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hmmmm yeah this is the reason ... lol

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 7:06am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

User Comments

Lol temptation.

Exactly..all those good smells and the taste we are on a slippery slope. Lol🍩🍰🍭🍬😉

A serving of each please

Mmmmmm,  I'll have a slab of each, tyvm!  Lol....


I haven't had a banana split since I was a kid.

🍦 lol what's funny I had one about a year ago after maybe 15 years and was like funny they seemed so much bigger when I was a kid.

Everything was bigger back then. Now higher costs means they shrink the product.

Ain't that the truth.  lol

I think a lot of people could say this....

Well we need to blame someone. Lol


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