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Added: Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 5:49am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others


User Comments

Oh you've heard one of my neighbors then. I have one who thankfully only in his car does he blast 80s music out the car windows.

I always know when he's coming home as I hear him coming when he turns the corner onto our street....LOL

My brother always blast his music he has for years he has had on head phones so loud that I could hear every word and note clear as a bell. Lol I swear it's like a rock concert when he plays music. Lol

Sounds like someone needs hearing aids and the volume will go down...LOL

Before there were headphones like we have now he would take the speakers off the sterol and place on the floor and lay between them...i'm surprised his hearing isn't worse. Lol

Now I've never heard of anyone doing that. It sounds crazy enough to be a smart idea.....LOL

He was a head of the times. Lol

I love 80s music.  The louder, the better, lol.

Lol{#basic-cool.gif} {#cool.gif} {#cool.gif} {#cool.gif} {#dancing6.gif} {#dj10.gif}

Yeh there is some of that going on....I try not to have my tv or movie hearable outside my apartment but many don't seem to give the same consideration.

Amen I hear that. It's like thank you for sharing. But turn down the sound. Lol

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