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Happy first day of December!

Added: Tuesday, December 1st 2020 at 6:48am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous

User Comments

just waiting for Christmas?

Always! Lol

I can't tell if he's happy or disgusted, ha!

Lol maybe a bit of both the holidays effect many of us that way.

Lol I so agree!

Just think if that annoying (to me) Twelve Days of Christmas song started on the 1st and was the extended to all the days before Christmas. Just shot me if it was...LOL


And it begins...!


I find his stare unsettling. He is looking deep into my soul and seeing all the naughty things I have done this year... This year?... Maybe my whole life…. I don't know…. And that smile. Like he knows something even I don’t know. Something dark and disturbing. Maybe he knows my future… OUR future. He knows how humanity will perish. He knows when. He is just waiting out his time, for he is immortal. He will sit there and watch the breath leave the last human’s lungs. Then and ONLY then will he be happy.

Suuuuper cute tho!{#basic-smile.gif}

Well you maybe onto something, more likely his eyes and smile are frozen in place lol or he knows what's in the box we are getting. Lol

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