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Life is a series of lessons; My thoughts on confusion

Added: Wednesday, April 7th 2010 at 11:44am by SarahSweetSarah
Related Tags: life, philosophy

Life is a series of lessons

My thoughts on confusion;
Simply put, I believe there is a disconnect between the head and the heart if confusion is occurring.  Funny, in an odd way, I have experienced this mostly by intelligent people.  I think that's because smart people are smart and love has nothing to do with smartness, or intelligence.  Love has to do with feeling and often times it doesn't fall into the logical column.  Humans don't think love, they experience it from the heart without rhyme or reason.  That's the cool part and the reason for being swept away.  Intelligence or thinking has logic, order, purpose, and sensibility. So, when a person is experiencing the love feelings and the thoughts processed are all the reasons why or why not with the long lists that gowith those rational thoughts, a disconnect happens that is labeled confusion.  And it can be debilitating.  It can and will stop the love process from evolving.  A lot of thinkers simply just get stuck.  And from my perspective, sometimes it seems like they know what they're doing, they don't really want to do what their doing, but they just can't seem to get out of their own way.  So, I pray for them, as I do myself.

The beauty of humanity is that people can choose out of confusion at any time and it can happen instantaneously. Even I have done that.  However, some people live there.  It's kinda sad to me.  But, that's my own ego getting in the way, probably because I am such a love bug.  My truth is that I wouldn't wish upon you a person in a relationship who stays in confusion. especially in terms of love. 

When you are attempting to deal with the person in confusing, there is nothing for you to do. Truly nothing.  They are a victim to themselves and you can't reason with them because there is no alignment in their state of being.  The disconnect between the head and the heart is useless in terms of working toward a solution.  It will never happen.  I hope you find some peace in that.

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Fantastic... I wish your article was longer.... Thank you

I am happy to write more.  What details are you looking for?

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