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Filipino Fish Balls

Added: Thursday, February 4th 2010 at 10:51am by rica
Related Tags: food

"Fried fishballs-on-stick is one of the two most popular street food here in the Philippines. It is mainly a substitute for snacks and is popular among students. With its variety of dips such as sweet sauce, the spicy sauce and different condiments, fishballs is an exotic food that would leave you wanting for more."

Servings: a lot!
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 potatoes [also used as an extender]
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4-1 1/4 cups cornstarch
  • ginger, pepper, salt
  • 1 kilo [2.2 lbs] fish (Grouper, Sea bass, Red snapper, or carp)

1. Boil fish for 3-5 minutes in water with ginger.
2. Strain and put in a container. Remove the heads entrails, skin and bones. Flake the fish.
3. Peel and chop the carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes. Mix and combine with the fish flakes.
4. Grind or user a blender. Add the eggs, salt, pepper, and cornstarch.
5. Mash and form into balls.
6. Boil fish stock. Drop fish ball one by one into the boiling fish stock. Drain.
** You can store this in ziplock bags if you do not wish to cook them all in one batch.
7. Deep fry in hot oil.

User Comments

I am not a fan of seafood but perhaps you can give me the receipe for panset (did I spell that right?)  mmm...panset with some warm mamon and lumpia.....

lol.. it's Pansit. argh. we have several kinds...

There's bihon, canton and sotanghon. hmmmmm let me dig into my REAL recipe box for this.

I believe it is canton.  It had fresh veggies and chicken in it.  I had that with white rice and pork lumpia.  My tummy was happy!

ummm, how much ginger, salt and pepper.now do you mean a whole clove of garlic or just one of those little pieces? How long to boil the balls in the fish stock? Do you also have the recipe for the sweet sauce? Or a sweet and hot sauce?

argh. if only we were neighbors. I'd just go over and show you how to cook it. LOL...if i had a video cam, I'd do a demonstration for you complete with the filipino accent too. lol

1. ginger... for a one pound fish, use 3 inches. Sorry..i honestly do not measure my food.

2. salt and pepper is for tasting. filipino dishes are not subtle. it is a rich blend of salty, spicy and sour taste.

3. yes..sorry.. A CLOVE OF GARLIC. GAD! What was I thinking when I wrote a HEAD of garlic?!!! this is what I get for writing this after reading holly's female ejaculation post. tsk tsk tsk.

4. 10 - 15 minutes then scoop them out. It's to get that fish flavor inside

5. the sauce is in the other post... lol

thank you so very much! I wish you could come over and cook it for me, complete with accent! That would be so very cool! Yeah, as soon as i hit post comment and went back into my box I saw that you did indeed write uo the sauce, and now i'm ready for fish balls baby!!{#dancing6.gif}


yes...just like with the sauce...how would you like my accent to be? filipino-english, indian-english, chinese-english or japanese-english?

mmmm, so many choices! Maybe a mix of all of them to keep me on my toes!

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

have you seen that video on youtube, an American guy demonstrating how to cook adobo? It's hilarious...his accent is really funny when he tries to speak tagalog.

I wish you would join up on the yummy recipes group blog and post some of your recipes there. I've had a few people join up this week but there's nobody posting recipes there. I am going to start soon as I catch up with my work.

I'm still very partial to filipino food but I've only got a tiny recipe book I picked up from the airport, not too many dishes in it.....I would love to make ginatan if you have the recipe.

I wish I could say YUM, but the only fish I like...is fish sticks lol!

is this the recipe where they sell in filipino vendors in PI?


why is needed to boil on fish stock

Filipino street foods are really delicious and make you crave to taste for more when you have tried to taste one. And speaking with fish balls, that stands out among the rest. Yum..yum..yum..

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