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The Internet's Best Period-Related iPad Jokes So Far

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, January 28th 2010 at 3:31pm by rica
Related Tags: humor

User Comments

ha ha ha ha ha...we were joking about it at work today too

share share share!!!!!!!!

where do you go to get the ipad- the apple store or the feminine hygine isle

Does it come with chocolate and midol as upgrades

If I need extra RAM is it a maxi pad


etc etc etc


Oh my - now I get it 'Ipad' (slow me...)  I saw this on telly, thinking "that won't exactly fit into my handbag".

heheheheh...that is SOOOOOOOO subliminal

i would have been ok with that if they called it iTablet. HP calls theirs, Slate.

I agree with Lymed: It needs a Red Bull to give it Wiiiiings! Hee-hee!!

hahahahahahahahahaah lol....

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