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Gangstalking As a Stealthy Form of Lethal Bullying

Added: Monday, July 7th 2008 at 11:03pm by satancanthaveme

Chances are you have not heard of the 'little known' practice of gangstalking until you actually Google the words.  But perhaps in your case, as is said to be the case for an estimated every 1 in 100 people, you may even be what 'they' refer to as a 'targeted individual' of gangstalking: organized stalking by more than one person.

If so, you are not alone. However one of the ongoing objectives of gangstalking is to make the target feel they are singled out, completely alone, and constantly vulnerable, via a systematic erosion of personal rights and a constant aggressive campaign in a joint effort to chip away at a targets' psychological wellbeing. The goal of gangstalking is to control, isolate, intimidate, traumatize, depower, and ultimately destroy a defenseless person.

Often nobody else outside the perpetrators ring of gangstalkers and their assistants know about the complex abuse and unmerited attention being inflicted upon the individual except the target themselves.  Gangstalkers stealthily make sure the target without a shred of doubt knows that they are being watched and harassed, but the target is left with little or no evidence to prove it. Gangstalking is threatening behavior. Many people can be lied to about the target or coerced  into helping to hurt a target psychologically, which leaves a target with a reduced ability to trust in people.

The gangstalking often continues for the rest of a targets' life. Actually the word bullying does not fully explain the experience of gangstalking to those not exposed to this type of abuse.  The target is outnumbered, and the perpetrators vigilantly ensure no one else witnesses them breaking any laws so they evade detection and incrimination. Gangstalkers come from all walks of life and most are everyday normal  looking people who try to portray a respectable public image
, yet try to stimulate a foreboding threatening atmosphere for the target and psychological harm for the targets' mind.

The surrounding untargeted public does not normally notice any of the gangstalking activity happening if they are not the target themselves, and to untrained eyes it does appear that nothing very significant is happening. You may have had or are currently experiencing harassment at work or in other places you frequent, and you may identify it as  workplace bullying or mobbing, or you might feel that there are a lot of mean people in the world or that you have the worst luck with people. These attacks are often associated with gangstalking.

Gangstalking in and of itself is a wider  reaching  form of harassment that goes (almost unbelievably) further, following the target from outside of their place of employment or frequenting, to continue (in many cases) 24 hours 7 days a week, in their community, and with their public reputation, finances, and into their own home, their family. Mail can be interfered with, houses could become compromised with bugging devices, and interception of e-mail and the immediate airwaves.

Gangstalking is a collective hate crime based on lies, slander, sabotage, intimidation, psychological warfare, mental torture, and even electronic harassment - covertly perpetrated by cowardly teams of people - upon innocent, unassuming, and unsuspecting citizens all over the world. Perpetrators network like a creeping vine throughout your country and internationally. One primary goal of gangstalking which I have been informed of, is usually to force the target to commit suicide, or at least become institutionalized or incarcerated, through constant attacks in order to stimulate emotional reactions to such abnormal activity.

Gangstalkers want to spiritually murder the target. This is after many tactics are inflicted upon the  target,  the  tip  of  the  iceberg often initially involving the activities of (though not limited to): personal information collecting, covert stalking, psychological profiling, organized surveillance, character assassination, slander campaigns, observation, taking photographs, humiliation, and vehicular tail-gaiting with full-beam lighting.

The gangstalking can also lead on to all kinds of afflictions including: economic bullying and hardship, financial ruin, air-stalking (believe it or not) or the targets' residence comes under a flight-path, recruiting or influencing everyone against the target including friends and relatives along with coworkers and neighbors through lies and fabrications, blocking their drive-way or pathway, street-theatre, set-ups and framings, provoking reactions and getting 'witnesses', entrapment,  directed bio-chemical spraying, harassment of family and children, torture and killing of pets, sabotage of their businesses, vandalism or graffiti, and breaking into the targets' home to rearrange their possessions, or even poison their food.

