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Added: Wednesday, November 6th 2019 at 9:32am by riverglorious

So, I went to my doctor last Friday. She said to take care of the lump FIRST and then the colonoscopy. Next Wednesday I go to the surgeon to plan/schedule a biopsy and then we'll see what happens.


I have friends who are encouragers, bless them Lord Jesus, and who are praying for me. The formost on my mind, what to do with mom? I can't take care of her the day and the the day after the biopsy. If I get an operation, def. cannot take care of her. What to do.


I'm tired all the time, so please forgive for not posting. I'm trying to just make it through each day the best I can, by the grace of God.


User Comments

Best wishes and prayers, dear lady.  Things will work out for you, gotta believe that.

Thanks! 🙂

I'm praying for you my friend. I hope the biopsy is benign. You'll be ok. Text me anytime you feel the need. I'm there for you {#heart.gif}


Prayers sent your way. It does make it hard when you are the care taker of someone else. Is there a friend who could help out.?

Erika said that if does not get a seasonal job, she will come and help me after the biopsy and if I need an operation(s). But I don't think she can help bboth of us.

 I hope everything works out for you

Prayers going up for you Ambar!!

Thank you
How can I help you?
Please pray that the process will go faster and that I can be calm
I can do that and I will.

Will have you on our pray chain at our Assembly and our Religious Organization and lots of people will be praying for you. Do you there have a drop off daycare for Seniors for the Day, at a Hospital or somewhere? If so that is what I would do. Bro. Doc

Nothing like that here

That is too bad. Maybe a friend can look after your Mother. Take Care. Bro. Doc

I'm so sorry you have to go through this.  I will pray for your health and care of your mother. 

Thank you kindly!

Oh. I have thought about what I could do in this situation too and ... I am thinking of you. {#friend.gif}

thank you so much!

May only the very best for you be the outcome rg.

Thank you kindly

Always very close to you in mind. Always  wishing you well rg.


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