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Paranormal rants: A lost farmer

Added: Monday, November 2nd 2009 at 12:14am by rica
Related Tags: paranormal

NOTE to readers: This happened long before ghost whisperer or medium came on cable.

I don't know how this will be received. For those who don't believe,  you can treat this as your regular sci-fi segment. It's ok. I couldn't believe it myself until it happened to me.

A friend's aunt was a bank manager at a local bank. Her staff would always talk about seeing a ghost at night or frequent cold drafts where none should be. To help calm them down, she called on her nephew..who was a part of our group, to check out the office and 'see what we think'.
We came after banking hours. We did check out the place and found none. We told her that her place was ok and left it at that.

Come monday, a friend of mine, Gems, went back with the nephew because they had to do some bank errands and that bank was the nearest. That was when she saw this spirit in the line of people under the new accounts section. He was poking them, as if asking for directions. When he saw that Gems could 'see' him, he followed her home and she allowed it.

That night we came to her place to help her out. The guy was lost and asking for directions, however nobody would answer him or tell him where he was. We then asked him to describe his sorroundings.

He was surprised that we didn't see what he saw..Gems picked him up in the middle of a rice field. He could see people..but they never took notice of him. In fact where we were to him, was a field of weeds. He said that he was riding his horse, helping his owner mark his property. It was so hot that he decided to rest at the nearest tree, near the property marker. He fell asleep. When he woke up, it was still day time and he has been waiting ever since for his 'master' to pick him up.

We asked him who his master was, according to him it was Don E. Ortigas [i'll fill it up as soon as i get my notebook]. He doesn't know what year it was.

Perhaps it was sheer coincidence that Gems' godfather is the one of the Ortigases. We felt incredulous so we asked if we could talk to her dad about the Ortigases. What we did find out was there was a Don E. Ortigas. There was a property 'marker' near the bank where the ghost guy was picked up. And up until 1950's the house we were in was a field of weeds. The area where we picked up the guy was a rice field [of course he gave us details from where to where the great ortigases had land in].

When we returned, one of our guides [each person on this earth is given a guide. we call them guides because whatever you do.. or think, whether you believed in them or not..they are always there] told Gems that the guy suffered a heat stroke and died.

We asked him then if he saw a light. He said yes but he has been scared of it. He didn't know what it was. We told him to look into the light. He did. He asked us what was in the light.

That question made us all quiet. We told him then that the light is where all dead people go. It was his turn to be quiet. Some of us felt despair. The first thing that came into mind was his parents. We told him that if he was to go into the light, his parents would be there waiting for him. He was hesitant. He asked if we could go with him.

One of our guides then said, that they can accompany him to the light..and that's what they did.

Yes, a sense of happiness does hang in the air. I guess it is the feeling of the one who left that we all felt. We also found out that, it is important to ask them what they 'see'. For it seems that they see what they saw at the time of their death. Some do not see the structures or machines that man has created.

User Comments

Cool story bro


hahahahahahha it is..isn't it?

Absolutely, all your missing is a plot twist, some character development and a sex scene.


tsk.... it's for general patronage!

Hidden talent I say ^_^ the next Emily Bronte.


who knows... i think i'll walk that path.

So....was this fellow ever seen or heard from again?  What do you if they refuse to go to the light?

(hope you escaped the last typhoon, too.  what's that, four now?  soggy-soggy!)

hahahahah. yes. but this last typhoon had stronger winds than rain. so a lot of people's roofs flew.

1. no. we did a "check". he did cross-over successfully.

2. good question. normally we ask why they don't want to go into the light and it would be any of these reasons:

a. they're waiting for somebody and would rather go into the light with them.

b. they feel that they are meant to do something else. I'll give you an example. An 11 year old boy drowned in a pool in an exclusive school here in the Philippines. It was a diving pool. He was the second one who drowned in a year. He slipped and fell in. His body was discovered in the morning. He felt that he had to stay and watch over the pool so that nobody will drown again. So far..after 5 years..no accidents.

c. If they are the kind of spirits who pester people and have no other reason to stay but pester them...it becomes a long discussion. Normally what they do is they end up attaching to somebody. When we can't do it on our own..we ask our guides to help us. Prayer does work in cases like this..but not always. When that happens, we leave them alone for now.

d. Sometimes they refuse because they really don't know what the light is. Some even thought it was the sun. How do you tell a lost child who doesn't know any religion that it is 'heaven' when heaven to them would be the parents themselves? this is when it becomes a case to case basis. One child told us that "the light has a voice. It is telling me that I have to go now."

e. the light also differs sometimes. to some it is a door. to some it is a star. to some it is a sun...to some it is a lighted room. we don't know why. it just is. when it happens, we just ask if they see a light somewhere. if they don't see it...we ask one of our guides if it is 'his time'. If it isn't, chances are, he will hang around us.

f. the hardest part is convincing them things. convicing them why a filipina comfort woman should forgive the atrocities done to her during war, why a suicidal husband should forgive his wife, the other guy and himself. normally it's not a one way sermon. you will have to look deep in you and process it. what surprises us the most is when they turn the tables on you.

Like one guy would tell us, you tell me that I should forgive this traitor, but one of you haven't forgiven what you did to her. he then stands behind the person he would be referring to. We would then open up and tell each other the truth. the person would then have to learn forgiveness..and wholeheartedly forgive. if not,the person would have 'proved his point' that to nurture anger/hate is ok. that forgiveness is difficult. as you can see..it isn't just a typical " here...step into the light..forgive...blablabla". You can't hide anything from them because they are SPIRITS. they know your thoughts, what you hide. and you can't just do a lipservice to them. it doesn't work.