The target is deviously left with little recourse to defend himself from this invisible enemy, the gangstalkers are normally unknown to the target, and teams of perpetrators assigned to the target have been known to total up to 100 people or more. Often when a target moves jobs, churches, cities, or even countries, the harassment just follows them. Gangstalking can range from small and intense operations through simply following a target on foot while contacting each other through mobile phones, texting, or sign language.  Extensive forms of gangstalking or surveillance can involve the gaining and sharing of illicitly obtained personal information about a targets' movements, through various contacts strategically placed in different often legit organizations, which are probably forced to cooperate with them. Gangstalkers may even beoutsourced to organizations as perpetrators for hire. Gangstalking can be  used  for  any number of reasons, by any group of perpetrators, but any  form of gangstalking is destructive.

Stubbornly, I always try to stay in an area or organization where  the  gangstalking  is  being  carried out) and in fact never completely end up leaving, even if I have a break away for several weeks to gather my strength or recover from a psychological attack. I won't let them perceive me as being defeated. As a targeted individual my gangstalking perpetrators can consider me an enemy target, especially as I've long been involved in activism for all causes under the sun before discovering I was a target so activism against gangstalking will come easily. Of course I remain completely against cause-stalking and other forms of gangstalking! 

I thank The Lord I am not as yet subjected to remote 'non-lethal' weaponry and associated electronic harassment technologies, such as directed energy weapons and thru-wall technology, as many targets of gangstalking unfortunately suffer and are tortured by, which contravenes the Human Rights Convention. Many targets are eventually murdered however from the use of this technology, with the actual perpetrators being faceless and untraceable, while the doctors' who can not find the cause of their death have no choice left except to put it down to natural causes, drugs, or other vices. Staying in any unsafe place for too long suffering perpetual abuse can prove more damaging thanones’ pride may allow for,  and fleeing  the persecution might potentially turn out more favorable for a target.

For every escalation in tactics assaulted upon me in future, I will start new blogs or webpages. I shall increase my counter-tactics, and I'm not going anywhere, because strength of resolve runs in my family and the gangstalkers want me to go, so I won't. I'll take anxiety meds if need be but only if I really have to to cope. I try to make as many friends as possible, contact old friends, and get as many people on my side as possible. I keep supporting my favorite community causes, yet not for recognition, though it will help with my image and keeping my clean record.

Target’s should study resources dealing with post traumatic stress disorder to learn about the effects the gangstalkers want to perpetrate psychologically. Gangstalking tactics have been perfected over many years of despicable use as how best to destroy  a  persons  life.  Share with each other the tactics you've been subjected to as it will arm you. This is spiritual warfare and I will fight gangstalking till my natural end. Make no mistake, gangstalking is evil.

User Comments

How are you, i notice you have not posted since last year, are you still being stalked?

Gang stalking debunked Godsee.wordpress.com Thomas Hunt

The questions is why, what is their motive? Why not just kill you and be done with it. It takes alot of time and energy to gangstalk someone 24/7.

My sister tells me she is stalked by Scientologitsts. She says they keep hiring her and fucking with her then she looses her job. Its happend in the past 10 jobs. I dont know. I dont see any evidence, I think she has emotional issues where she cant talke criticizm from others so she attributes that to attacks.

I highly doubt there are organizations that spend any amout of time stalkling people for the sake of doing so. That type of operation costs money. If money isn't being made then I doubt it will be spent.

In my opinion you need help. Just as my sister does. However, dont try telling her that.


Your sister may very well be the victim of organised targeting, their key stratagy is to isolate the victim. this them leaves them free to target the individual as they desire.

Without specific detail i could not comment on whether your sisters case is real however, there is a very good possibility that it is. in any event she needs your support and you both need to work out a way to expose the targeting/stalking.

Another key aim is for the target to be labelled as unstable, the targeting will be carried out when only the victim is aware of what is going on. If your sister is a victim you will be aiding the campaign by believing that she is unstable.

Your sister can email specifc details to network4masonicvictims@googlemail.com and i will give my opinion and link you up with other targeted individuals in the US.

your one of THem

I would say that its so widespread that if they were quickly murdering people it would become more public and would end. This way they can continue operations. Its also proving that they can control large portions of society using mind control and other methods to break up friendships, families and anything really. They used similar methods to disrupt organizations like the Black panthers and Klu Klux Klan. My own family has gangstalked me. Its a powerful method of controlling society and murdering without evidence.

There are professional naysayers that work the internet and debunkers a plenty. But if this was not true, then why is Hollywood (holly-wood), making movies about stalking and making money off of this subject?

