurting people, (they can say the sinner's prayer silently.)

it seems like alot of people dont know but victims  of gangstalking lives are i believe insured.  money has to be involved.  that is the only thing all these various people could have in common and would make it worth all the effort.  i was first trying to b tricked into marrying a guy using a false id, refused to do so and gstalking occured as a result.

I kicked a dentist -- Bryan Johnson of Waterford, MI -- out of my home some 13+ years ago and have been stalked by hospital workers and dental students since.  They even followed me to a large extent out-of-state.  In the last 13 years, I had my 4th amendment right to privacy just one of them.

This is 100% a government-owned operation. How do I know? I have traveled extensively on business in the US and the hand signals, colors, caravan of cars, mobbing, is the same everywhere. This requires training folks.

This operation also requires MASSIVE communication, organizational, and financial capabilities. And do you think criminal groups have gotten their hands on top secret non-lethal weapons? No way.

This is all about social and political control under the guise of watching terrorists and criminals.

Some people wonder, "why would people spend all this time and money to stalk and harass me?" The network is already in place and you were just added to the watch list. 

Here are 3 websites that accurately describe what is taking place and by whom:





Best of luck..

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