Very cool, rica.

I was thinking more along the lines of those who actually prefer darkness...thinking the 'light' is there to judge and punish before casting them down into the pits of hell, where, after all, it's said all non-believers are headed anyway.

that's why we tried to strip our experience of religious meanings. we just tell them that the light is the next step. the soul tortures itself [guilt, anger, sorrow] when it thinks it deserves torture before even going to the light. it even 'continues' the torture even after death.

...and yes..there are the dark ones. they DO prefer staying and not crossing over because they have found and 'developed' their 'powers'. these are the ones similar to 'b'...they feel that they can do more that they're dead. they attach themselves to those with similar tastes, interests, preference. so they'll attach themselves to serial killers...rapists... if they have a taste for forcible sex and hasn't gotten over it...money and power... etc


uhm... shocked?

It's always cool hearing about other's personal experiences.  Especially, in the realms of ghosts and spirits.  Thanks for sharing!

you're welcome dude.

Wow! Interesting story!

lol...it sure is

Wow, this was very interesting and I noticed a lot of parallels to my beliefs and research. I've always been confused about ghosts and 'lost spirits', because I know that evil spirits love to impersonate dead people to deceive other people into listening to them. However, with this story, you have convinced me that this may not always be the case. If our souls can sometimes get 'lost' in that transition into the spiritual realm, then that certainly explains this story. The Bible says the we do have guardian angels that sort of watch and protect over us and can get God's attention. I'm not sure if every body has one or only certain people with specific purposes in life. Who knows? A pastor that I really respect said that from his fifty years of service, says that in death the person is usually visited by a familiar person (deceased). This could be a sister, brother, wife etc. And he says that these familiar relatives lead them into their transition or into the light. They can see these people, but no one else in the room can. That in itself gives a lot of proof of an afterlife. I am enjoying your personal stories and they are very similar to what I have learned through research.

mr B...this is the reason why I was struck with the stuff you wrote. you just don't know how much some of what you have researched meant to me and my friends. i was RELIEVED to know that the bible did mention these things. also..please read my comments to little-whip. i might expound on those later on.

the spirits do get lost in the transition. i believe it has something to do with the manner of death. that's why the biggest thing we can do for the dying is to help them die in peace.

you are correct. that the dying is normally visited by a familiar person. this familiar person helps them in the transition. allaying their fears, remembering the good memories, help review their life.. etc. but what about those who died at birth? those who died in war? soldiers who are still fighting because they don't know they're dead?

once there was this 'playful' spirit...he kept watching us and all. in his mind, he was just dreaming. he was just 'dreaming us'. we were shocked. it was when we asked our guides did we know that he was in a coma. we told him he was in a coma... that was when he sobered and remembered that he was in an operation. he thought the operation went well and that he would wake up soon. according to the guides...this was not the case.

i agree on the guardian angels. but... we just call them 'guides'...not 'guards'. hehehehe. the guides that we have a different. they're taller. i HAD a guide who was two stories tall. we didn't understand why he was THAT tall. but, since he was a spirit..he can look normal and be inside the room with us. when he is..he still towers over everyone. i couldn't believe that he was my guide until he told my friend something that i only knew when i was a child.

when i was 7 my father scolded me and told me that all of this was make believe. nothing about this was true. i cried because i didn't want to leave the guy and tell him that he was just make believe. i told him to leave me alone. i cried so hard because i thought he was beautiful. the sun always seemed to shine behind him but he wasn't so bright that you would get blind to look at him. he told my friend of this old white dress that i totally LOVED. i wore it once when my mother wasn't looking..and i thought i was the prettiest girl in the world. it was white with small blue flowers. my friend drew it...while i drew it too. when we compared notes it was similar. that was when i believed.

some people have more than one guide. There's this priest, Fr. Fernando Suarez. He has healed countless others. I didn't even know about him until I read about him. All I know was BEFORE he entered the room..it was as if he was accompanied by a procession of beings that were made of warm gold light. i can't explain the color. they are taller than humans and something about them feels like you are looking at a very very very very OLD presence. they came before and after him. i can't see the faces because it's as if 'that wasn't important'. when he was in the room, they stood AMONG the crowd. he's a very simple, grounded and humble guy. nothing pretentious about him. when he started healing their light shone on the people in the room.

since i don't put meanings in what i see.... i just describe them as they are.

Thank you for all of this sharing. It is true from what I've read, to ask what they see.

And I'm like you I don't put a meaning, I describe it as I see/hear/know it.

Thanks again for sharing

thank you ana. i believe that's how has to be.

Well, Rica I enjoy talking to you about this, because there are a lot of similarities. A lot of Christians that won't study their Bibles don't believe in this kind of stuff, but it is all in there. You just have to study and read it with understanding like any book that you read. About the beings...I believe all beings outside of this dimension are tall. Good and bad. Maybe it has something to do with the laws of their dimension and how it translates into our 3-dimensional world. All I can say is that there is a lot out there to learn and I find this subject to be very fascinating. Also, spirits are very old. I believe that none of them have died yet....with emphasis on the yet part. I believe that they have all existed since the beginning of time, including ours. But in this earthly dimension, we can not recall the events that took place in that spiritual realm (heaven) that we came from. Its kind of complicated, but I enjoyed this post!

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