The way I see it, I'll never let anyone scare or intimidate me into giving up my God given right of free will.


The name of the game is influence. Thats why I believe we're here, to make a choice between good or evil.


God can influense us and the lost side can influense us in the battle for our souls. Which way will humanity go ?

Fear is the predominant tool in evils toolbox used to convert and conqure people who choose love, like Jesus said: "we must bring heaven to earth".


No dougt there are people who don't want all that.





You assholes who doubt this is real either are brainless or have no reading comprehension skills or are mentally retarded.  Which one are you?  The young lady has painstakingly descibed the essence of SATANIC PARASITIC ACTIVITY TAGARTING the innocence.  Learn how to think!  Every associate of those involved are cursed parasitic gangstalkers called  HOMOSEXUAL PARASITIC DEVILS are going to hell.  Take that to the bank.

Either act as in-human monsters of parasitic devils or learn how to be good samaritans to others who are in need of humanities assistance before falling for the tricks of the devils racist stereotyping and labeling.

The simple fact is that most people who do gang stalking are religious.

I have read that this may involve nano technology and In this case many will not even be thinking for themselves anymore. Mind controlled drone people gangstalking and infected with robotic viruses directed by a central computer in space. Maybe they were sprayed in the chemtrails. God must destroy the satellites . Technology is evil.

Fantastic that this issue comes out in the open finally.  I have lived about all the forms of stalking and mobbing, done in the community of Barcelona - Catalonia-Spain.  It has been institutional harassment, and all forms described in these sites have been used during decades against me.  It has been institutional/community hate, while really I had done nothing to deserve it and really it does destroy and kill one´s soul.  One of their obsessions is to sudue me by forcing some person in my life, this invasion of private space, and therefore instigate the final lethal blow.  I have had to change homes several times because of hateful neighbours, leave a freelance job because people acted crazy and all just screamed.  Spy programs in my PC, helicopters, cars, invasion of my home while I am away, moving objects, shops, left in a hospital with a broken foot for a day and a half without help, lying, slander, rumours, noise campaigns, taxi drivers, hateful co-workers, tampering of my car, tampering my phone, stolen my inheritance, all lawsuits blocked, comments like "you were not supposed to be born", extreme sensitive, moral, phychological violence, you name it, I have had it and gone through DECADES, without ever understanding why me.  Obviously I understood that there were vicious, mad and evil psychopaths behind.  But it is good to know there are others in this situation.  Today I live in a loft with opaque windows, have not even installed water facilities to wash hands, because the plumber would be used against me, like happened a few years ago.  Any person that comes near me, can be the enemy and used against me.  Phone tapped.  Post arrives with luck once a week.  It is hell on earth.  My e-mail is merjatm@hotmail.com

I want to ask everyone who visits here to check out my website at  http://cosmostarman.tripod.com/  On page 18 in the blue type I tell a little of my experience with the gov. gang stalking I have been thru.  Some people wonder why they have been targeted but I know why I was targeted.  It is because of the controversial subject of my website and the proff that I have posted on the website.  The gov. wants to make us afraid of them but the truth is that the gov. is afraid of us and a few other things that they simply can not control.  Best wishes to us all.  Its sad that we can't get together and form a community and group where we could live a normal life and give some support to each other.

Hi everyone, this is 'Satancan'thaveme' - I thank everyone who visits here and takes the time to read my blog. (I've been locked out of accessing my blog either through malicious hacking, or through genuinely forgetting my password, Lol! That's my helpful lesson for the day, when changing passwords for security purposes, make sure you remember what it was, Lol!) Anyway, I'd just like to quickly mention on one point I made here (as relates to this particular post) that I may or may not have stated '1 in 100' as an incorrect estimate of the occurrence of gangstalking. Although it may be more accurate as an estimate of who is being put under surveillance? (I otherwise promise the rest of the information is highly accurate in a general overview of gangstalking, Lol). If anyone out there (- supporters or targets, but no perpetrators, thanks!) has more of an idea as to how many targets' may be out there in the population, albeit short of any substantial statistics, that will be most helpful. Thank you and God bless.

