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Too busy here

Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 11:33am by riverglorious

it's busy here, so I don't pop in often. sorry about that. life has become harder (cn't want to get to Heaven!!) because Mom is more like a child, and that nerve pain won't let up on me, so there it is.


i made a hat for a friend who has cancer. and hope to make a similar one for her granddaughter, like when the granddaughter was born. :) Just so they can continue sharing with what time friend has left. but if the Lord wills, and He heals her, it would be great. i'm praying for that miracle, so is she, but we accept what the Lord gives us, because, ultimately, we have a wonderful place He is preparing for us. amen!

catch you all later, much later, sorry about that.


User Comments

Prayers for you my friend.


 You are welcome.


Thanks. Just came back from the doctor it come with the nerve pain was too much.

Prayers headed your way Ambar.  ♡


Father, right now touch Ambar, and heal her from the top of her head too the soles of her feet. We plead the blood of the Messiah over her, and know you can heal her right now. We claim this healing. In the Messiah, Yahvahosha. Halleluyah!           Bro. Doc


Thank you Ambar. Bro. Doc I have you on the prayer list for the Assembly and the Organization. Bro. Doc

Too much sorry at once...I am so sorry.

Sending prayers

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