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Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes

Added: Thursday, May 18th 2017 at 6:11am by rick1992

Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes


Official site: https://goo.gl/dGgZ2O

Step #2: Post videos. Once your smart video review is created, then you areready to post your videos to it. What types of videos do best? Well, itdepends on what you’re trying to accomplish with them. Generally, shorter,high quality videos seem to get the most views. Therefore, it may be worthit to invest in good equipment and engage the help of friends so that you’renot trying to do everything solo.On the other hand, if you’re demonstrating something or making a how-tovideo, it may need to be longer in length in order to convey a completemessage. You want to get all of the necessaryinformation in without talkingfast or skipping over things in an effort to reduce your time.To decide which will work best for your needs, think of what your targetmarket would like to see and do your videos with those thoughts in mind. Ifyou don’t know, ask them and let them tell you what to direct next!

Step #3: Build your audience. As was mentioned in step one, selecting goodkeywords for your content helps drive traffic to your channel so keep that inmind when you’re trying to target a select group of individuals. Use GoogleKeyword Planner to search for keywords based on your channel’s niche.Make a list of the highest searched keywords. You should come up withabout 20 here. List the keyword phrase along with the number of monthlysearches. These are search keywords.Next visit YouTube and make sure that you’re logged out. We’re going to beusing the search function. Get the list that you just made and type the firstthree-four letters of the keyword phrase.YouTube will start listingsuggestions as you type. This is no coincidence. These are keywords thatother users are using to search for videos. You want to match thesesuggestions to the keywords in your list. These are your target audience’skeywords.And just as you should regularly post with other forms of social media, thesame applies with YouTube. This will get more and more people to subscribeto your channel since they know that you will be uploading contentconsistently, making it easier to create a following.

Step #4: Cross-promote your videos. Share your smart video review on other formsof social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to lead your followers andconnections back to your YouTube site.Encourage them to subscribe to your channel so they can easily see whatyou are going to do next. If you don’t tell them to, they might not even thinkof it on their own. Get them excited about what you have to offer and makethem want to be a partof it!You can also start a website and/or blog and promote your videos there. Irecommend that you use WordPress for the purpose, because it is free andvery easy to set up. However I recommend that you invest 10$ in buying adomain name and also BUY a hosting for your website (you can usehostgator.com since they have really good prices). Free hosting is yourworst enemy, never use it, because it will flood your website with randomadvertisement and it will look extremely unprofessional in the eyes of youraudience.

Step #5: Set your YouTube account up to monetize with ads. You can takethis step either right when you are uploading your video or after it is alreadylive (although the first option is recommended so that you don’t miss out onany cash). Do this by checking the “Monetize with Ads” option which can befound on the upload screen or by going to your Video Manager and doing itthere after the fact.Once your account is ready to be monetized, you’ll also want to go to theGoogle AdSense website and create an account there. In order to do this,you need to be 18 years of age and have either a PayPal account or a bankaccount to get paid, so keep these parameters inmind before wasting yourtime by finding out that you don’t have what you need.Some ads are Cost per Click (CPC), which means that your advertiser payswhen their ad is clicked on. Other ads are Cost per View (CPV), whichrequires that your viewer watch at least half of their ad, or 30 secondsworth, whichever comes first. Pre-roll ads are the ones that play prior toyour video, while ads can also appear at the bottom of your video screen(called in-search ads) or on the side of it (in-display ads).Each one has their own advantages, so it is really up to you which ones youwant to use. You may even decide to try a couple of them and see whichones work best for your viewers. Change them around and see if it makes adifference for your income.

Step #6: Monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing.Remember how the section on affiliate marketing said that you can makemoney on any Internet site? Well, YouTube is one of them, allowing you todirect your target market to the products and services that you feel willbenefit them most by putting links on your YouTube page, making youmoney by selling other people’s goods.Again, you want to choose affiliates that would appeal to your targetaudience. So, choose the products and services most appropriate for yourconsumer so that you can make the most money possible.You can also sell your own products and services on YouTube, earning 100percent ofthe income, which is always a good thing.

Step #7: Check your stats and use the information wisely. YouTubeprovides you with analytics as to your video views so check them and seewhich ones are doing the best. Also, pay attention to which videos or topicsaren’t generating much buzz as that is equally as important to know.The second part of this step involves using this information wisely. Thismeans making changes to your strategy if something isn’t working, but italso requires that you make more videos like the ones that are doing thebest and capturing the most attention.