I heard there are 300,000 targeted individuals in the USA. I have also heard that among other things it is a way to enforce agenda 21 and control the population growth by eliminating certain people. The people eliminated will likely also be some sourt of threat to the hierarchy or generally undesirable for whatever reason.

Hi everyone, this is 'Satancan'thaveme' - I thank everyone who visits here and takes the time to read my blog. (I've been locked out of accessing my blog either through malicious hacking, or through genuinely forgetting my password, Lol! That's my helpful lesson for the day, when changing passwords for security purposes, make sure you remember what it was, Lol!) Anyway, I'd just like to quickly mention on one point I made here (as relates to this particular post) that I may or may not have stated '1 in 100' as an incorrect estimate of the occurrence of gangstalking. Although it may be more accurate as an estimate of who is being put under surveillance? (I otherwise promise the rest of the information is highly accurate in a general overview of gangstalking, Lol). If anyone out there (- supporters or targets, but no perpetrators, thanks!) has more of an idea as to how many targets' may be out there in the population, albeit short of any substantial statistics, that will be most helpful. Thank you and God bless.

Is '1 in 1000' more accurate, talking in terms of purely gangstalked targets, or is even this more of an over-estimation than reality? (We must also take into regard those mobbed severely at work, or even targets gangstalked part-time, or only for a short time/temporarily - such as when they are being forced to leave a company/service/community - and even if they are not on a high-level gangstalking program). I feel much anguish at the suffering of all targets. God bless you all.



I am a terget of a bunch of pyschotic neighbors, who live directly above the condo where i live with my 86 year old mother. They have targeted her as well as the other members of my family and most of my friends. We live san diego at 6878 Navajo Rd. #41. The perpetrators name is nelson ortiz (and family) who is a sad failure at his job. He thinks he is a big star in the music industry ( he is not). He started more than 20 years ago. We have had 2 cars stolen in the past and 15,000 dollars worth of damage to our current car. We have had numerous items stolen from our back patio, within easy reach from his patio. He has used a variety of gases, chemicals, and directed energy weapons, which he claims to have invented. In an incredibly stupid move he targeted his own body. He now has suffered a stoke because his face is partially paralyzed amd he has a deep wound on his face, which has turned a deathly shade of white. I do not believe that gangstalking has been carried on by anyone associated with government or law enforcement. It is a case of loose canons with ultrasound, emf generators, and lasers. He has targeted every age group from a 9 month old baby to elderly women. Just remember they are the ones with the problems. Try to stay focused and keep your cool. Every time you feel sudden nausea or have unusual emotions double check yourself and what your state of mind is. Do not feel powerless these creatures are very unstable people who alone are cowards and failures. We are moving away from our condo tom a place where they will be isolated so that i can end the situation my way. They have made 1000's of threats. If anyone is interested in any further information or some advice about this or how to deal with the stress please email. This is a very true and deviant situation.

Thank you so much for this entry. I often feel very isolated and shut off because of my gang stalking that has gone on for at least three years now.I am currently being strong armed into being forced to acceptan illogical immoal false reliously based  ideology from the culprits which justiffy their active crimes against me.If I were to explain their philodphies it would be laughable.And they often present itwith suxh an attracivesubte sell with theie gaslighting methods that it can mimic "normalcy". It isvery sexually focused and I havesufferedgreat harms for this which they falsely believe there methds have the "trick" in correcting my trauma.

I know I should give this and themthe time of day but as a fellow victim, you'd knowthat's next impossible because it feels like complicity or sumbmission and then they thrive on my reactions and do the same.

This has affected my carerr, my income, my savings, my family, my children, my dearst friends and I feel bound and powerless to stopthemand thesickthing is I think this is an erotic turn on for some of them. It's masks as macho heroism but it's a sick mind that would put forth sexual/romantic offers to a woman in my mental condition.I don't know where to go in my city for help.It's so covert and some of these people have alot of power and money. I feel like some sort of high or aprhodisiac to them, when I see their faces these days they look stoned and smug and partonising. Almost "fat" on the meat of my life.

I am facing a long hard battle to either regain my privacies and rid myself of the majority of them, or trying to bring the major forces it enablingthis tojustice.

I don't want to target those who jumped onthe gang stalking band wagonn for joy.

I want to get the people who enable these wheelsthat run over my livfe nearly daily.

