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The rules to borrowing books.

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 5:26am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous

Calvin has the right idea. Lol Most books I lend no problem if I ever see them again,but and that's a big but certain books 📚📚📚📚📚 I've had for years need to be treated with resoect. Lol I know I know some will say they are just books but they are so much more. Books are like homes they house characters,faimlys,friends, cities and towns. So I think Calvin is being reasonable...lol

User Comments

I don't lend them. Never, Lend them and they never find their way home.

That's why I still have some books for over 40+ years if I keep a book it's one I will reread. I hate lending books few of ever because some people like to forget they borrowed them.

That should say cds and dvds as well in lending out

I hate lending out books.  It depends on the person.  If I know they will treat my books as though it was their own, no problem.  If they come back looking like they spent the day in farm equipment, never again.  Its been ages since I lent out any books b/c of those reasons.  My SIL is the only one I trust with my books.

Books I've had a long time I rarely lend out more recent books I may pass on unless it's a keeper. Lol my sister laughs at me because when I'm done reading a paper back it looks unread. Lol

There's a bigger issue. People who won't read are frightening.

Amen to that.

I've had a lending library for years.. (I love to read) I keep a list and make sure they return them cause so often someone else is waiting for the more current... I've begun selling some on line cause I'm running out of space. And there are always a few keepers,,, don't return you loose the lending privilege

Good thinking I like that idea.

I haven't kept books to reread since I was younger.

We did have a bookcase when I worked in the office people would put books there and we could all take them to read and put back. Everyone in the office of 70+ people all took public transportation to/from work, so reading passed the ride time.

I like at a work place

We  have a book exchange also at one of our local Post Offices... it's always got something... When the don't sell online after awhile I've taken them there to get them gone....

I donate a lot of thrift store books I've bought back to the thrift stores, if I don't keep a book I'll pass it on and hate throwing books away.

i am not sure I would even know if one went missiing.  Sadly, I seem to hang on to books, any kind of book, even if I haven't read it myself.  But this kind of reminds me of the process of borrowing books from the public library in these days of Covid-19.

Omg your so right.

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