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Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 5:25am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

User Comments

Love the man's mask!  Its hidious.  The lady's is even worse...wait!  That's her own face, oops...sorry! 🎃

She inspired him lol

She most certainly did, lol!

Love the top pic.  Did you take it ?

I wish I could say I did. But found it online, someone had a great eye.

It is a great pic for sure.

Not sure which one I would want to step into.

For sure.

I think I would rather not...would say the wise fly.


Fabulous photograph of a spider. Too bad I can never let spiders be. Can't help it, spiders love me and vice versa.

I go out of my way to leave their webs intact, and will catch them and let them go .

Suggestion for you: when you see a particularly fat one on its web, give it a light rap on the thorax. If it doesn't scarper it ought raise its forelegs. If the word "courageous" may be applied to arachnids...

The picture on the bottom on the post: that is you and a companion, is it not?

Hahaha that cracked me up.

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