It's like I searching forthe devil's switches in the dark blind-folded and it's become their source of incredible amusement and fascination.

They seem to hold fast to some false belief teat there could be a mass group peace between myself and the majority. This  is impossible. The best I can offer is letting them know they have gotten away with a murder essentially of a life I loved and can never get back now.

I wish you all the best in your journey to freedom





Yeah, you are not alone, and you are not crazy. But drop the Conspiracy theories... these are people just like you and I, mostly from military and law enforcement backgrounds (if not currently enlisted) and MOST I can assure you are just following orders. Be certain this type of work can be traced back to your local intelligence\law enforcement agency and nothing more. They either perceive you as a threat, believe that you have broken the law, or are trying to silence you outright. whatever their reasoning. What they are doing is clearly illegal, immortal and just plain wrong. My blog. http://bl4ck-key.livejournal.com/ http://bl4ckkey.wordpress.com/ http://twitter.com/bl4ckkey/

I'm of the view that the majority of "crazy" posts regarding gangstalking are just to flood the internet with crazy posts about gangstalking for the purpose of discrediting anyone who has been subjected to this kind of treatment.  There are 1,000,000 domestic individuals with top secret clearance in the Government - that's 1 government agent for every 3000 people - and it doesn't include the many many associates and other types who are loyal to the cause but have no top secret clearance. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the U.S. populace is extremely totalitarian and loves seeing people cruely treated - so - even if gangstalking weren't regarded as a cook story - it's unlikely that anyone would have the moral decency to do something about it - least of all the government.

Thanks for everyone's words, this is 'SCHM' (blogger). I can't believe, still today, the type of effects the stalkers are trying to psychologically perpetrate on my mind. Its kind of like they are trying to cause LASTING damage or something, on the mind, something which only I can feel and see. And I feel particularly, in desperate times and with this protracted fight on my mind, that my ONLY defense in response to this multiple perpetrator crime- as it happens to me indivdually and to others- is TO PUBLICIZE, on the 'net or whatever. Just to get it out there to the nontargeted public who are waiting to hear. I agree with another target on another site who suggested that if, or rather when, this whole 'thing' becomes widely outed among the public, that ongoing care should be given to those targets' of gangstalking. God be with all of us during these trials. As the Good News says, perfect love casts out all fear. This I have found to be true...

I have been targeted for over one yr now last winter i was subjected to directed energy weapons  in hong kong the guy next door was even saying when will she drop dead, wanted the money . the thing blew up in his hands i got to see it like a small lap top only thicker this is not a troll posting it burned his wrists and hands. he claims to be canadian but is brittish so i wrote the canadian embassy about him a few times. my family thinks i am crazy because i did publish pics of some of the ones harrassing me on www.flickr.com  i suggest doing the same if u can . i am no longer mobbed on the st. or subjected to the stupid signals they use several times a day in your face, and with several people surrounding you to try to drive u insane. before i found other info online i thought i would never tell anyone. i know  they were paid by someone i do not know. now  its more harrassment but i dont see them as much. but other people are seeing it which is helping.  thanks for everyones blog is freedom from covert harrassment survey a good idea?  i use it so someone will see it . hopefully someone who can help.

This bullsh!t is bigger than I thought. Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays.

It has a "COINTELPRO" like element to it.

{#guitarplay1.gif} fightorganizedcr@gmail.com CCSF

in anchorage alaska and in eagle river alaska these gangstalking groups murder a great many people every year! The police and firefighters and chrstian churches all gang together without even asking the target if these things are true.thesepeople the gangstalkers make chacter assasination without cause so i am going around doing the same to them.except i tell the Truth and the gangsters cant stand the truth.
in anchorage alaska and in eagle river alaska these gangstalking groups murder a great many people every year! The police and firefighters and chrstian churches all gang together without even asking the target if these things are true.thesepeople the gangstalkers make chacter assasination without cause so i am going around doing the same to them.except i tell the Truth and the gangsters cant stand the truth.

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Atten All Victims:

What is ur BloodType ?? If its Rh Negative, this situation we are in may become easier to deal with.....The Illuminati are Negative....We may be a threat..



And one other thing.. We, the Negatives, the victims are nice people, smart people..

