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Water Again

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 8:32am by riverglorious

It's all about water. The December Rains didn't come. That usually means water rationing the next summer.

Already we have 7 towns that will begin rationing soon. This is another consequence of Hurricane Maria, "the hurricane that brought Puerto Rico to its knees," according to The Weather Channel.

And the news are asking us to save water if we can. You know, the usual "don't leave water faucets open while you're brushing your teeth," etc. Me, I noticed that ever since the last water rationing about 3 years ago, I still use a lot less water when I shower, as if the pressure were down like before. And I use the shortest washing cycles with the washing machine, line dry when I can, etc. Things look normal, but they aren't. Still lots of people with ruined houses, our house is worse, my former bedroom sunk even more, we've not been able to repair the fence nor straighten the mango tree.

Such is life...

But, my hope is in the Lord, Who will save me!

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I'm sorry you guys are still going through so much since the hurricane.  Those things devestate for years.  Heck, New Orleans is still in ruin in alot of the city from Katrina and that was 14 years ago. Some of the subdivisions in areas look like that hurricane just hit yesterday.  I pray you all will be ok, Ambar.

The news says that it will take decades to get back to where we were, if it’s at all possible

Alot of those places hit hard in the mountains...I'll bet may never recover completely if at all.  Its such a very sad situation after hurricanes hit.

I feel for you and wonder who actully got the money to fix things... it evidently was not the people...

Something that still have not been repaired from damage the hurricane did therefore, the reservoir water level is lower than normal.

straight face You go from terrifying floods to droughts ... but yeah. It is in the midst of tsores (woes) that joy is found. Still, I would rather avoid the woes and go for moderately elated rather than full blown joy with woes ..

I have already stored water

This is awful!  I'm sorry you have had to deal with all this. 

So far, it’s seven towns on the west side of the island

{#friend.gif} {#friend.gif}

Thank you, Ellie

The very definition of irony:  water shortages on an island.

I know, but they say that saline water filtrate implants are too expensive

I know that it is expensive to start up...but I saw many de-salinization platforms off the coast of Saudi Arabia, I ain't for sure how many folks live there but that's how they get most of their water.

We could use rainwater over here

When we have our faith in the Almighty, no matter what is or did happen we will get by. Bro. Doc

I have a lousy suggestion. Order food from Amazon that requires freezing. They ship with bottles of frozen water to keep the items cold. You then get free water with  your food. 

I'm sure that's very expensive to order from where you live so..just smile at my worthless advice, River G.

I’m not worried about being without water. I have water stored in two large bins and usually when my town has rationing we still have a little trickle of water so we’re fine. I can always gather rainwater too if I need it and filter it and then put it to my personal filter. But the rest of the island is going to suffer especially people on the mountain side and in the valleys they’re going to suffer a lot. I think part of the suffering is because it Reminds us of the terrible aftermath of hurricane Maria

Prayers for you. {#giveflowers.gif}


we are the same. The weather has its own mine. We will roll with it...

Hey, do you know no one has every prayed for me?

Not that you’ve been told, I guess

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