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Yes, I am still around. Kinda. Sorta.

Added: Sunday, November 22nd 2020 at 3:41pm by rica
Category: Blogster > News > General News
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Unfortunately, despite the fact that I don't visit much, I am still kept in the loop. Yes, I technically know who got banned and why. What is not working and when. 

The Helpers, Blogmom, VickieCollins and ZenofKen [at one point, Davekal52] have my confidence and keep me informed of what is going on here, what breaks, who got suspended, spam issues and the like. That means I am aware of the major decisions they make behind your backs and the stress, pain, patience, it costs them. 

You do not have to agree with them all the time, nor do they have to agree with everything as well - or be neutral. Being neutral was never a requirement for the job [even as a moderator]. But I'm sure respect and patience can be practised. 

User Comments

Hi Rica, nice to see you. I am still around the block here every day. Hope things are well there. Bro. Doc

OMG! You're still here!!!!!!


hugs hugs hugs nice seeing you around too.

Yes, I am still here. This is the major place I do all my posting. Hugs back. I am on one other place. It is fairly new. But only post one thing there. This is the really the only social site I do. I will only leave when it is gone away. I will go down with the ship my friend. Bro. Doc


That could be anytime between now and a few more years. Do save backups of your works.

Well, there is nothing here I need to say. I as you now post Trivia, Scripture Qoutes Thoughts & Meditations (T&M) and other things. And when I post something I have written it has alreay been saved. So I am good, but thanks for the information. The only site that is close to this one is MyBooner, which I don't do much on. Take care. {#basic-angry.gif} Bro. Doc

Hello Rica.

Good evening! β˜ΊοΈ

Hi Rica.

Isn't it against the TOS to share my real photo, even with lazer eyes?

Thanks in advance.

So we're going into that huh?

I was just lookin for yes or no. We're not going anywhere.

Thing is, Ken informed me I could not share an avatar, so I removed without any fuss. So, do the rules just apply to Metalheart or how does it work?

Dude, the post was deleted. Scarly deleted everything. This topic is moot now. 

And no. If somebody did that to your avatar, AT MOST, the comment or post will be deleted..

So brave and noble of her.

I'll decide what's moot for me. Youe double standard doesn't erase this. Nor does any amount of internal clique ass kissing.

Get over yourself!

Hmmm... remember me? I have some history that begs to differ with "AT MOST, the comment or post will be deleted"

Hell, rules were totally fabricated to ban my accounts. Am I wrong? Of course not. 

For Metal Heart to tell Rica to get over herself, when he has abused people on a race, gender, faith basis on a regular basis, just shows how seriously detached from sanity the fellow is.

You're a disgusting liar, just like her....

No one lies to you as much as you do. You are vile.

"I have some history that begs to differ with "AT MOST, the comment or post will be deleted " .

I can't speak for rica, of course, but I do believe that such a mild punishment would be the correct course for a first offence, and in my years here, that's what I've witnessed.   Actually, people were WARNED first and asked to remove the offense, then it would be removed for them if they didn't comply.

However, repeat offenders did risk having their accounts permanently closed.

What's up lady? I actually don't do as much as I used to do...if any, but I still remaine her since 2007! {#dancing6.gif}

OMG... am more active on fb than here. Yes, time flies so fast. I can still remember you posting toddler pics of your son. Now he's taller than you.

He sure is. I am more active there or on Twitter than this place. In fact, take those administrative abilities away from me. I don't use them anyways.

It is nice to have some clarity, thanks, I think what upsets people is imbalance. I realise your time is limited and the helpers do unpaid work, it is difficult to stand by and watch one person punished and another who is worse get away with rampant harassment. 

I've removed my last blog in good faith. 

Yes, and with it you removed my thanks.

Thank you for being level-headed. I understand a few things were written in anger [it's upsetting, I know]. I understand.

Thank you for deleting the post and helping keep the peace.

There is no favoritism shown, Scarely. Some things take more time to straighten out.

I'm sorry to have deleted it without having seen what you wrote, I wasn't quite sure how to do that so I wasn't paying attention. 

This isn't my site - hell it's not even my account - as you might know it was given to me by Oakey to use, so I'm thankful, for that and the opportunity to write here. 

I had a rough upbringing I have a temper becuase if it, which isn't an exuse as much as an expliantion of why I went in hard. 

Thanks for your efforts, both of you. 


Hello Rica! Nice to see you!

Hey, I see you came out of semi-retirement in order to post.  Of Course, I know you do quite a bit behind the scenes to keep spam etc down. Thanks for clearing things up.  Mostly, what I do now days, since new members aren't being accepted, is to report cases on the site being down.  Which fortunately, hasn't happened in a while. And ask questions when they come up.

hugs hugs hugs

Thank youuuuuuu ❀  

Hmm. For me, yet another case of The Commentary Is More Interesting Than The Post.

