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Obama's Pastor

Added: Wednesday, April 30th 2008 at 8:39am by robertflynn
Related Tags: legal, politics


Rev. Jeremiah Wright said some ugly things about America: that some of us


 put America first with God a distant second. For some that god is Mammon


 say God bless America and turn Your head from the slavery, racism and oppression that made us rich


 say God bless America and forget our genocide against Native Americans and the theft of their land and that of others that gave us our country


 say God bless America and overlook our wars for profit that gave us power


 say God bless America and ignore our torture of helpless captives that makes us feel manly


 luxuriate in our wealth and power, know nothing of mercy, justice and humility but proudly call upon Mammon to give us more.


Thank God there is a preacher in America. Call us to repentance, Jeremiah.   


User Comments

Oh sure! You can say all that 'cause you've never owned a slave or taken land from a native American or made a profit off of war or worshipped Mammon. Come to think of it neither have I. And I don't know a single living white man who has. Why don't you get over your moronic guilt trip and join the rest of us in reality? If we hadn't taken the land from the Indians 800 million people would now be living on Plymouth Rock. That's reality. Accept it.  

I've profited off every war I haven't served it and so has everyone else. That's what George Bush asked us to do, party while others died for us. Of course I've served Mammon. That's our economic system. Jesus said that we can't serve God and Mammon but he was wrong about that, just as he was wrong about loving our enemies, praying for those who hate us, praying and doing charity in private. What's the profit in that?

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