Do u feel ur different than the rest ??? U ARE !!!..This shit may be a cover up for something much much deeper.. google rh negative......We are good people...

but its obvious, there are real bad ones, the illuminati(super rich)..

Gangstalkers in eagle river alaska lie about their targets and drive many of their targets to commit suicide.
There are many targets who are good honest people whos only crime was to assert their rights as citizens
I am going to pray you and others like you.Pray for me also.
I was just assaulted in the eagle river alaska starbucks in eagle river alaska then i was assaulted by soneone blowing pot smoke at me in the eagle river alaska mcdonalds not more than 20 minutes later.gangstalkers in eagle river are liars and murderers and they are drug dealers and they run prostitution businesses .ganstalkers are paid liars in alaska they do their jobs well.

All Rh negative blood types are watched from birth from the Illuminati/US GOV.

Many are harassed/stalked covertly all there lives.. And still so, a few are gangstalked/harassed overtly by city,county,state and federal gov. devil minded freaks along with many local neighborhood watch types that are mind controlled by devils..

We are Gods chosen and we are punished by satanic worshipers in very high places. end times are very near...God will give us direction soon to overthrow.


I believe there is a clear association of gangstalking and satanism. There are numerous passages in the scriptures that indicate this. The persecutions of the Apostles as described by the Apostle Paul (corinthians) are clear description of gangstalking.

I believe the same can be said for the blood connection. I became aware of my envolvement in this ancient war just recently. After connecting the dots i realised that it goes back to as far as i can remember.At first i thought : "no way! this has to be some kind of experiment." But as things are progressing i have one thing to say to targeted individuals  : READ THE BIBLE. It says more about gangstalking than any other source i' ve found.

And it probably is all in the blood. My guess is (and for anyone who has experienced gangstalking you know that the main question in your mind is the why) it' s genetic. TIs are special in a way that we don' t know and THEY (not the mindless robots of course but their controllers) do know. THEY know and their course of action tells us that TIs ARE DANGEROUS to them. Somehow...

Anyway i want to say that I would like to communicate with targeted individuals if there are any in Europe. Can anybody help me?


Gangstalking in eagle river alaska
There is no reason for the gangstalking in eagle river alaska but they keep it up and it never ends.I am not a threat to anyone i am soon leaving as soon as my daughter leaves the military.My daughter and i are going to zimbabwe first then to Israel where I have citizenship but for 30 years i was a tax payer here in this state and became a citizen of the united states but because of this hate crime I am going to Israel to be with my own people I am tired of anti semitics.
They interfered when I sent a reply to you gangstalkers are not just thugs they are child molesters also!
I was assaulted in the jitters coffee company by a gangstalker with a computer name of lowlife.Another gangstalker a woman went into a bathroom and called this aptly named lowlife to blow pot smoke on me.All night long they have been blowing pot smoke at me or on me.
Gangstalkers assaulted me at the eagle river,alaska church the secritary that works downstairs is a gangstalker and works with two gangstalkers that work ateagle river alaska covenant church.There is a pastor who works at this church who is also a vigilante and has done much harm to me in the past.The gangstalkers are infiltrating the building during the daytime hours.i strongly smelled pot smoke in the worship area at 4:00oclock in the afternoon of the October24 at 16:00 2011.Gangstalkers are harrassing me and destroying my life.but I am bound and determining to withstand their assaultes and will continue to tell the world about their criminal activities even though it may cost me mylife.
Erk637 is a gangstalker
A gangstalker just sat down next to me as hurridly as she could and blew pot smoke in my face at jitters at 18:03 on tuesday october25,2011in eagle river,akAlso the son of the woman who works at the eagle river covenant church ,the woman who is alsoa gangstalker her son was here long enough to blow pot smoke at me or have another like the woman do it for him !This proves collusion also proves that not everyone who goes to church is saved!
The vigilantes and gangstalkers here in eagle river Alaska are evil and sadistic, a person like myself wonders when he sees these people in a church situation how,can these people believe in the messiah when they dothe most horrible the most sadistic acts on other people.When s
Someone cut me off I guess they dont want me to tell the world what is actually hapening in eagle river alaska.Well,gangstalkers can be anyone and they can infect any organization with their subversive evil sadistic mentality.Stay away from eagle river alaska the gangstalkers around here murder people.


