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Outdoor sports wallpaper + Features Interface–runbo x5 review

Added: Monday, June 10th 2013 at 7:24pm by runbophone

   runbo x5‘s interface is basically the same as with the native ICS system,

the main interface screen and unlock operation is basically the same as the native ICS system,

but there are still a lot closer look at the characteristics of the three anti-cell phone. In fact, just look at the main screen we can find,

Runbo X5 interface uses a very sporting style of skating wallpaper.


Runbo X5 phone itself with the built-in wallpaper is also different from other Android phones, not the native Android wallpaper, not the scenery, all outdoor sports pictures.

The pull-down notification bar in addition to a wealth of shortcut keys, there is the task manager for us quickly through the drop-down notification bar close unneeded programs.


Actually the most indispensable flashlight can serve as daily using tools such functionality for Three anti-cell phone . And we also found Runbo X5 flashlight application for us to add to the main screen.

This function is very simple, click on the center of the button will light up the screen flash, then click again to turn off. In addition, we also see Runbo X5 which has a very interesting feature called BIG Launcher with BIG Dialer,

in fact, somewhat which is similar to the amplification of the magnetic stickers style icon and dial keys which may be in order in the harsh operating environment more easily to use.

runbo x5 review

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