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A Life in Four Photos

Added: Sunday, April 14th 2019 at 4:06pm by rusty-armor

A life in four photos …

Posted on April 14, 2019



I have come a long way, and it has been a rocky road getting here.  I was reminded of that today when a friend who visited us last month sent some photos that he took.  Yikes! I look like ever burned out Texan you have ever seen in a movie.


another sleazy rider Here is one of me as a world famous actor who played across from greats like Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. Well, truthfully, playing across from might be a stretch. I had walk-ons and was listed in the cast of characters.  But it was a great time of parties, girls and free wheeling dope.


032314_1721_Shamaninthe1.jpgUnfortunately, I shortly ended up here, broke, broken, and confused. It was a long trudge out and I met many other broke and broken people coming out of the confusion of the 1960’s, and honestly, I became a better person for it. Still it is not a recommended path. Some didn’t make it out.


GeorgeSo I was really shocked when this old buzzard fell out of the pack of pictures in the envelope. How the mighty have fallen. Girls don’t vie with each other for a chance in bed with this one. They just offer to carry the groceries out to the car for him. I look like ever burned out old Texan that I have ever met, but with more whiskers than most.

No more wild parties with Angelica Houston, Dennis Hopper, Bob Dylan and even once with Elvis.




My nights are like this at 8 o’clock.  The nightly treats, followed by the evening pills and turning on the electric blanket and one last check of my emails.

My mutts. Annie-Annie, ‘Becca da Beagle, Tic the trouble maker and Jenna, the moose.



Thank you, Don!

User Comments

Lol somehow that's how I pictured you with the mutts ;)

Hey, the girls carrying the groceries just means they're hittin' on ya.

Great pics, thanks for sharin'.

.. they're just hittin' on my fat wallet ... 

Isn't that first shot from Easy Rider?  The second shot, you look like a police officer I would never dare to argue with and awwww, love the 3rd shot.  The pups know where their bread is buttered, lol or...they know better to bite the hand that feeds them  :)

It is indeed from Easy Rider. It was shot in the old jail at Taos. Yeah, I can buy my friends, but they don't stay bought. You got to keep payin' them! 

It shouldn't have to be that way.  That's just sad.

It's nice to see snippets of your life in pictures.   Looks like you eventually got yourself a fan club, lol.

... it is a pretty fickle fan club. Just follow the nose to see where their heart is! :-)

I liked the photos and the story. Very interesting

Thank you! :-)

First one looks like Paul Newman, I must be trippin, lol.

Second one looks like it may be from Midnight Cowboy...(seeing two intersecting street signs.)

Keep payin' them pooches!  They'll still love you if you don't, but you get to love on them while you do.


I have had others tell me that I looked like Newman ... but he didn't have a pugilists nose. The Jesus saves mission is still on Park Ave and Lawrence Street in Denver. The pooches say they love me for just being me, but I have my doubts ...


I have 20+ yrs of photos of my husband and it is amazing to see the changes one goes through in their lives. Neat.

Fascinating story!  How could any parties in the '60s with freewheeling dope and those three incorrigibles be anything BUT wild and crazy??  lol  I've read that Dennis Hopper was truly batshit crazy.  What's your take on that?

Aww, you don't look bad, not like some folks I've known, who never outgrew their partying ways (and who thought they could get away it).

♫ Tell me more!  Tell me more! ♫

Hopper actually could act ... when he was straight, and that wasn't very often. He was paranoid crazy ... but he was in character in his motorcycle movies so what you saw was him.  Nicholson was the true party animal, and a genuine roue. But there wasn't a mean bone in his body. Fonda was a creeper.

I have a lot of trouble dealing with paranoid people.  It seems sooner or later they will roll around to being paranoid about you.

I can absolutely believe that about Jack!

And Fonda - eww!

Becca da Beagle looks like she will wait her turn for a treat, but not for very long....LOL

LOL! No, she is all beagle ... when it comes to her tummy, patience goes out the window.

l agree with Imperatrix  l thought the first pic was Paul Newman !

Sounds like you have lived some life.  Would love to hear more about it {#basic-wink.gif}

Here is the other one I have of Easy Rider ... I don't look so Newmanish in this one, just all hat! :-P

You look good.  That must have been a great experience being in Easy Rider.  l loved that film.

Who is the actor there with you?

A very young Jack Nicholson ... 

Omg, now that I know, of course its him!  I remember him looking like this in an Andy Griffith show as well as Twilight Zone.  I always thought he was soo attractive....still is!

I can't see an image at all there!


:-( ...
Try leaving the page up for awhile ... 

Will do...I am listening to the news...Notre Dame has all but burnt to the ground, it's gutted!  (no injuries or death, no cause yet.)

Yeah, I saw that ... if they restore it, it will be billion$ ... 

Done the wait on page thing, and reload, no good.  When I get caught up with a few other things I'll open with a different browser.

Two billionaires have pledged a total of 3 billion euros, so far.  Or so I've read.

It would be better if they bled the poor to build it like they originally did ... 

Well, goodness!  Easy Rider, and now I know who he , uh, I mean, you were.  Loved the movie!

Love the pictures.


Depity Bob .... 

I agree, you have that Paul Newman vibe going on in that first pic.

I've never seen that movie. And you have a penetrating look in your eyes.

It wasn't one of the most compelling movies ever done. Just a motorcycle flick that caught the imagination of young people.
... I always came across as a creeper ... maybe it was that nearsighted gaze ... 

Let me just say this ... YOU are easy on the eyes, my friend.

Aww shucks! 



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