Your all lost.  You couldn't connect two dotts to save your life. Gangstalking is a myth.  But its still happening.  How does it work?  It never existed before the year 2000. Then again, neither did chemtrails did they?  Can't think for yourself? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it.  OPEN. YOUR. EYES.

TI in San Antonio, Texas. This started with a so-called Christian church. I was profiled beginning in 2001 and have been gang stalked since 2005. I didn't know what gang stalking was until two years ago, so you can imagine they had me believing it was in my head and taking all kinds of drugs for three years. Even my family knew what was really happening and they went along with it. It's not a myth! Myths don't erase life long friends and turn family against you.

They engage in a behavior called "spiritual warfare" to eliminate people they deem hostile to their "cause" of pseudo-Christian totalitarianism.  The CIA has, in the past, worked heavily with these groups.  Essentially they designate you a tool of Satan and will engage in endless campaigns against you because their followers truly believe you are a demonic element.  At least some of them do - many are just manipulative con-artists.

Here's some evidence for you: http://imageshack.com/a/img28/7162/sn850235n.jpg

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I am a tI  am being gangstalked and hit by  DEWeapons, victims anyone out there in Australia to contact us  we must stand our ground email ...........denise.escape@gmail.com    

Me too! But hey ho:) not dead yet. Don't let the buggers get you down.& keep smiling. That way they hav't won. Yes, it's hard, but life without them idiots is hard anyhow. In the mean time try and enjoy the crazy ride. Laugh back in anger. That's all folks!!! Over & out

Hi im the victim of this, its terrifying, they are on my phone , computer, vehicle, gps, camera in house I think, they have pushed me to the hospital 6 times in two years. No one at all believes me, they all think im crazy, I was convinced I was going to be killed. Now I think they are trying to make me commit suicide. They control my phone only sometimes. If I ever get my hands on one of them,.... I will kill them or die trying. Thats not fear at that time its anger. They, only really do there damage when im eextremely vulnerable. Its tough, rry tough, ruined my finances, and life since 2010

Gang stalking debunked Godsee.wordpress.com Thomas Hunt

There are ways to deal with this although it's really the most difficult thing any human being would face...they've designed it that way. They know that if you lose all your social support and love, you cannot survive. Knowing this...you have to narrow down what's important to work on...you don't have time to worry about evidence. Stop caring. Work on your spirit and your mind. That is the most important to keep you alive. Do whatever you can to be happy. And realize: you would never want to join them if you had to torture someone, so you are blessed to be the target instead of the torturer. 

They are everywhere now, even in Cape Town South Africa. A digital agency Liro Satanic Marketing (false name) does this crap to make profits from insurance upon death of employee.

Company creates a fake job post onyl to fire the employee months into the job, then kill him using electronic harassment and gang stalking.



It really sucks to go through something like this as there are absolutely zero solutions. I feel like a rat that has been cornered and all escape routes have been completely blocked off... It fuckin sucks... I'm out 

Interesting post ! Incidentally , you are interested in a NY DTF ST-100 , my kids saw a sample document here <a href="http://pdf.ac/1juEpi" >2011 form st 100</a>.

I have been targeted by gangstalker for more than two years and is horryfing they know every single information about my life they know I am alone and vunrable and can't defend my self they pulled my medical record they used it against me everywhere I go I was followed even to my child school I lost trust in everyone I feel they made all the people who I get contact with to work against me. I have no where to go to get support or help thinking they might think I have gone crazy. ...shame on them I pray everyday to go to give me more strength to handle this battle. I wonder if there is anywhere we can get help? 


Gangstalkers are trying to heard rh negative people for some reason im starting to feel as if it is sacrificial, they want me out of the way so they can bring a new love interest for my partner and eventually they will run away together but only the gangstalker will come back, the destination appears to be islands in the pacific, they subliminally mess with the idea in disney such as the new star wars, lab rats, the ending of the bfg, the ending of prince narnia, agent phil coulson of agents of shield, they believe cain was a lemurian and we should return there but its a trap, i think it will be a sacrifice and then covered up

I have been going through it for years and i think its funny.... I carry lump hammers now and when one gets too close he is going to sleep permently i will kill as many of them as possible no problem fucking scum bags....

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