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'Snobby cow' Deschanel fire once again within papers

Added: Friday, July 15th 2011 at 6:44pm by royceweeks23
Category: Cities & Towns
In the open letter, posted to the L.A. Times Web site yesterday evening, Morrison writes:

“Because I love downtown L.A., warts and all, and because Zooey Deschanel is a talented and charming actress, I am happy to hear that she really does love downtown Los Angeles.”

She notes that Deschanel said more than just the single sentence the actress feels was originally taken out of context by a USA Today reporter.

“In addition to her saying ‘I just don’t want them to see the worst of L.A.,’ she said, ‘This is such a big deal and there are, like, parking lots filled with trash all the way here. I hope they helicopter them in past that.’”

Lastly, Morrison notes that she attempted to do her homework:

“I also wrote that Deschanel lives on the Westside -- not so, say her people. But it’s not like it wasn’t checked: Voter registration records show that as of last November’s election, she was registered to vote at an address in Pacific Palisades.

I hope Deschanel will head back to greater downtown L.A. one of these days. The vegetarian breakfasts at the Homegirl Cafe? I can’t recommend them enough.”

In a response to my e-mail request for comment, the L.A. Times issued this statement, “As a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed columnist, Patt Morrison’s job is to voice opinions. Like our other columnists, her tone and choice of words reflect her own feelings.”

As for Deschanel, she has not responded to Morrison’s response but she has tweeted thank yous to several of her Hollywood colleagues who voiced their support for her open letter. Among them: Jonah Hill, Mindy Kaling, Minka Kelly and “Glee’s” Lea Michele .

Being no stranger to Zooey Deschanel's wrath, we certainly are glad we're not the Los Angeles Times right now.
The actress took aim at veteran Times writer Patt Morrison today in response to a column entitled, "Downtown L.A.: Good Enough for the Royals but Not for Zooey Deschanel?" in which Morrison questioningly referred to the cutie as a "snobby cow" for slighting her stomping grounds.
For her part, Morrison's piece was a response to Deschanel's reported remark at a BAFTA event at a downtown theater in which she expressed concern that Prince William and Kate Middleton were being treated to "the worst of L.A."
Well, did the "(500) Days of Summer" star actually say that about the city that was practically was its own character in her indie hit?
MORE: Boy, did Will and Kate take California!
"Let me be clear: the quote from USA Today that you used as the foundation of your piece was taken completely out of context," Deschanel wrote in an open letter posted on HelloGiggles.com. "I NEVER said that Downtown LA was 'the worst of LA.'"
"I did make a reference to a parking lot adjacent to the theater that had a lot of trash in it in an attempt to be humorous. I simply said, 'It's funny they brought royalty here, there is a parking lot with trash around the corner.' It wasn't an opinion. It was true. There was indeed a parking lot with trash around the corner. asics shoes, asics shoes, asics shoes

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