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The last week of September

Added: Monday, September 27th 2021 at 7:11am by ricciw55
Category: About Me

 Where the heck did the month go?

I blinked and SEPTEMBER flew past, like birds heading south. Lol

Ok last week everyday was full on fall temps perfect in every way, well mother nature flipped the switch and 94 for the high today. Ugh. So back to kicking on the air. 

The funny thing is within the next several weeks I'll  turning the air off for the season. I much prefer opening the Windows and letting in the fresh air.

Anytime you can shut something off and save money I'm happy. Lol

Any who enjoy the last Monday of September ...October's upon us......


User Comments

We had cool temps last week. This week is a whole different story. 86 for today, arghhh!  I had turned off my a/c. That was short lived.  Hopefully October will bring on better (and cooler) temps.  

Saturday...is October 1st.  Next week will be November, ha!  Well?  The way the months are flying by, November isn't too far away!

I know it's labor day and the next thing you know it's Halloween  which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Come to think why it's practically Christmas and New Year's day. Eek I just gave myself a headache lol.

Wait, is it time to buy Valentine candy already, lol!

Yes and get that Easter ham in the oven.

{#rofl.gif}   {#rofl.gif}   {#rofl.gif}  

Freeze some of that ham for later next week when the 4th of July rolls around!

Best be prepared. Lol

Time sure is moving fast!  We're having to turn the heater on already!

I had a friend who lived in Wyoming and I remember him telling me that they would start getting snow flurries in September and quite a bit if snow in October. I'm sitting here in shorts with the window open and thinking likely a month from now I'll be wearing a sweater with the furnace kicking on once in awhile. Crazy time if year.




It was nice weather, then hot, then nice, then on the cool side yesterday, woke up this morning and noticed we had light rain during the night, but I think Wednesday or Thursday will be another 80s day, then back to 70s.

It's like a roller coaster with the temps, Mother Nature isn't sure yet what temps she wants. I call this the in between weather time of year.

Exactly the in between weather. For every warm or hot day it brings us that much closer to chilly sweater weather.  Right now it's 84  and breezy but suppose to hit 94  which means the actor's will likely back on.

Mother nature needs to look at the clander and get with it. Lol

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