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The Priest and the Scientist in the Garden of Good and Evil

Added: Tuesday, March 18th 2008 at 8:55am by robertflynn







The Garden of the Priest and the Scientist


Now the serpent was the subtlest scientist in the garden.  And the serpent said to Eve, eat of the tree of science and it will make available to you chemistry and physics, biology and geology and knowledge of things beyond your sight, beyond your hearing, beyond your understanding, beyond your dreams.  Eve said, no, the priest said we could eat only of the tree of religion.  And what has that given you? asked the scientist.  And Eve replied, knowledge of love and hate, freedom and slavery, peace and war, forgiveness and retribution.  Then eat of the fruit of both trees said the scientist.


When Eve told Adam what the serpent said, Adam said no.  The fruit of the tree of science would make it possible to use knowledge of things beyond their sight, beyond their hearing, beyond their understanding, beyond their dreams to give love with healing and hate with horror, freedom to the powerful and slavery to the many, peace with prosperity and war with collateral damage, forgiveness with benevolence and retribution with catastrophe.


Now the eagle was the most powerful bird in the garden and the eagle said to Adam and Eve, you can have both religion and science.  But you must accentuate religion and denigrate science and you must use science only for profit and power.  By so doing you can use science to promote your religion.  You can use science to dominate the world.  You can use science to have power as no other religion has ever had.  Others will kneel to you or you will destroy the garden.

But what will we tell the others in the garden that we dominate? Eve asked.  You will tell them that you eschew science.  There is no evolution but the evolution of weapons of mass destruction.  There is no physics but the physics of nuclear fission.  There is no chemistry but the chemistry of war.  There is no life but the life that you allow.


But what will we tell the master of the garden when he sees the evil we have done? Eve asked.  And the priest said, You will tell him you did it in his name.  

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Awesome! And right on track.

haha, this is excellent. I hope this is posted lots of places to show others of the irony.

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