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Added: Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 7:18am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

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Thank you. Deciding to become a Mother was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am blessed to have 2 great sons and now d-i-l's. If you're a Mother, may you enjoy this day the way you deserve. 

The bottom image= is that a drawing of you? If so, you were adorable with your hair braided in pig tails.

Lol I wish that had been me. But that's a actress from the classic movie The Bad Seed.


OK. I never saw that movie. Last night, I watched The Break-up for the second time & heard dialogue I missed the first time that was very cleaver.

I love movies where you watch again and catch lines or see things you missed it's like watching a new movie.

me, too. I've been doing that more often these days as loads of shows are

re-runs. Re: The Bad Seed= I've wantd  to watch that old movie plus investigate the studies on Bad Seeds. I'm leaning toward accepting the fact that there is a Bad Seed & bad behavior is not necessarily connected to other things like environment, parenting, social influences etc etc. Is it genetic in origin..hmmm don't know.

Good question some people act out or don't know how to filter their behavior. Then there are some people who are truly born with no real feelings of guilt.


I had a neighbor who had a son who really had no understanding of right and wrong everything  was done on impluse if he wanted something he took it.

I know about your neighbor to some extent. I have a relative with Oppositional Disorder & Impulsive Disorder where the person was unable to control impulses & resisted everything.  My neighbor has a 9 year old autistic child who spent time trying to stuff his large soccer ball in my mailbox. I went outside to explain to him that the ball would not fit & may break the mailbox or door. He stopped but ran away before I could talk to him. His inability to communicate & run off was part of his autism. I'll chat with his Mother who will explain to him about his action. 

People have all different problems. All you have to do is spend time on the net to see what you described well in your first 2 sentences. 


Thank you

Your welcome.

I am glad that the second picture was not my mother!

Lol I know.

Patty McCormack!  I've never seen that movie, but I remember her on a TV show called Peck's Bad Girl.  Her character wasTori Peck and she popularized a hairstyle.

Great movie and she was perfect as the bad seed.

Middle one: "Mother of the year".....NOT!!!

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