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Good Grief

Added: Wednesday, May 18th 2022 at 4:35pm by ricciw55
Category: About Me


I can't believe it's been over well over a month sense I was last here.

I have no real excuse except I simply forgot to swing by and say hi and see how everyone is doing.

Nothing really has been going on here finely got new reading glasses so I'm back to devoring books lol.


Binge watched Dowton Abbey on Netflix which I never watched on tv much better to see a entire series than have to wait. Lol 

Finished off the series Ozark and Grace and Frankie hmm I just thought my taste in viewing and reading runs the gambit. Lol from light and funny to edge of your seat nail biting. 

The thing I've come to realize binge watching anything I would say oh just to shows tonight and serial hours later I've watched 5 or 6 episode's. Lol

So spring finely got here 2 weeks ago went from the furnace still kicking in to having to crank up the air. There was no gradual change it went from low 60's to the upper 80's and low 90's. As we all know mother nature went off her meds. Lol

Any who hope everyone is doing well.

User Comments

That explains why I haven't seen you around for awhile.

I just have basic cable now, but a new station plays old documentaries, and some were series. So I let the DVR pick them up, but can't watch eight one hour shows in a row, so I watch one a night, and maybe another one hour of a different documentary. All filled in with thirty minutes old shows from MeTV.

I only watch TV late in the evening, so it takes awhile to watch them all.

I bought a Ruko tv last year so I stream a lot of different stuff  which is great and be fun it's just not over doing it lol what's crazy cable tv used to be so great now it's watching reruns from 40+ year's ago I  miss watching the classic movies I grew up on but what was once part if the basic package is now a extra you pay for. So not doing that lol 

I agree about binge watching being better than having to wait, except that I often avoid anything with more than one or two seasons, as it takes too long....expecially when it gets up to 5-10-15 seasons.

That's the best way to watch a series!  

The sincerest, sweetest man in Blogster, and you're, like, NEVER HERE!


Thank you I just got out of the habit and trying to get back in the habit. Lol

I like seeing photographs from your archives. Those past Halloween photos you posted in Blogster, loved those! My family is rather disjointed [I've contributed to that disjointedness], so I like seeing stuff that reminds me that I can strive for better. I'm thinking you have more photos (?) Or real-life anecdotes.

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