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McCain's anti-American Pals

Added: Monday, October 20th 2008 at 8:42am by robertflynn
Related Tags: legal, politics


Forget Professor Ayers. Professors are not that scary. I’ve known professors. I’ve been a professor. No one was afraid of me. John McCain is no professor. Sarah Palin had rather bag a professor than bag a moose.


Also, forget Charles Keating. He was just trying to live the American dream of fooling enough fellow citizens to become fabulously rich. That’s what America means. It’s unfortunate that laws and regulations stand in the way or all of us would do it. Fortunately, Keating had a good buddy who palled around with him on free vacations, free plane rides, free baby care. But John McCain was younger then.


What’s frightening about McCain is that he was tied up with people who hated America. They didn’t just sit at an antiaircraft gun, they shot down American planes. They killed Americans. And McCain was no eight-year-old kid. He was a grown man. Married. Children of his own. He was wearing American clothes made in America. (It was a long time ago.) In the heart of that dark place there is a monument and it doesn’t depict Hanoi Jane but Hanoi John. 


He had a close personal relationship with lots of people who hated America. For five and a half years he slept in their beds. He ate their food. He listened to anti-America ranting. He listened to Communist propaganda. There are photographs of America-haters with their arms around John McCain. 


Think, people. These weren’t professors. I know professors. I’ve been a professor. Professors aren’t scary. I’ve also been a Marine and when I carried a weapon people were afraid of me. See the difference? These guys weren’t professors and they carried guns. They were scary. And John was mad about them.


Do you know what kind of agenda he has for America? What secret plans? Does he know? Maybe when he accepted their free medical care they stuck something in his brain. Secret Socialist impulses. Think, people. This guy wanted taxpayers to bail out lowlifes like Charles Keating and Freddie Mac. Doesn’t that tell you something? 


When you enter the voting booth vote American. And remember--John McCain slept in their bed.  


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