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Jenna and 'Becca, the Rat Killers!

Added: Saturday, February 9th 2019 at 9:44am by rusty-armor

Jenna and ‘Becca, the Rat Killers

Shabbat morning arrives with misty rains and grey skies. Interesting night last night. Went to bed before Snookums and woke to her yell of disgust from the bathroom … apparently a young roof-rat found its way into the bathroom.

As the official pest control department in this household, it was my duty to drag my sleepy body out of bed and deal with a healthy young rat. I called for Tic to come and help me, but he was confused by my invitation and sat on the bed looking at me quizzically.

101114_2119_Myfamily3.jpgThe Rat Team

But it was Jenna, the bathroom escort, that came to my aid. She cornered the rat, then expertly backed off a small amount to give it an escape route, and when he took it, she had him. *chomp! *shake! Then she released him to see if he was still alive … he was, so another comp and shake finished the job.

About that time, ‘Becca da Beagle arrived, and picked him up and carried him out.  Good thing, because once he was dispatched, Jenna had no further interest in him.  ‘Becca took him out to the living room, and poked and prodded him to make sure he was lifeless, but I really didn’t want to watch a Beagle dine on a rat, so into the dustpan, out the back door, and a long pitch over the fence where the wildlife could enjoy a meal.

I am sure glad for the dogs … if I didn’t have them, my 12 gauge would have been the chosen method of dispatching a rat.  It’s real hard on the house, though.

This morning, Jenna kept trying to kiss my face, and was confused when I drew back. I knew where that mouth had been … *shudder!

Things return to normal quickly, however.  I forgot to buy potatoes, so I made poached eggs on toast and turkey link sausage this morning. Canned pears for the juice. My culinary friends probably quiver in horror over using ersatz ingredients, but I just wasn’t up to growing my own pears and slaughtering my own turkeys.

Later this week will entail a close inspection of the bathroom to see how a rat got in …

So it is back to the studio. Praise music is on the puck for the day, and to keep the bird happy.

Good morning!

User Comments

I remember at my other place I used to rent, I had a family of mice under the sink.  When my cat saw that, she wanted to play with them!  Thought they were toys.  She would tap one of the baby mice out, toss in the air and play with it!  I had my brother remove all that family out. I was disgusted. 

Another time I had a large rat die in one of my a/c vents.  It stunk to high heaven! Eventually, we reached the area where it was located. It had rotted.  A month later, I was outta there!

Your dogs and their reaction to the rat, made me smile.  Shaking the prey then seeing if its still alive.  I lovd that hunting instinct in animals.

love* even.

Sure glad for it when I don't want to deal directly with the local fauna ... :-)

I can understand that.  Another place me & a gal friend of mine rented right out of high school, my cat at thd time saw a mouse skirting across the floor and caught it in her mouth and wouldn't let go.  Me & my friend were screetching about that whole thing, not knowing what to do.  I finally got up, took my cat with mouse in mouth, went outside to a wooded area, made my cat drop that mouse, still alive, and high tailed it back home. That mouse was squeeking the whole time.  I was traumatized for weeks after that. :)

P.S.  Please excuse my typos.  My phone is being an ass. {#basic-angry.gif}

;-) I am fluent in typo ... 

Damn 12 gauge... does get a bit messy in the house. {#missing-tooth.gif}

Love the "Rat Team" {#floating.gif}

... yeah. It just irks the hell outta Snook ... but what am I supposed to do? Coax it out and put a leash on it? 

Maybe I should trade my cat for a rat crew like yours!  Great job!  Lucky you!

I thought they did pretty well for their first exercise ... 

I thought I was going to see a Rat Terrier, in the picture of the Rat Team, but nope, no Rat Terrier. 

The things I do not miss, since we moved to the our little house.  I don't miss the mice/rats, tree frogs, snakes in the commode, and corn spiders.  Especially the corn spiders....those things can get pretty big!!

I was surpised with Jenna (the white moose). No drama ... killed a rat, now on with life ... 

Charlie is a good ratter and my huge hound dog is even better. They love shaking their 'kills' to see if they can get another peep out of them. My terrier would drop it and walk away after the squeak ran out....

Jenna was that way ... as soon as the squeeking stopped, she was done. She let the beagle clean up after her ... 

My dog got one for me once. OMG it was awesome to watch THAT concentration! After he had killed, out the door he went, dropped it way out by the field (not IN the field like I wanted) and trotted back in the house for a well deserved treat.

Yep ... I sure made over them and treated them ... now they all go in the bathroom when I go in, and check out every nook and cranny ... 

Gooood Jenna :)   and 'Becca...:)

Did they get a reward?

They did indeed!


That was my reaction too ..

Apparently, the rat patrol didn't get the message about not working on the Sabbath.  Good thing for you and snookums, eh?

Dogs are like goyim ... they weren't given the law, so they don't have to obey it. :-P
But it is lawful to kill a pest on the shabbat ...

~reminds self not to pester rusty on Saturdays, hehe~

So...yeah, ok, us goyim have a Get Out of Sheol Free card, but...uhmm...oh never mind, haha, too stoned (yes, already, cannabis with coffee is the deal around here) to go there at the moment, and besides, best left to be wondered about anyway.

By those who choose to wonder about them, at least.

I'd love to crawl directly into your head for a while, wonder how long it would take me to find whatever it is I'm looking for?


Beware, lest ye find the streets and subways in my head are more like London than New York City. There isn't a right angle in my head, and bunny trails rule the day ... 

Lots of roundabouts, hmm?  Me too.  And dead ends galore. 

And lots and lots of doors, endless doors that lead to...more doors.

Still, it would be fun to slither around in there for a time, no doubt there's some wisdom to be had.  Maybe even some valuable wisdom.


Like: "Don't eat turtle candy in Nogales"? 

See what I mean?  I never knew that before, lol!

I do know to be wary of small children offering to take you to the 'dentist' in Nuevo Laredo, though.  Unless, of course, you really, really, really need the services of a 'dentist.'

We did, from time to time, my ex and I, when our trucking route took us down to Laredo.  Who ever knew that Mexican dentists would prescribe bennies for toothaches?

Sorry to hear a rat got in. Good thing you have the rat patrol.

... sure is .... 

Stuff steel wool in every nook and cranny. This I know is true.  I may be a WHORE but I'm a intelligent whore...LMFAO

I have a fondness for whores ... 

I was joking. I am not a whore.

Didn't say you were ... just said I was fond of them ... 

You really want to do this?

You started it ...

I'll let you finish it. It makes me too sad.

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