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Call It Appeasement

Added: Tuesday, February 5th 2008 at 1:38pm by robertflynn

Why hasn’t Osama bin Laden struck again?  If we are to believe bin Laden’s messages that had been intercepted and translated by the Bush administration, bin Laden wanted four things.


He wanted US troops out of Saudi Arabia and after 9/11 Bush told them to cut and run.  


He wanted to provoke the US into attacking an Arab nation to turn our Arab allies against us.  Bush did that in March 2003.


He wanted to bleed the US with a long war that the US can not win and will not lose.  Bush has done that in two countries.


He wanted to destroy our freedoms.  Before 9/11, we lost our First Amendment freedom to peacefully assemble if our presence might frighten or offend the eyes or ears of George Bush.  We lost our Fourth Amendment freedom against unreasonable searches as Bush began spying on US citizens before 9/11.  The Bush administration was so terrified by nineteen hijackers that we have since lost our Sixth Amendment freedom to public trial, impartial jury, to obtain and confront witnesses and right to an attorney, and our Eighth Amendment freedom against cruel and unusual punishment.  We also lost the freedom of habeas corpus that has been part of English Common Law since the middle ages.


Bush may have also given bin Laden lagniappe if we can assume that when he was trapped at Tora Bora bin Laden wanted US troops to be moved elsewhere.  


Bin Laden is not likely to strike again as long as his wishes are granted.  Don’t call it national security.  Call it appeasement.

User Comments

Hey, did you see Frost's interveiw with Bhutto before she was assassinated?  She casually mentioned, in passing, as a matter of fact,  that osama bin laden had been murdered.  (youtube) 

Your appeasement theory is interesting.  One thing is certain, security, it is NOT.

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