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Added: Tuesday, May 7th 2019 at 5:53am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

User Comments

Haha! Yep

Trying times lol

My dad took his cars to a garage. But those pictures do remind me of when my husband and I put a new roof on our old house. 

Lol any time your in a situation like that you can so relate.

Well nope, I can't relate.  Dad always took the car to the dealership if something went wrong.

Smart man and you lucky girl.

The left one is me if I'm responsible for something, and the right one is me if someone else is responsible for something.


Ooops, seems to be some stress involved.

Lol very often it was.

Not my Dad. Seen some other Dads though...we had an overlarge neighbor who overhauled his Mazda bit by bit over months theough sweltering summer afternoons.  We could mark his lack of progress by how often he would exclaim "Take me out and shoot me!,...Just take me ouuuut and shoot me!"


oy yes I most certainly do

The terror and the stress of holding that flash light. Lol

ha ha

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