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katskorner SouthernCharm scenefromtheleft


Added: Thursday, October 29th 2020 at 7:20am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

User Comments

At least those two costumes are store bought so not as creepy as the home made ones can be.

Lol  remember the boxed costumes as a kid like a onesy you gotinto nd tied at the neck, and the plastic mask. That always had a odd smell and the costume would be sprinkled with very fine glitter. Those were nice but dressing up with things you had was better. The best costume I had was a ghost my mom made you could wear a heavy cost under it and not look dorky. Lol

I used to think it was exciting to go to Woolworth's to check out the boxed costumes to wear. 

I do remember being Casper one year and a pirate another since I have a photo of that.

Also have a photo of me in some type of monster costume.

and soon it will be gone....and Christmas will be in full swing...merchants wanna make money after all, and candy just doesn't cost enough.

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