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How to get 99 fishing on runescape.

Added: Sunday, April 15th 2012 at 7:16pm by RunescapeGuide

How to get 99 fishing in run escape members and none members guide.


None members getting 99 fishing is every easy this is the way I did it.


1-20 using crayfish cage or small net


You will be fishing crayfish or shrimps they each give you 10 xp per each.


You will have to fish 447 shrimps or crayfish.


20-40 you will need a fly fishing and feathers raw trout give 50xp and raw salmon give 70xp


You will be fishing trout and salmon when you get to level 30 you will need at list 656 feathers. If you are making a skilled with just none combat skills you will have to buy the feathers if not you can get them at chickens. They are level 1 and will drop small bones raw chicken and Feathers 5-15 per. Once you hit level 40 fishing now it gets kind of hard for nonmembers because they will need over 60 coins per inventory to get 26 lobsters.


40-60 you will need a lobster cage. Raw lobsters 90 xp each


You will need a lobster cage and 60 coins in your inventory because you will be using the ship to get to Musa Point so each time you go you will fish up to 26 raw lobsters.


You will have to fish over 2628 Raw lobsters now if you are going to just fish lobsters till level 99 fishing you can you will be fishing over  144,414 lobsters over  5554 trips on a 26 lobsters inventory if not from 60-99 nonmembers will be fishing


60-99 you will need a harpoon. Raw swordfish give 100xp and raw tuna 80xp per each


You will be fishing raw swordfish and tuna. Tuna is level 45 and swordfish is level 50 this will be the same as lobster fishing you will need a harpoon and 60 coins in the inventory.


You will be fishing around 63,803 Swordfish and tune of each with a total of 127,607




Members guide


1-20 using crayfish cage of small net


Raw crayfish 10 xp each over 447 fished


20-40 Trout and Salmon. Trout gives 50 xp each Salmon give 70 xp each around 656 feathers need it.


20-60 if you are going with trout and salmon you will need around 5386 feathers


40-60 lobsters or you can still fly fish. Once you have level 60 fishing you can go in fishing guild and fish there lobsters till 80.


80-85 fishing sharks now fishing sharks in the fishing guild is the best. You will need a harpoon and they are level 76 the reason I said around 80 is because at level 76 is kind of hard to fish sharks.


85-90 cavefish which give a total xp of 300 each and you will be fishing around 6960


90-99 rock tail which gives a total xp of 380 each you will be fishing around 20232


Congratulation you have gotten 99 fishing.

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