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RPO Services

Added: Thursday, June 12th 2008 at 4:12am by rposervices
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RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services as the new epitome in outsourcing era assists numerous corporate houses through its integrated RPO solutions. Finding ideal candidates for the relevant position become the challenging task faced by the industries best now-a-days. Huge investments are being spent on recruiting functions to get the best part out of labor market. Various methodologies have been introduced to reduce the elevating operating cost incurred in recruiting life cycle. The refinement in recruitment procedures led somewhat succeed to control the escalating operating cost but to manage the cost occurred on recruiting staff is somewhat complex. Here RPO vendor brings assistance in non-core functions through its dedicated recruiters. Offshore vendor allows consulting, recruitment divisions of corporate houses and many headhunters to outsource their non-core recruiting functions to get the best results at reasonable prices. Large range of services is being utilized by recruiting firms from RPO leaders such as:

RPO Services allow:


  • Identifying the vacancies
  • Illustrating the jobs descriptions,
  • Posting in varied job boards
  • Searching for passive and active candidates
  • Managing responses proceed from interested candidates
  • Short listing candidates out of interested candidates
  • Cross checking on resumes of short listed candidates and referrals mentioned or presented by candidates ‘
  • Conducting interview through personally or telephonic with clients recruiting division

RPO service’s benefits:


  • Reducing operating expenditure to a large extent
  • Obtaining trail period on RPO services before committing any future agreements
  • Search recruiters are available at cheaper cost to search for active and passive candidates
  • No Payroll expenses
  • RPO player doesn’t charge for their callings to any candidates
  • Fulfillment of large volume of candidate data
  • Access to all major job boards
  • Turnaround working time
  • Cost charges based on performance of search recruiter
  • High speed internet connection with well secured networked infrastructure
  • One dedicated project manager at free of cost to streamline the whole process
  • Cam view to developing center


A leading recruitment process outsourcing companies bring its relevant experience in talent acquisitions for overseas clients. Offshore RPO players provide services to various industry verticals and allowing clients to be competitive with ideal candidates. Search recruiters are expertise in using various advanced internet techniques and web tools to search for ideal candidates

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