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The fourth is right around the corner....

Added: Wednesday, June 29th 2022 at 4:00pm by ricciw55
Category: About Me

So the fourth of July weekend is upon us.


Do you know how to tell? Because Hoby Loby is decked out for fall, yes pumpkins here and there,fall items every where. 


Which means by the middle if July you will start seeing the beginning of Halloween and thanksgiving and Christmas devote will appear like a rash. Lol it was nice seeing some fall things but it just makes you fell time is running out. Out of what who knows. Lol


So while we are grilling and enjoying the fourth it's nice to know hoby loby has the decorations well in h and. 

User Comments

I've seen Fall/Autumn/Halloween doormats at Walmart, table top Halloween decor at Dollar Tree, pumpkin spice coffee pods and packaged edibles at the grocery store already.

Christmas in July will start after the 4th, so yep the year end holidays have arrived and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet.

Awe yes Christmas in July where you come inside from working in the heat sweaty to the blessed AC  get a tall glass of something cold to drink and put on those Hallmark Christmas movies to warm our hearts as we cool down the rest of our bodiesLol 

I don't get Hallmark channel any longer, so you'll have to watch for me. {#basic-smile.gif}

bad enough that Halloween is already being marketing, but Christias too apparenlty. **SIGH**


I think you should know Hobby Lobby is spelled with two bs each. Or were you just misspelling it to be funny? 

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