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SiteSync Review – Backup your site in a few clicks

Added: Monday, May 22nd 2017 at 6:33am by rick1992

SiteSync Review – Backup your site in a few clicks


Official site: https://goo.gl/ObwJA6

If I have a difficult, let’s say programming job, I will go to places like Upwork to get someone, but for my part and full time VA’s I ONLY go to onlinejobs. This is where I got my first VA and all of mine after that. There is such a good talented pool in there. I don’t care if you are looking for just a simple sitesync review, a world class programmer, call center agent, team leader, you can find them there.


Some of the biggest online guys and online companies you know use people from the Philippines, just ask. If you haven’t seen the step by step guide on how to set up your account and post your job or hire from On l i n e Jo b s.p h, you can check it out on the download page here.


Hiring more than 1 VA So I want you to start with one, once you get them going and running, if they are good you can have them hire and train the next one for you. What I have done and have worked extremely well. I will ask them if they have any friends looking for jobs with similar skills that they do. And they all know people. Tell them to hire them and train them, you could do a quick 5 minute interview on Skype also if you wanted.


This brings back huge amounts of time to you, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone and training them again. Remember the scenario I gave earlier about your VA going thru setting up videos, websites, funnels, your current VA will already know the exact process to do. Just have them pass that on to the next, you can now double your output and possibly your revenue each time you do this.


Don’t Steal My Business! I get this one a lot, “They will steal my business ideas and run!” You mean the same way you stole past business ideas of all the people you use to work at a regular job and created your own empire cloning their model? Exactly. In the Philippines they are not only extremely honest, but they are actually more “work for someone minded” then people in America, UK etc.


Like 99% of people, they just want their weekly pay coming in, to do their job and go home. There are actually few people like me and you that are willing to put our time in money in something different and extra in sitesync review that it will bring us something big. Just like people in America, they go to work, come home and that’s it. I have never even come close to one of my VA’s trying to clone my biz and run off.


Funny thing is I’ve had both American and Filipino people working for me. I’ve told them personally, I said, “If you ever needed help with making money on your own online, I’ll be happy to help you out or give you some tips etc.” All of them said no I don’t want to start my own business, I just like working for others and that’s it. So fear not on this one.


If you do have some trade secrets or would like to do a nondisclosure agreement there are many online you can get and just have a lawyer review them if you are worried about it. Keep In Touch Ya’ll come back now ya here’ This is one of the biggest things, make sure, make sure, make sure they are updating you every single day with what they did for they day.


This keeps them in the rhythm of always letting you know what’s going on, and so you can see the progress daily You can either have them email you at the end of their shift every day, or just have let’s say a Google doc where they enter their tasks for the day and maybe thoughts as well. Then you won’t’ have to bother with emails everyday and just check the spreadsheet at your own will.


Make sure you tell them, if there is ever a problem just let me know…it’s ok if you messed something up, we can always fix it, I won’t get mad, just let me know. You don’t have to find someone that knows everything. Would you rather work with someone that was lazy and unmotivated, doesn’t always get things done on time and is late, but knew everything? Or someone who was very smart always dependable, maybe not know everything about building a website, but is always there and will learn how quickly? I will choose the 2nd, every….single…time.


So when hiring, it’s ok to me if they don’t let’s say, know how to change the color of a wordpress site’s background. I know they are smart and learn fast, they can just Google or Youtube the question and find out how to do it. Keep Track of Time “Time, is on our side” - the Rolling Stones So, want to know EXACTLY what your VA is doing all day.


How do you know they are really working and not just on youtube watching rabbits doing backflips? Monitor them, and be open about it. Simply tell them you want them to install a program that will track their time and activities. This will be so we can make sure we are operating in the most proficient manner and to evaluate how you are doing from time to time. It will also track your hours.


Do NOT tell them, “Oh you need to install this tracking software on your sitesync review cause I don’t trust that you will work.” I use the time tracking software called Time Doctor. ===screenshots, how to use etc, what it does== Free easy way instead of sending documents back and forth via email etc.


Example, say you have a spreadsheet where you are always updating it with customers and their status etc. With Google Docs you can just edit it, and it saves…then the other person can just log in and see what has been updated Example, say your VA built you a website, but you want some things changed and moved around.


Instead of trying to write what you have to say, it’s much better to see it visually by capturing with a screen shot, using arrows and annotations etc to describe it better, I use this all the time. PayPal The best way to pay your VA, for sure avoid things like Western Union etc. Popplet Something I’ve used for many years now, super easy to easy diagram idea builder. Free also, must check it out.


SKYPE I use Skype for interviews, by the way I've never done a web cam or voice interview, it's up to you though, either way is fine, unless you need customer service over the phone etc. To kind of break the awkwardness in the beginning, don't just get right into business. Ask them where they live in the Philippines, what's their favorite food there etc.


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