I recall posting Metalheart's avatar as a necessary component of a remark I put on the blog that Scarly666 removed. I truly don't recall my remark. I remember I was expressing bafflement. Something rhetorical I think. Something along the lines of "How is it possible that a Blogster like Metalheart who savages everyone is able to have a side of him that comes up with such an intellectually gorgeous avatar?"

Ken sometime thereafter put a remark on my Wall, something along the lines of "Robert, you are not allowed to post another person's avatar".

Rica, if that's actually true, it's kinda bizarre. Unless it's a Hey! Don't Be Stealing Somebody Else's Intellectual Property!.....type thing.

Anyhow, now that I've induced you to read all that...it's not important either way. Disappointing, though.


Grace and peace to you, Rica. πŸ™‚

Same with you. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜

I drink beers bigger than my head too.

hahahhahahahahah πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜†

Hello Rica, always nice to see you, even if only for a quick visit!! {#basic-smile.gif}

Hugs hugs hugs and more social-distancing-hugs! πŸ˜·πŸ€—πŸ˜˜



he has abused people on a race, gender, faith basis on a regular basis

Right here on your own post CREATIVE has made these claims, for which they could provide zero evidence. There is literally NO truth to that, yet there it is. Said by a user who has me blocked. They hit reply to me when making the comment even though they were not speaking to me directly - a very Blogster thing to do, as you know Rica...  Your memory isn't that bad...

So what's up? CREATIVE blocked me days ago and has done nothing but stalk, harrass and slander me since. My page included.

A violation of the TOS or not? All of you authority figures should be on the same page reading from the same rule book, no?

Yes, technically IF somebody reports it [via PM not publicly via blog], it could mean both you and the one who blocked you, both suspended or banned. Technically.

Stalk. I may have responded about four times to derogatory posts you made. Remember, it was you who first came to my page and made nasty comments about other people every time. My page is still here, with those comments that you made. So your attempt to alter the truth is futile. 

Hello there Rica! We don't know each other. I'd just like to say that I blocked Metal Heart for the comments he made on my page, which are still there for all to see. He was nasty from comment one and didn't let up. I considered him too bad mannered to put up with. 

Hello Rica......Happy Thanksgiving Day

Oh right. It is this week. Happy Thanksgiving day to you too.

hello beautiful. Think of you all the time when I look at those beautiful watercolors you did for me..........

Thank you! πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very warm welcome back Rica. You probably don't remember me, but I certanly remember you very well, because of your greatly appreciated service. I have not been been able to sign in for ages, on account of my password being refused. Only today I considered what else could be at fault. Solution: I had double spaced between Action Time. If only I had been advised. However all is back to normal now and I won't be crying over spilt milk. Unfortunately too many of my very best friends like Irish, opted out some time ago. They had more than enough of the political postings. All the very best Rica for what your future holds for you.

Nice to see ya here, sister. Hope things are well in Manila. My PMs haven't worked since May, even though I clear out notifications and old stuff on a fairly regular basis.  Like everyone else, I get notified that I have a PM but when opening my inbox, find nothing new there. 

Doesn't matter much, I am writing elsewhere and only pop in here on occasion, Kathleen's (mamakat) death about killed me, I miss her SO bad.  Charlie's too.  And elmos.  And Bobbyboxtop's.  Others too numerous to mention.

I won't say much about the current state of moderation other than I feel those with rather extreme political views should really not be considered, as true impartiality is impossible among those so set in their ways they view a full half of this nation is their ENEMY, no matter which side of the fence they are sitting on.  I'd have chosen a few non-political bloggers...if you want a couple of suggestions from me you can email 1littlewhip@gmail.com or my old Pearlcaster@hotmail.com to reach me.  I avoid facebook for many reasons, ditto with twitter and other popular privacy-eaters in general.

Am still alive, obviously, and amazingly so.  Had part of a lung removed a couple of years ago due to a cancerous tumor, but the best thing about having COPD is the regular chest xrays I submit to so it was caught fast and hopefully nipped in the bud.  Wanna see a photo of me with my hair falling out, shoot me an email, lol, there are still a few here that don't deserve the satisfaction of seeing me suffer, lol.  (It's a gnarly photo, but I'm not looking too  bad these days, just skinny and rather dried up.)

I miss you.  I wish we had a way to connect other than via facebook.   What I'd really love is if you could send me or give me access--even if for a limited amount of time--of any or all of my closed accounts that still contain postings, I've lost a few poems and other good stuff that I didn't have time to delete before I shut them down, I know you saved a bunch of my writings on another server somewhere, and many are probably still on Blogster, just hidden from view.

Any way you can allow me to access that old stuff so I can copy and save it elsewhere before Blogster goes entirely belly up?

Love you, always.  Miss you just as much.  Hate FB more though.




I will email you.

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