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Jimmy Ferris, Spur Texas-Hillarious

Added: Saturday, January 22nd 2011 at 4:37pm by RutRoh
Related Tags: humor

This guy from Spur, Texas is hillarious. Be patient and listen all the way through.


User Comments

I have a friend in Stamford that knows this man. Says he is a hoot, and supposedly that was a true story.

Glad y'all liked the story, It is a true story and it took place back when I was around 17 or 18 years old. I'm 71 now and I've told that story many times but this was the first time it was recorded. For years when I'd go home to visit my folks, some friend would ask me if I remembered dropping the dynamite in that cistern, seemed that it was a better story to them if I was the one that set the dynamite off. Although I never did hear anyone else's version and I don't really know if there is one.. I do have a few more stories that will be told in the future and I'll remember you guys..

Thanks for all the kind words, Jimmy Fred:

OMG!  That was hilarious...LOL!

Glad you enjoyed.

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}   LOLOLOL....my husband is gonna LOVE this one!! Hilarious Doc. Thanks for the good laugh :-)

Yup...my husband laughed so hard he had tears running down his face!! It was funnier too listening to it with him.  Reminded us so much of the stories his dad used to tell us. I'm sure all hubbies friends will have seen it by tonight!! Thanks again.

He is a character. Thanks Cat

damn Rut,that was tooo funny! I had to post it on my facebook, thanks for the laugh of the day!

He'd be fun to go out and have a few Margaritas.

could you imagine how much your sides would hurt after about 3 stories from that guy?? And he was so serious thru the entire thing, it was great. That guy is a national treasure

A lot of people missing something hilarious. think i'll put it on my fb too

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