Step #8: Optional: Apply for a YouTube partnership. This particular step isonly available to you after your YouTube channel has met certain criteria.Why apply for partnership? Because you have more content creation tools atyour disposal and you can possibly win prizes based on the success of yourchannel. Either way, it is good for you.

Earning PotentialIt is important to realize that you don’t make money on YouTube based onthe number of followers you have, but on how many of them engage withyour ads and affiliates. Although they are definitely related, they are stillindependent of each other, which mean that you need to get your followersinvolved. It’s not enough to just have them watch your videos.One way to do this is to talk about your affiliates, ads, and products in yourvideo. Give a call to action that tells your viewer to click on the links. If youdon’t, you may be wasting a good opportunity to increase your income.So, how much money can you realistically make with YouTubevideos?According to an article written by Business Insider, you can earn six figureswith the right content, just like Olga Kay does, however it’s likely going tocost you.On the other hand you have many examples of twenty YouTube millionaireslike Vitalyzd TV who has almost 8 million subscribers and make a fortunefrom his videos.So is it worth it? Only you know the smart video review to that. It’s possible that youmay decide that this option may be best as a side job or you can device dodive in and do your best to make your star shine on YouTube, just go forwhichever option you feel right at the moment.

Chapter 3: BloggingA third way to make money online is by blogging. Blogging is defined ascontinuously writing about a situation, event, or other interest and posting itonline for others to read. If you can create quite a following with your blog,you can also create a decent income.

HOW TO GET STARTEDTo create a blog that draws major attention and begin to draw money fromit, here’s what you need to do:

Step #1: Decide what you want your blog to be about. What topic or topicsinterest you most? Are you a car geek who knows everything and anythingabout the cars and trucks on the road today, or do you have an insatiableappetite for cooking and want to share your passion with others who feel thesame?Some of the most profitable niches and blog ideas are tech review blogs,beauty and fashion, health and nutrition, how to make money, or eventeaching people how to blog! However, it is very important to only blogabout things that you are genuinely interested in. Otherwise, you won’t beable to engage other people in the topic if you have no interest in ityourself.Once you have a list of options, pick a topic and tailor it down as specificallyas you can to better resonate with your target market. For instance, if youenjoy cooking, what style speaks to you most? Are you a farm-to-table chefor do you like making traditional foods with a modern flair? The morespecific you can make your topic, the easier it will be to reach the peopleyou intend to reach.To look for inspiration with this, check out related blogs that others arewriting. This may help you come up with ideas for your own, in addition tohelping you see what parts of their blog you like, and which ones you don’t,making your blog easier for you to create, which is the next step.

Step #2: Create your blog. If you already have a blog in place, you are onestep ahead of the game. If not, then you need to create one. You can do thisby putting a blog page on your own website, or by joining a pre-existing blogplatform, such as WordPress, that has easy-to-use themes that make settingup your blog a cinch.

Your number one priority is to come up with a domain name that suits youand is easy for your followers to remember and recognize. Something shortand catchy will often do the trick, like 3 Fat Chicks who offer weight losssupport or Dumb Little Man who provides tips about life. Also, don’t try gettoo close to a well-known trademarked name in an attempt to get morefollowers or you could run into problems.If you are setting up your blog on a self-hosting website such as Hostgator,Bluehost, or Dreamhost, all of which have packages for less than $10 permonth, remember that .com’s often work the best as that is what mostpeople are used to. At this point, .net is becoming more universal as well, sothat is an option you may want to consider.You alsowant to create a page that is pleasing to your target market andconsistent with your brand. Choose colors and graphics that arerepresentative of your style and topic, making it easy for your potentialclient base to tell who and what you are about at a glance.


Step #3: Start posting. The key to effective blogging is to create articlesthat your target market would want to read that contain keywords so youare easier to find. This involves creating a title that draws them in andwriting a blog that engages interests, entertains, and benefits them in someway, while still making sure that each part of your blog has the keywordswhere they need to be. Also always format your articles to look appealingand to be easier to read.You can either write these on your own or hire a ghostwriter to write themfor you. If you choose a ghostwriter, one great platform to hire from isElance. Each freelance writer is rated based ontheir past performance withprevious clients, allowing you to pick the one that is best for you afterreviewing their profile and job proposal on your specific project.Don’t be afraid to post videos or pictures on your blog either. Peopleresonate with different types of material, so mix your blog up to suit mostevery type of reader or viewer and you’ll have a larger impact, as well as alarger following.


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