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katskorner scenefromtheleft


Added: Tuesday, October 20th 2020 at 6:17am by ricciw55
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

User Comments

Hmm. Times change? Dunno. Lovely pics, I guess. From your own personal youth, yes, ricci?

None of my costumes were ever this scary or cool. Lol

Well. Not that you'd ever need to by told by anyone, myself included. But. In case you were asking yourself "Ought I this Halloween make it my business to dress myself like that Raggedy Ann"...

...DO IT.

I swear, today's costumes and masks don't hold a candle to the 50s/60s!  If todays Halloween looked like those above, were I a kid, I'd never leave home! They are positively THEE ugliest and scariest ever!

Exactly, looking back some of these mask clearly meant to scare you good now a days not so scary. Lol

jUst loverly.

That's how it was back then, throw whatever you can find on and there was so costume.

Every year was take down the box of odds and ends we accumulated and see what you could find if you couldn't have a boxed store bought outfit.

Kids were very creative back then look at stuff from the turn of the century some of that stuff from the 1910's through the 30's and 40's down right nightmarish. Even if we got store bought the majority were scary oh you had a princesses here and there but most of them were creepy.

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