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One handed gods ...

Added: Tuesday, January 8th 2019 at 10:40am by rusty-armor

One handed gods …


101914_1729_Somedays1.jpgTuesday.  Not much to be said for this day. But I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I’ll set in front of a blank page and put down my usual stream-of-consciousness meanderings.  Tiw, the one-handed god of the day apparently stuck his hand in the mouth of a wolf and lost it.  That is a rather stupid thing for a god to do, so a minor day of the week is his reward.

Talk radio entertains me and the bird this day.  Budgies thrive on noise and battle, but people probably shouldn’t. So now I am caught up on the political hate for the week.  I feel so  .. informed.  It is easy to see a persons political affiliations by their use of memes and narratives, and just as easy to ignore the words that follow them.  I am more curious to see who wins the pissing contest than I am whether the wall gets built or not.  As a nation, I believe that we passed the point of no return a long time ago, and the natural course is a downward spiral.  The best we can do is slow the inexorable helix to destruction. It will come.

So with those cheery predictions, I wander on.

The weather has been warm for the last few days, and the air-conditioner has come on in the afternoons, but that trend will likely end for a week or so. But spring here can’t be afar off.  It is already time to start tomatoes indoors.  If I was going to start tomatoes.  I really haven’t had much luck with them.

The day has marched on, the coffee cup is empty and so is the pot.  And it is time to stop the blather.

Good afternoon.

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I want to try my hand at planting garlic. And onions, heirloom onions and squash. :) Good afternoon, Rusty.

Garlic should do well there ... and squash is a weed that grows anywhere if you water it. :-P
You going to do the onions from seeds or sets? 


{#basic-angry.gif} Sheeesh, why so negative, why so pessimistic? I mean, if you don't think America is gonna make it why don't you just leave and we'll slow the inexorable helix ourselves. We'll be fine without you.

You've just been Blogstered! Have a nice one!

Stop it if you can ...

Lol I live under zero delusions that you're correct about it, but I choose to not be the lube that helps it slide quicker into the abyss. I wanna go on my feet, not on my knees. There are plenty of people greasing the wheels. None of this would be happening without them to begin with.

Stop it if you can ..

You write whatever you feel Gus, you always have...don't stop now especially for some know it all creep.

One thing we can be sure of......it is what it is, and there's no stopping it.

Scott's point is well taken. I don't need to apologize for the work I did to stop it, ineffective as it was. But I am done. Others may, or may not try to stem the tide. 

The Liddle Pipple have ever cried out for a king, and they always get one, however. Sad.

I don't need to apologize for the work I did to stop it, ineffective as it was. But I am done.

Thank you for your efforts. I was just giving you a hard time because everyone else has me blocked lol. You know my problem isn't with those who see it, but rather those who willingly refuse to. Those are the greasers...

I look forward to the end with glee and anticipation.  Heads on poles...you know, all that good stuff.


I prefer the public guillotine parties ... 

Robespierre style, for sure.  But...

Fark the basket, let 'em roll, Aztec style.

Of course, we're having the same weather since we're state neighbors.  A very mild (and humid) 75° here today.  I haven't had to put the a/c on.....yet, but I've been thinking long and hard on that.  I am, however, going to mow my yard when I get home, before any rain hits.  I know we have a cool front on its way at some point later in the week. A cold I welcome!  Its been Spring here just about all Winter.  How ridiculous, but so appropo for our climate.

Good afternoon to you.

It looks like you have been getting a bit more moisture than we ... but this promises to be a verdant spring ... 

Today was in the 50s with high winds in elmoland.  It was so warm and stuffy in my apartment, I had B crack the outside door while we walked the halls.  By the time we got back (five minutes?), it was probably 10 degrees cooler and the baseboard heater had kicked on.  Tomorrow's high will be in the 30s.

Typical elmoland weather.

Good morning! :-)

Morning back at ya, Rusty.

We since got five inches of snow, and 26 will be our high for the day.  I knew you'd want to know!  lol

Hee hee!
Down here, 26" of snow would shut us down for weeks, and then we'd need two more weeks to get over the trauma! 

I always though that djillian and maxliberty should tie up. They both live online and don't work.They could hate the government and get drunk togther and then cuss all the other people out. What do you think?

They are both friends of mine though there isn't much love lost between them. But life is like that I guess ... I'm not everyones cup of tea either ... 

But I like ya so that's what matters on my end:) Coffee black but make it hot cause I don't like it luke warm.lol

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