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Some Sunday thoughts

Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 6:51am by ricciw55
Category: About Me

Is it me or dose this month seem to be going bye more quickly?

Weren't we just talking about labor day?

Here it is the twelfth almost the middle of t the month.

September always seems to fly bye but this year woe! Lol

I've been watching the series Schitts Creek again, I've never watched any show all the way through and turn right around and start over. Lol it's just that good silly sweet and a lot of heart.

Another series I like is Grace and Frankie which is on their last season both shows are on Netflix, there's so many channels to stream. Some better than others, many free so that's good, regular television can be frustrating in you start a show that gets canceled.

Having been born in  1955  I grew up where the networks gave their shows a chance to find a audience plus many had anywhere from 22 to 28 episodes plus summer reruns.

Now the networks do 13  maybe 20 shows for a season. It's like they prompt the heck out stuff with their  eye on the new batch to replace the the shows that don't catch on. Like I said years ago shows were given a chance if a new show got cancelled back in the 50.s-70's they had to be pretty bad. Lol

Well it's another nice morning weather wise here but it will get hot by noon 90's again. I keep telling myself every hot day brings us that much closer to cooler weather. Lol

Like I started this randomness this month is flying bye, racing through the last of the official  summer days.

Any who have a great day.


User Comments

I have thought the very same thing, that time is racing by and we are very close to winding up another year already!  2022 will soon be knocking on our back door, yikes!

I have free Netflix but very seldom watch it anymore.  When I first got it, well its my cousin that has it and she was able to add 4 people to her package deal...I watched movies galore.  Now that the novelty has wore off, I rarely watch it, but I really need to again. There is nothing like a good movie or a season's worth of programs to pass the time of day.

I either binge watch Netflix or go for weeks where I never even think about it, what I like you can watch holiday movies all year but I save Netflix for when it's closer to the holidays and I'm burnt out on hallmark. Shhh did I say that out loud.. Lol

I'm anxious to get my yearly season fix of Its A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol w/George C. Scott as Scrooge.  My 2 favorites :)

You?  Get tired of Hallmark?  Neverrrr{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yep, almost to the middle of the month.  You were born in 1955, making you 66, or almost.  Nothing special about the age of 66, except for the fact that, time starts flying by fast.  I've been living in this warp spead for almost 76 years now, and each year the time flies by faster, lol!  You'll get used to it, in no time at all.

90's are not so bad, if you get by without the humidity.  Enjoy your day!!

Hmmmm... You're both Plenty -Six!

I always feel from labor day to new years day the time flys faster I guess because of the holidays  from Halloween to new years eve we are reminded what's coming up.  Lol

Lol yep.... can't get around it.

LOL!!  Almost!!

I don't watch network TV, but I always thought it was stupid for a network to spend millions to produce a show and then cancel it after the first airing due low viewship.

Seems to me they needed to give it a chance or not have produced it in the first place if it was a bad show.

I just said yesterday to someone that the month was almost half over already. Labor day was the 6th so maybe that's why the month seems like it's flying by and that we just had the holiday.

For every good program on network there's so much crap rehash of other shows. Even cable become a some what redundant.

I am totally out of touch with regular TV....stream everything that I watch.

My brother hasn't watched tv in years he streams it or gets it online and the more I'm streaming the more I see how poorly most network programing really is.

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