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Added: Tuesday, May 2nd 2017 at 9:17am by robertbernard
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Architect of the Future: Shailesh Dash


“Best CEO for Ethical Investments – 2016”, “Global Visionary CEO of the Year – 2014” and “Outstanding Achievement by an Individual – 2013 “: what do these titles have in common? All of them have been bagged by business honcho, Shailesh Dash. Renowned entrepreneur, Shailesh Dash, is the founder of several monetary institutions which aim at promoting ethical and socially responsible investments in the Middle East & South East Asia region across a broad span of industries such as healthcare, education, food and beverage, logistics and financial services, to name a few.

     In mere six years, Shailesh has had a successful run of business ventures, which includes the founding of eight reputable organizations namely: RegulusCapital(previously AM Partners), Al Masah Capital, Regulus Advisors, AVIVO Group, Al Najah Education, Diamond Lifestyle and Gulf Pinnacle Logistics. These businesses are acclaimed, having received eleven awards of excellence in their respective fields.


     Shailesh Dash is a name that is synonymous with vision and innovation. Chief Executive Officer of the Al Masah Capital, Mr. Shailesh Dash, founded the Al Masah Capital Limited on October 8, 2009. In addition, Mr. Dash was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Investments Group at Global Investment House KSCC. Vastly experienced in the field of alternative investments, including private equity and real estate, corporate finance advisory, and research, Shailesh Dash is a storehouse of many talents, having also worked at the Global Investment House KSCC, Research Division. Last but definitely not the least, he is the Director of Al Najah Education, Al Masah Capital Limited and Healthcare MENA Limited.

     A post-graduate in Business Management, Shailesh is also a member of the CFA Institute. His constant streak of achievements has not been left unnoticed by his peers as he has consistently ranked as one of the top 50 most influential people in the regional financial services industry (MENA). The four personal awards that Shailesh Dash has received are a testimony of his achievements and work attitude. It is due to his faultless leadership skills and colossal contribution towards guiding the organization to the summit of success andglobalrecognition that Shailesh Dash is continually acknowledged.

     Al Masah Capital, founded by Shailesh Dash, is one of the leading alternative investment management companies in the regional finance service industry & SE Asia region. It provides sorted solutions for its myriad client base offering private equity, asset management, corporate, and real estate advisory, along with public market research services. Al Masah Capitalhassuccessfully accumulated over US$ 1 Billion in just four years since its formation – accomplishment is the motto that it clearly follows.

     Al Masah is committed to deliver to its loyal investors nothing less than the very best investment opportunities. Being a company which also dabbles equally with alternative investments, Al Masah is has an iron clad towards its investors and stakeholders.

     Al Masah Capital has successfully established itself as one of the leading Alternative Asset Management firms specialized in Healthcare, Education, Food & Beverage and Logistics. Al Masah's dream is to achieve a leadership rank in the markets it operates and to generate higher returns for its investors – the path of success is the only way both Shailesh Dash and Al Masah have ever known.



Get more information at https://rocketreach.co/shailesh-dash-email_9204679


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