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Pastor Hagee "Interview"

Added: Wednesday, December 26th 2007 at 12:16pm by robertflynn
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Pastor John Hagee “Interview”

Robert Flynn

Pastor John Hagee is founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with 18,000 active members and a few hundred typical church members.  The church staff is like family.  Wife Diana is copublisher of the bimonthly church magazine, daughter Christina is publications director of the ministry, son Matthew and his wife Kendal are associate pastors.  

Hagee is also President and C.E.O. of John Hagee Ministries, his national radio and TV shows are carried by 160 TV stations, 50 radio stations, eight networks.  He is the author of 10 books, including “From Daniel to Doomsday,” a systematic countdown of the prophetic events leading to Christ's second coming; “The Revelation of Truth,” images from Genesis that illustrate God's plan for human history; “The Battle for Jerusalem,” how Israel will affect global politics, America's energy supply, and the world economy; “Attack on America,” that prophesied conflict in the Middle East would reach American shores.

Dr. Hagee, Founder and Executive Director of “A NIGHT TO HONOR ISRAEL” an event which expresses solidarity between Christians and Jews on behalf of Jerusalem, the State of Israel and the United States, has been to Israel 22 times.  He has met with every Prime Minister since Menechim Begin and performed an exorcism of Mel Gibson.

If he were to talk to us, it might go something like this.

Door: Pastor Hagee, according to media reports you have an income of a million dollars a year tax-free.

Hagee:  The Lord has been very good to me and my family because of our love for Israel.  That’s why the media hate me.  They hate George Bush because he made war on Iraq to save Israel from Sadddam Hussein’s insults. The media also hate me because I make more money than some reporters.

Door:  Tax free?

Hagee: Tax free because by helping Israel prosper I secure prosperity and God’s protection for America the same as if I were on the firing line in Iraq. 

Door: But if you believe Jesus is coming soon why do you need body guards, a house in the most expensive, most exclusive gated community in San Antonio, a ranch, a million dollar a year tax-free income and three Mercedes?

Hagee: I have body guards because those who love Satan hate me.  Jesus is coming soon when God’s foreign policy is adopted by George Bush.  God has blessed me with everything I need because I honor Israel.  

Door: Couldn’t the Lord bless you in a less material manner?

Hagee: God prospers me how He pleases and there’s nothing you or IRS can do about it.  God promises that whatever you give to Him He will return, some ten fold, some a hundred fold.  You can’t outgive God.  How many Mercedes do you have?

Door:  But aren’t some of God’s blessed servants poor?

Hagee: My wife said she would not want to have a poor pastor because that would show that God didn’t bless him.

Door:  Was that your first or your second wife?

Hagee:  My first wife was not God’s blessing.

Door:  Your second wife wouldn’t want Jesus as a pastor?

Hagee:  The Bible tells us that Jesus gave to Caesar but there is nothing about him giving even a widow’s mite to Israel.  Jesus liked Samaritans, half-breed children-of-Abraham impersonators, more than he liked the leaders of Israel. 

Door:  What about the Apostle Paul?

Hagee:  The apostle Paul said that the true children of Abraham were those who had a circumcised heart.  False prophets could mislead some to believe that Muslims, Jews, even Palestinian Christians could be children of Abraham.


Door:  Paul said that the church was the new Israel.  

Hagee:  He didn’t mean just any old church.  Cornerstone could be called the “new Israel” because we have raised 24 million dollars to rescue Jews from around the world who wish to build homes on the land that God gave them that the Palestinians have occupied.  

Door:  Paul took up a collection and carried it to the poor Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.

Hagee:  Exactly.  The apostates in Jerusalem who practiced socialism, not the risk and reward system of capitalism.  It’s clear why God did not bless them.  No, my wife would not want Paul for a pastor.  And if you’re going to ask about Simon Peter, he cut and ran to Rome and became a Catholic instead of staying home and drawing his sword in defense of Israel.

Door:  John the Baptist?

Hagee:  John the Baptist ridiculed Israel by saying that God could turn stones into children of Abraham.  And for that insult, God had him beheaded.  John the author of Revelation she would want as a pastor.  He said that Israel would return to the Holy Land.  And God blessed him with his own island.

Door:  Is the return of Israel God’s foreign policy?

Hagee:  God’s foreign policy is that the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed, the temple will be rebuilt, Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel and Israel will reconquer the land God promised to Abraham.  

Door:  Doesn’t that land include all of Palestine and part of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq?  And didn’t God promise Abraham that he would be the father of many nations?  

Hagee:  God the creator had the right to give the land to whomever He chose and God gave the title deed for the land to Abraham.  Ishmael, father of the Arabs, was excluded from the title deed.  Modern-day Palestinians have no biblical mandate to own the land; they and all the others are trespassers.  Jesus did not ask us to forgive those who trespass on Israel but those who trespass on Islam.  Israel is the center of the universe in the mind of God and God gave them title to that land.

Door:  God “gave” it to them but didn’t taking it require killing men, women, infants and nursing babies?  

Hagee:  It was religious purification.  And because Saul refused to obey, the Lord took the kingdom from him and gave it to David who was not squeamish about cleansing God’s Royal Grant of heathen ideas even from the heads of suckling babes.  

Door: Won’t retaking the land require something similar?

Hagee:  It won’t be genocide, it will be World War Three, the conclusive battle between good and evil.  Millions will die, men will be burned to flinders, women, children, infants will be shredded like cheese, the blood will rise to a horse’s bridle.  Jesus will return and Jews will be given a last chance to accept Jesus as Lord or spend eternity in the fires of hell.  That’s how God loves Israel.

Door:  Where will you be?

Hagee:  I will be raptured leaving my cars and clothes behind.

Door: Pastor Hagee, you and many of your fellow rapturists are--um--large.  Will that be a problem at the Rapture?

Hagee: The Lord God has assured me that I will ascend to heaven like a cherub.


First published in The Wittenburg Door (www.wittenburgdoor.com) 


Visit my website:  www.robert-flynn.net


User Comments

Is the senator investigating clerical collar crime investigating Pastor Hagee?
Roflmao....yeah, this guy is the most dangerous man in America since the leader of the moral majority, Jerry Falwell, kicked the bucket.  I heard him, this week, calling for the biblical punishment of stoning to be legalized in the US.  He was deadly serious, and 18,000 peace loving pacifists were cheering him on.  The US government is legislating Torah law, with the support of these people. Specifically, the destruction of the 7 canaanite nations, which JINSA has identified as 7 Muslim nations, starting with iraq and iran.    Always Love......

Gen. 15:18, God promised the Land to Abraham’s descendants.  That includes Ishmael, the first born.


As Pastor Rich Nathan, a Jewish Christian, has pointed out, the Promised Land was a gift of God not a legal right.  God also promised that if those occupying the Promised Land were disobedient, God would take the land from them  Lev. 18: 24, 28 and Deut. 4:25-27.  And so it happened. 


The descendants of Abraham, both Jews and Arabs practice circumcision, but the Apostle Paul wrote that a Jew was one who had a circumcised heart, Romans 2:29.  And in Romans 4: 13 Paul writes that Abraham was father of those of faith and therefore 4:17, (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations...)  What are those nations?  Do Palestinian Christians have a right to their land, their homes?

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